Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 23 Her plan was completely ruined


Watching Yue Ling's figure slowly disappear into the crowd, Lu Tian glare coldly at Xu Long, "Report."

Xu Long shivered and quickly straightened himself like a soldier, "Boss! This subordinate didn't mean to come find you, but Old Master Lu phoned, he wants you to return to the old household for dinner tonight at 6pm! Boss!" He saluted then his hands drop down at his sides.

The corner of Lu Tian's mouth twitched, he looked at his assistant and wondered if he had made the wrong decision back then to hire such this kind of person.

Without answering his assistant, Lu Tian turns around and strode away in the opposite direction of Yue Ling.

Xu Long sighed, 'Now I've really done it. Boss is angry. *sob* I was only doing my job..'

"Eh? Where did Boss go?"

His head turned in all directions, until he circle around sees his boss tall figure in the crowd, he gasp before quickly follows after.

He cried in his thoughts, 'Boss! Don't leave this one behind. This one is really sorry!'

He didn't want to be left behind, especially not since he knew he had messed up big time!!

He has been working under his boss for years now, and he's never once seen his boss speak to a woman besides his mother.

Even at Lu Corps and business meetings, his boss rarely spoke to any of the female workers. Every time woman see his boss, Xu Long who's always at his side could see the greed in their eyes and their drool at the corner of their mouth.

Most of the time it was him, Xu Long who had to carry the message.

Xu Long slouch his shoulders and walked following behind his boss.

'Haaaa, just how big of a crime did I make...?'


In another part of Imperial, inside a building called 'Palace Apartment', a girl dressed in a maroon body con dress sat on a red sofa. She was young, around 24 years old, her blonde hair was styled in a short a-line.

At this moment, she has her arms cross in front of her chest and she glare angrily at the handsome American man seated across from her.

"Robert, I gave you one job and you couldn't even do it?" She spoke in English, but it was broken and had an accent.

Robert, the American man didn't seem to be bothered at all by the girl's tone and words.

He leisurely drank his glass of wine, "I did what you requested. I went into the room like you said, but who knew that the person inside was not Han Yue Ling."

Annoyed at his words, the young girl clench her fists. Looking at the man only raised her irritation.

"Leave. I want to be alone at this moment."

Robert place his glass of wine down and eyes the girl.

Her short blond hair matched and framed her face, even though she wasn't a total babe, she was still average enough to be pretty.

The maroon body con dress she wore outlined her body. She didn't have nice curves but there was enough to enhance her.

Her chest wasn't big like the woman he had enjoyed last night, but it wasn't flat either. She must be an A-cup, which was fine with him.

Robert stood from sofa he was sitting on and walked over to the young girl.

The girl glares at Robert, "Why aren't you leaving? I don't have time."

Robert leans back on the sofa, "Babe, you're seriously telling me to leave? Have you forgotten who pays for this apartment?"

Hearing his words, the girl bit her lower lip.

He was right, Palace Apartment wasn't as rich and nice like Jade Condos, but it was still third on the chart for 'best places to live'. And it was expensive, with the money she makes, she couldn't possibly afford this place.

If it wasn't for Robert paying her rent, she would never got the chance to live here.

But still, he had messed up her plans. She wanted to ruin Han Yue Ling's image. Her plan was to drug the slut, have Robert record their intimate act, then expose her to the world for being nothing but a cheap slut.

Yet, her plan was completely ruined!!

Knowing that his words were on point, Robert smirk as he stands up and walks over to the girl.

He didn't care if she was angry because her plan was ruined, none of it mattered to him.

"Ning Mei baby, don't be mad."

Robert sat down and his hand trace up and down Ning Mei's exposed legs.

"Robert, not now!" Ning Mei glare viciously at Robert and stop his hand. She acted like she wasn't in the mood, but one could tell from her tone that she wants him to continue.

Hearing her tone of voice and looking at her dark brown eyes, Robert was turned on. His didn't stop and hand moved from Ning Mei's legs to her small breasts, squeezing them. He plant kisses on her shoulder, to her neck and then he nibble her ear.

He whispers, "Baby, are you also forgetting, you still need me to make it to the top."

"Ah.." Ning Mei let out a soft moan.

Aside from her lustful mind, she really did still need him.

Robert is a famous international actor staying in Imperial due to a movie he's shooting.

If she really wants to become one of Asian's top model and be first in the ranking, she needed his help.

He has more resources than her and with his connections, filling some strings will allow her to achieve her dream faster.

It was only a matter of time before she can proceed with her next plan and ruin Han Yue Ling.

Ning Mei sneered inwardly, throwing her next plan behind her head, concentrating on the man in front of her.

Clothes and undergarments were tossed on the floor in seconds with the sounds loud thrusting and panting taking place on the red sofa.

— — —

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