Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 3 Why..

The blackRolls Royce comes to a stop after multiple turns. Liu Shan did not speak a word throughout the whole drive.

"Liu Shan, What are you thinking?"

Mami was angry, but not to the point it touched her bottom line. She guessed Liu Shan must have his reasons.

Looking out the window, she was puzzled.

"Eh? Why are we in front of City Z Hospital?"

Confused, she stared outside, until her eyes landed on a slender figure walking towards them. She crease her brows intensely.

The man had bandages on his head and arms. He was in extremely sorry state. But she knew exactly who this man is.

"Jun? Why is he here? And why is he like that?"

As Qin Jun approach the car, each step he took was like heavy pain to his heart. He took a deep breath before reaching out for the door handle to the back seat.

Opening the door, he was greeted by the beautiful girl, except her facial expression was filled with confusion. Seeing her in her wedding dress, he felt like someone suffocated him.

"Jun, why are you here? What's going on?"

Qin Jun hesitated for a quick second before he gather himself together.


He knelt down in front of the open back seat door to be at eye level with Mami.

He tried to softened his voice as much as he could, gathering every ounce left in him, "I can't find any other way how to tell you.. but he is no longer with us.. Shin passed away.."

The world seemed to have slow down for Mami. It was like darkness devoured her whole world.

As if time just stopped.

Her world came crumbling down hearing what Qin Jun said.

'No longer with us...'

'Shin passed away...'

Those words repeated in her head. Mami's hands began to tremble, her eyes became blurry, yet she fought back to hold in her tears.

She won't believe it.

She won't believe Qin Jun's words.

"Lies..." she forced an uttered in disbelief.

Watching her, Qin Jun knew how she must be feeling at this moment. He took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes.

"We got into an accident on the way to the church. Shin's heart stopped when we arrived in the hospital.. Mami, I'm so sorry."

Not believing him, Mami gets out of the car, pushing Qin Jun to the side and runs towards the hospital entrance.

She won't believe it.

He promised he won't leave her.

He had promised!

Watching Mami running towards the hospital, Qin Jun close his eyes and clench his fists tightly.

He stand up and he took a step towards the hospital, but stopped, he spoke to Liu Shan who was now crying loudly inside the car. "You did good, Shan." Then he forced himself to walk towards the direction Mami went.


Patients, nurses and doctors stare with curiosity as they see a beautiful girl in a white wedding dress run through the hospital doors.

The loud sound of her clanking heels attracted many people's attention, but the girl did not seem to care at all.

She ran as if her life depended on it.

"Is there a patient by the name Lee Shin here?"

Mami asked in one breath upon arriving at the receptionist desk.

The nurse was startled seeing the girl, she was taken away by Mami's beauty.

"Ah Yes! He's in the emergency corridor. But Miss are you—-."

Mami didn't wait for the nurse to finish, she held the front of her dress and dashed for the emergency corridors.

"Miss! Please wait! You need to—." The nurse calls out after Mami but was stopped by a large slender hand.

"She's his fiancé."

Qin Jun said as he looks in the direction Mami ran.

Hearing Qin Jun's word, the nurse felt extremely sad for Mami. She sat back down on her seat and thought to herself.

'Fiancé? I can't imagine what that Miss must be feeling right now..'


Reaching the emergency corridors, she didn't ask for a room number but for some reason, her legs knew exactly where to go.

After running through the hospital, her legs finally came to a stop in front of a room with double doors.

Everything became a massive blur, her brain filled with different thoughts, and her surrounding seemed to have slowed.

She lift her trembling hands and push the doors open.

As the doors open, everyone inside looked in her direction. More sadness creeped its way into everyone's heart seeing who the person was.

One side stood a tall man wearing a black fitted tuxedos, with a mauve rose on his chest pocket. His hair was tied into a ponytail. His red eyes stare at Mami with mix emotions.

Near the large hospital window, sat a younger man in a chair, he wore the same black tuxedo with a mauve rose on his chest pocket.

Next to the young man, stood a pregnant woman in a mauve pleaded dress, she was in the embrace of a man who wore the same outfit as the other men.


Cries Hana as she breaks away from Min Lee's embrace and runs towards Mami.

From the impact of Hana's hug, Mami was almost pushed back, but she steady her footing. She did not blink. Her eyes stared fixated on the white sheet covering the gurney in the center of the room.

"I'm so sorry Mami.." Hana sobs as she hugs Mami tightly. "Oppa... he... wuuuu..."

Even with Hana's dreadful crying next her ear, everything seemed to have been muted in Mami's ears.

Looking at Mami and his wife, Min Lee steps close to them. "Hana, let Mami through.." He spoke as he gently pulls Hana away from Mami.

"Mm..." Hana nods her head as she sobs returning to Min Lee's embrace.

Slowly, Mami made her way towards the gurney.

Each step she took was like thunder and lightning to one's heart.

Each step became harder to take, like quick sand sinking her legs in, making it harder for her to breath.

But, she still arrived in front of the gurney.

She looked at the White sheet that outlined a body, she raised her trembling hands and gently lift the sheet.

The face of a handsome man came to her view, yet his eyes remained closed. There were traces of Almost dried blood on his perfectly sculpted face.

She stare at the man with unblinking eyes.

This is the man who she gave her whole heart to....

For ten years, he has been the warmth of her cold world...

The shining light to her darkness..

A streak of dried blood was at the corner of his mouth and she reached out her hand to wipe it.

She did not pull her hand away, but caress his cheek.. It was no longer warm.

Looking at him, her heart broke into pieces, better yet, it was like her heart was ripped out with intense force.

Mami stare at Shin's face as she recalls their last meeting last night.

He had told her that no matter what happens, he'll walk through life with her. Never leaving her alone in this world. That, she was the love of his life and he to her.

Her eyes softened, as if the person laying on the gurney was only sleeping.

Softly, she caress his cheek with her thumb.

"That's enough Shin.. Open your eyes."

Her soft voice echoed in the room.

Hearing her words, everyone looks at her with an even more broken heart.

But she didn't care about the looks everyone in the room had. All she could see was the man she loves wholeheartedly.

"Shin..." she softly spoke again. "Wake up.."


Shin laid on the gurney with his eyes closed, unmoving. Mami gently lowers her body and kisses Shin on his lip, despite all the dried blood on his face. She didn't care.

She moves 3 inches away from his lips, and yet, nothing...

Again, she kisses him on the lips .

And again.

And again.

Seeing Mami's actions, Hana cries even more in Min Lee's embrace.

Mami pulled away from Shin's lips, seeing he did not once move or open his eyes, her legs gave up as she slowly falls to her knees.

She lift his hand and gently caress it on her cheeks.

"You liar.. you said before, if I kiss you when you're sleeping, you'd wake up... so why aren't you?!"

She gaze at Shin with watery eyes, as if waiting for him to sit up, smile at her and say it was all just a joke.

But..... Nothing, only silence.

The tears she had been holding back finally slides down when reality hit her..

She held his hand tightly with hers.

"Please don't leave me.... please don't..." her sobs echo through the room and out into the hospital corridors. "I'm begging you.. please don't leave me..."

Mami's cries and pleads were like a hammer that abruptly hit each one in the room.

Min Lee guided his crying wife to sit down on a chair. He knew she was in pain, but she was pregnant as well...

The man with the pony tail clench his fists tightly with his head down. Streaks of tears slid down his cheeks as he cries silently.

The young man stares at Mami with red eyes from crying. He wanted to go over to her and tell her sorry, but how is a sorry going to bring back Shin?

He looks away and press his forehead against the cold window.

Mami's cries echoed throughout the hospital corridors. Anyone who hears can feel her pain and cry with her.

Outside the room, Qin Jun sat on the floor by the door with his head hung low.

'Why.... why must it be like this... why....?'

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