Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 21 She’s shy.

[WARNING: Some scenes and words in this chapter is inappropriate for younger readers!]


Lu Tian knew that behind Yue Ling's facade, she was holding in her anger from what happened.

Any one would be angry if they had their innocence taken by some stranger. Even he was angry knowing he had to sleep with some random woman.

He was glad that it was her and not someone else.

Maybe he should give his weird assistant a bonus.

From his time in the business industry, he could tell that this woman knew how to carry herself.

She wasn't like other women he's come across. Her clothes weren't flashy like other rich women, but he knew her clothes weren't something anyone could afford.

She also wasn't like other women who wore thick layers of makeup. Neither did she flaunt about her beauty.

Plus, the bag she carried wasn't cheap, he's seen his cousin carry one before, and she spent a good amount of money on it too.

But one thing that still stood out and caught his attention the most was her mesmerizing bluish green eyes. He was for sure now that she was not full Chinese.

Knowing that it was him who forced himself onto her, it was only natural that he takes responsibility for his own selfish mistake.

*Ding* the elevator stops at another floor.

"Haha, excuse me if I catch the elevator with you both."

A man in a navy suit spoke before entering the elevator.

Glancing at the man, Yue Ling forced a smile, "Of course. There's plenty of room."

'Yes! Plenty of room! Now I don't have to be in such an awkward situation.'

The man smiles happily at Yue Ling, he did not hesitate to get in the elevator, especially when there a total beauty inside.

But, before he could even take a step forward, he paused dumbfounded.

Lu Tian who was standing across from Yue Ling had now taken two steps to stand next to her.

Leaving his spot empty.

The man stared awkwardly and suspiciously at Lu Tian's sudden move, he curse inwardly. He had thought the beauty was by herself, he did not expect this man was with her.

But who cares, the beauty was too tall for him. He liked petite women anyways.

He sigh with a heavy heart and enters the elevator.

Lu Tian stood next to Yue Ling like a general protecting his empress from the enemy.

Looking at him, Yue Ling didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She didn't like the man, but she was also thankful. The look the new man gave her made her feel weird.

The rest of the elevator ride was nothing but silence as no one spoke.

Well, more like an awkward silence.

Upon arriving on the first floor, the moment the elevator doors slide open, Yue Ling bolted out the doors. She ran as if she was in a marathon aiming for first place.

The man was rendered speechless. He looks at Lu Tian then in the direction Yue Ling ran, then back to Lu Tian.

He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

"She's shy."

Lu Tian said to the man as if it was the most natural thing, then he exits the elevator and leisurely stride in the direction Yue Ling ran.

The man was left flabbergasted at Lu Tian's words. He hadn't even exit the elevator but the doors already closed with him still inside.


In one of the rooms of Imperial Hotel, a woman was currently throwing a huge tantrum.


Even though she was completely naked to the eyes, at this moment she didn't care.

She angrily throws the pillows and blanket on the floor. Not satisfied, she shoves all the magazines and glass cups on the table onto the floor too.


Huffing and puffing, the woman glare angrily at the things on the floor.

"Babe, why are you so angry?" A manly voice spoke in fluent English.

Hearing the voice, the woman became even more angrily, her face was red due to anger. She glared daggers at the man. If looks could kill, the man would of already been stabbed to death.

Looking at the man only intensified her anger.

"Get out! Get out right now!!!" She yells furiously, with her feet stomping the floor and her finger pointing at the door.

"Alright, alright. Sheesh." The man stood from the bed, he quickly got dress and walks out of the room.

Before he closed the door, he glance at the woman with disgust and sneered, "You're not even good in bed. You should be thankful I fucked you."

The moment the door closed, a glass cup was thrown viciously, hitting the door it shattered onto the floor.

Raging with anger, the woman stomped her feet to the bed and sat down. Her eyes were red and almost in tears.

She bit her nails.

They had planned everything out last night. Just, how could it have gone wrong?

Guyao tried to recall everything that had happened last night.

During last nights social gathering, she clearly saw Ning Xingyu secretly pour the aphrodisiac into Lu Tian's wine glass before handing it to him.

Not only that, she clearly saw Lu Tian drink it.

Thirty minutes before the gathering ended, Ning Xingyu signaled her to leave and she did just that.

She bribed a hotel staff for a spare keycard to the room Lu Tian booked.

Once she got inside the room, she took a quick shower, redid her makeup and put on a sexy red mesh lingerie that no man could possibly resist.

She dimmed the light to its lowest and laid on the bed and waited, but after fifteen minutes, Lu Tian did not come to the room.

She figured he might still be bidding farewell to the other people, so she got out of the bed and poured herself a glass of wine provided by the hotel.

By the time she knew it, she had drunk two wine bottles and was drunk.

Then, the door clicked as it unlock and opened.

Quickly, she lays on the bed again as she hears the door closed. Her heart began to beat happily.

She heard footsteps, Lu Tian had gone into the bathroom to shower.

After he showered, his footsteps came to the bed and he laid down.

The moment his hand touched her skin, she felt him jump in startled and move his hand, but she quickly grabbed his hand and place it on her breasts.

She used the softest voice she could make,

"Don't. I've always been in love with you. I'm willing to give myself to you. So, lets make tonight special. Please."

Lu Tian did not say anything, he paused for a minute before he touch her breasts and massage them then he kissed her, slowly sliding off her lingerie.

He roughly thrust in her without waiting for her to become wet. It was painful for her but worth it.

Following after, her moans and his groans sounded inside the room.

Even though the room was covered in darkness and she couldn't see Lu Tian's face, Guyao was extremely happy.

Even if he wasn't gentle, she didn't mind. She had become one with the man of her dreams. The man she's been in love with.

She swore that after tonight's intimacy, she would make him take responsibility and marry her.

But who would of thought, that once morning came, the man next to her was not her dream man, but some American man!!

Angry at the remembrance of last nights incident, Guyao was even more furious. She clench her hands tightly and falls on the bed with tears in her eyes.

She wasn't from a rich family. She had met Lu Tian once at a five star restaurant she once worked. Although he's never interacted with her or look at her, she fell in love with him the moment she laid eyes on him.

In order to get closer to him, she had slept with many wealthy men just to get a small glance at him.

She wasn't pretty like other woman, she had used makeup to make her more pretty. Then from the money she received from the men she slept with, she changed her face and body. Even her breasts were not as big as how they are now.

When Ning Xingyu, who she also sleeps with told her about his plan and needed a woman to make his plan work, Guyao didn't hesitate at all to help.

If it meant getting to sleep with the man of her dreams, then she would do it.

Lu Tian was the man she loves and it was only likely that he loves her too.

Her head full of Lu Tian, remembering his handsome cold face from last night, she close her eyes.

Raising her left hand, she started massaging her breasts while her right hand explore her sweet spot. Taking herself into a lustful world.

"Ahh— Lu Tian.. Ahn.!!"

Guyao moaned and gasped for air. In her head, it was Lu Tian who was touching her and not herself.


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