Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 25 A gratitude gif


Seeing the woman's fan girl expression, Yue Ling wanted to laugh. She let out a soft chuckle and nod her head, "Mn. I am."

The woman eyes shot wide open. She felt as if she had just cheated on her husband, because when she saw Yue Ling smile, she was struck with love.

Even as a woman, she thought Yue Ling was very pretty. Like, too pretty.

Most women nowadays go through plastic surgery just be pretty, but she knew from one glance that Yue Ling was a natural beauty.

Was she leaning more on the opposite gender?

Staring into Yue Ling's bluish green eyes, she ask curiously, "Are you mix with another nationality?"

Feeling no harm from the woman, Yue Ling held in her laugh and answered truthfully, "My mother is full Chinese, whereas my father is Korean and American mix."

"Ohh.. I see, that explains—-."

"The eyes." Yue Ling finishes the woman's sentence. "I get it a lot from people. My eye colors the same as my father's."

"Oh... That's so cool!! You rarely see Asians with different eye colors."

Yue Ling smiles at the woman then takes a sip of her warm coffee.

Remembering something, the woman lightly slaps the counter, "That's right! I asked if you were a fan of FAITH because I'm also a fan of them. A die hard fan too!"

She said happily before her expression change into a sad one, "It's just heartbreaking that such an amazing band decided to disband."

Yue Ling: "At least you're a real fan. Some people who claim to be real fans of FAITH are very few now, some are even anti-fans. I believe that as a loyal fan, you should respect their decisions and hold on to them still, even if they aren't together anymore. Know the truth before you judge them."

Hearing Yue Ling's words, the woman smiles again, "You're right. I'm one of their biggest fan! Even though they disband, they'll always be my favorite group. I still listen and play their songs here."

Yue Ling was happy inside knowing that there was still a fan in this world who remembers and cherishes FAITH.

After chatting with the woman for a while about different topics. She had learned a lot about the woman, from how she dreamed about opening a cafe, to her marriage and finally how she opened her dream cafe.

Yue Ling glance at the abstract wall clock; '5:12pm'

"It's getting late, I still have some things to do, so I'll take my leave."

The woman was reluctant to let Yue Ling leave, she enjoyed her conversation with the goddess but she knew it wasn't her place to say anything. They had just met. She nod her head and chuckled, "Okay, sorry for troubling you with all my nonsenses."

"I didn't mind, it was a nice chat."

Before leaving, Yue Ling placed an order of two dozen coffees and pastries each.

The woman was shocked, ever since she opened this cafe, no one has ever ordered so much.

Excited and thankful, she bows to Yue Ling before preparing the order.

Once the order was done, the woman added a few more pasteries and desserts because Yue Ling was nice and she even ordered the most expensive coffees and pasteries in her cafe!

Yue Ling took out her gold card and swipe it. She signed the receipt and looked at the woman who was still in a daze. She smiled then takes the bag of pasteries and box of coffees.

"Thank you."

Watching Yue Ling leave, the woman finally comes out of her daze, calls out, "I'm Feng An! Please come back and visit!"

Yue Ling nod with a smile at Feng An and leaves the cafe with the help of a man opening the door for her.

Feng An let out a long sad sigh.

"Why are you sighing? What's wrong?" A male voice spoke as he close the door.

"Ah, Honey!! It's nothing, I was just with a customer. She was really nice and polite. She even ordered two dozens of coffee and pastries each!"

The man chuckled and pinch Feng An's nose, "So silly. Happy over the smallest things."

He walks to the counter and sees a receipt and a note on top one of the cafes envelopes for customers, "Eh? Who is this from?"

Feng An: "Oh, that's from the lady customer I just told you about."

Feng An's husband reads the note aloud, "Thank you for still being a fan of FAITH. A gratitude gift from me to you. Signed, Han Yue Ling."

He frowned, "An, I thought FAITH was an guys group?"

Feng An: "Of course they are! Who said they weren't?!"

The husband looks at Feng An then back to the note, "Then how come the woman, Han Yue Ling said 'thank you for still being a fan of FAITH'? She wrote it like she was a member..."

Feng An glares at her husband, she scofffs, "That's because only die hard fans like myself knows that FAITH's leader's only long time girlfriend was—-."

Coming to realization, Feng An's jaw dropped to the ground. She quickly snatch the note from her husband and screamed.

"Ahhhh!!!!!! Oh! My! god!!!!"

Her husband taps her head, "Why are you so excited?"

Feng An stares at the note then to her husband, she gulped before saying, "Do you not understand? That lady customer is Han Yue Ling, as in THEE Han Yue Ling!! Asia's number one ranked model and beauty!!!!"

Husband: "...."

Pushing her excitement away, Feng An picks up the envelope and her eyes fell from their sockets when she saw what was inside.

Seeing his wife's expression, the husband walks over to see why his wife looked like she was going to die, and just like Feng An, his eyes fell from their sockets too.

They both looked at each other then to the envelope in Feng An's hand.

Inside the envelope was a stack of banknotes. It's amount was probably the total of what the couple would make in a year!!!

Just what kind of person gives a huge amount of banknotes as a gratitude gift?

But of course, Feng An and her husband had forgotten that the person Feng An had just met was Han Yue Ling.


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