Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 22 Who’s glaring at me?


Outside of Imperial, people crowded the sidewalks and cars drove in the streets.

Finally escaping from her predator, Yue Ling breathed in relief. To her, seeing that man was just too awkward and makes her blood boil.

Especially when they had a one night stand and still bumped into each other.

She took her phone out from her Chanel boy bag and checked the time.


Putting her phone away, she sighed in relief again, "Good. I still have enough time for my errands. A little shopping will clear my head."

Straightening her unwrinkled black mid-length boyfriend blazer, Yue Ling took a step forward.

The first thing on her list was to buy some open wardrobes and shelves for her closet room.

Although it had a good size closet, she still needed more space to hang all of her clothes and shoes that were coming in.

It was only normal for all women to want a huge closet, and she was one of them.

She happily smiled at the thought of her things that would be arriving soon from City Z.

"Did you really think you could run away?"

The moment she heard the voice, Yue Ling's entire body froze, her right leg that was about to step forward froze in mid air.

Just by the hearing the voice, she already knew who it was.

Goosebumps crawled on her skin, making her shudder.

Yue Ling's heart started beating at a rapid speed. If her heart could run a marathon, she was sure it would win first place!!

She forced herself to turn around. Her smile froze and the corners of her mouth twitched trying to maintain her smile at the person,

"C-Can I help you, oh g-good sir?"

Seeing her forced expression, Lu Tian wanted to laugh, but he held it in with his supreme mastered poker face.

At first he wasn't sure if she would turn around but surprisingly, she did. He didn't beat around the bush and got straight to the point.

"Accompany me today."

He said in a not so friendly way, but anyone, it sounded more like a command.

Struck with stupidity, Yue Ling frown at the man, "I have my own plans. I don't have time to accompany you." Her smile disappears she continued, "besides, I don't know you and you don't know me."

'Just who does this man think he is? Yes, we had a 'one night stand', but it was out of our own carelessness. Does he expect me to follow him like I owe him something? Pssh, no way!!'

Lu Tian looked at Yue Ling indifferently, "Then, let me accompany you."

Yue Ling was dumbfounded. She squint her eyes at the man, sending invisible laser beams.

Is she not speaking properly? It's like every word she says is going in one of the man's ear but out the other.

Just how shameless can this man be?! She opened her mouth to speak, but someone else beat her to it.

"Boss! Boss!! Sorry, I'm late!!"

Yue Ling: "...."

Lu Tian: "...."

Yue Ling glance and the person with one raised eyebrow, while Lu Tian's expression darkened.

Xu Long was so scared, his boss had suddenly messaged him to cancel the meeting at 2pm. After last nights incident, he was scared shitless!

Knowing his boss's personality, he was sure the world would come to end! Just who the hell was it that decided it was a clever idea to drug his boss's drink?!

Did that stupid person not want to live anymore?!!

Huffing and puffing, Xu Long stopped next to his boss. He had one hand on his knee while his other hand wipe the sweats on his forehead.

He tried to catch his breath, "Whew, I seriously need to workout more.. ah.." he quickly straightened himself and cough, "ahem, I mean Boss... Sorry... eh?"

He looks at his boss then follow his boss's gaze.

Xu Long's jaw dropped and his mouth turned in an 'O'.

His boss is talking to a woman!!!!

A woman!! And she was beeeeeeautifuuul!!!

Wait.. eh!!! Why does this woman looks so familiar?

She looks like... Oh my gosh!! It's the woman from the airport!!!

The woman who called his boss a rude man in front of his face!!!!

Feeling a murderous glare at him, Xu Long shivered, he looked to his right, then his left, behind his boss, next he looked behind him.

Seeing no one, he frown, 'I swore someone's glaring at me, just who is it?'

Finally, he glance at his boss.

The feeling of cold water from a melted iceberg pour on him.

'Ahhh!!! I'm so dead!! Boss is angry! It's already Autumn but why does boss have to make the temperature drop to below negative degrees!! *sob*'

Seeing that the one night stand man was not responding to the man who just appeared, Yue Ling pointed to Xu Long, "umm.. I think he's talking to you."


Without taking his eyes off of Yue Ling, Lu Tian answered indifferently.

"I don't know who he is."

Yue Ling: "...."

Xu Long: "...."

'Boss, how can you do this to me! I'm your most loyal subordinate and fan!!'

Yue Ling tilt her head and crossed her arms, she arched a brow, "But just now, he was clearly calling you boss."

Hearing her, Xu Long's eyes lit up like a puppy, 'Yes, yes, he is my boss!! At least someone acknowledges this subordinate's existence!'

Lu Tian: "I'm his boss, but I don't know who he is."

Yue Ling: "...."

Xu Long: "...."

'Where did my cold and ruthless boss go?!! *sob*'

Xu Long cried inwardly, now he's starting to question if his boss really does have a high EQ and IQ.

Unable to hold it in anymore, Yue Ling laughed cheerfully, showing her straight white teeth.

"Pffahaha! What kind of boss are you to not know your own subordinate?!"

Both Lu Tian and Xu Long were shocked.

The sound of her laugh was like a muse to one's ears. It sounded so harmonious and peaceful. Her laugh was one that could bring ease to one's heart.

Lu Tian was mesmerized by Yue Ling's cheerful expression. It made one sees her as a carefree and cheerful person.

She looked like one who didn't care about what others think. Her laughing smile was like, the shining light to one's darkness.

Oblivious to Lu Tian's thoughts, she wipes away the tears at the corners of her eyes, Yue Ling calmed herself, "Sorry, I just found this situation hilarious."

Seeing that both men were just staring at her with weird expressions, she cleared her throat awkwardly,

"I think you should listen to what your subordinate has to say. He must have something important to discuss with you since he ran like his life depended on it. So pay no mind to me at all."

She flash a quick smile at Lu Tian with her straight white teeth, turned around, and walked away in the fastest speed her long legs could.

Lu Tian: "...."

Xu Long: "...."


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