Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 24 FAITH


After a few hours of shopping, Yue Ling was finally done with her errands.

One thing she liked about Imperial was that, the stores have a policy where they can deliver the things you buy straight to your house.

And that, she did not put to waste at all.

Walking amongst the crowd, she thought about what do next. It was actually her first time exploring Imperial since she moved here.

Suddenly, her footsteps came to a stop.

Her bluish green eyes looks at a building wall.

On that wall were countless posters and flyers, but her eyes stayed fixated on only one out of the many posters and flyers.

The poster was old and the colors were slightly faded.

It was a poster with five people, each person wearing the color black but in different styles. At the top of the poster was the word 'FAITH' in bold white print.

And at the bottom corner was the word, 'Disband' and the date in red letters.

The date was dated back to three years ago.

Yue Ling stared at the poster before she slowly raise her hand and gently touch the poster.

Her fingers softly stroke the person in the middle as if she was touching the person again.

The man had a short faded hair cut. Both his arms were on the shoulders of the two men next to him. His eyes were closed as he grinned cheerily.

Even with his eyes closed, one could see that he was a man with great looks that god took the time to sculpt.

She stared at the face of the man, her eyes softened with a glint of sadness.

Her heart felt like it had suddenly disappeared.

After a long while,she part her lips and whispered quietly, "I'm sorry I betrayed you..."

Yue Ling continued to stare at the man in the poster with unblinking eyes.

He was the man she loves, the man who brought light into her dark world.

Three years... to think time had completely gone by. Even she did not realize it...

"Excuse me Miss. Are you alright? Can I help you with anything?"

A soft voice spoke next to Yue Ling, breaking her train of thoughts.

Yue Ling turned her head to her left and sees a woman in her early twenties, with auburn medium length hair. She stood about 165cm and because Yue Ling was taller, the woman had to look up at Yue Ling, while she smile sweetly.

"Thank you, but I'm alright." Yue Ling smiled before turning to leave.

Sensing that Yue Ling was going to leave, the woman quickly blocks Yue Ling's way, "How about coming in for a cup of tea or coffee?" She pointed to a glass door.

Looking at the door, Yue Ling realized that the supposedly building wall with posters and flyers was actually a huge tinted glass window.

She pursed her lips slightly in whether she should go in or not. Coming to a decision, she nods her head and follows the woman into the cafe.

"Please sit anywhere you like. I saw you stopped in front of the window for a long time, so I got curious and came to see if you wanted to come inside."

The woman said as she walks behind the counter and puts on an apron with the logo 'An's Cafe'.

Yue Ling sat on a high stool near the counter, "Is this your shop?"

The woman smile, "Mm. This was my dream, after I married my husband, he helped me achieve it. Now, it's like a dream come true."

Hearing the word 'dream', Yue Ling's lip curl into a small smile.

She once had a dream too... but it was taken from her...

Not noticing the change in Yue Ling's expression, the woman asked, "Would you like tea or coffee?"

"Coffee please."

Smiling, the woman started to make a cup of coffee for Yue Ling.

Yue Ling looked at the happy woman, then she scanned the cafe.

It wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. The walls were charcoal grey with paintings of different aspects.

There were approximately ten tables; five for four person tables and five for two person tables, then there were the four stools by the counter, which she sat on one.

"Here you go miss. A nice cup of coffee."

"Thank you. How much is it?"

"No need, it's on the house." The woman smiles and leans against the counter. She rest her chin under her hand and stares at Yue Ling curiously.

"Are you a fan of FAITH too?"


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