Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 26 De L’amour


Yue Ling walked through the streets of Imperial

carrying the box of coffee and bag of pastries from Feng An's Cafe.

"Look at that girl, she's extremely tall. Is she a model?"

"Even her looks are outstanding! Even her eyes! Is she a foreigner living in Imperial? She's definitely a model. Right?"

"I think I've seen her somewhere, but I can't remember where..."

Passing by the people of Imperial, Yue Ling paid no mind to the stares and whispers about her.

She was never one to mind what others had to say. Of course, it wasn't all the time.

Her lips curled upwards as she pictures what Feng An's face would like once she saw the "gratitude gift'' she had left.

Truth was, she didn't just go around and randomly give people stacks of banknotes.

She only did so because she was thankful that there was still someone in the world who remembers FAITH.

Because FAITH was her Shin's dream...

— —

Thirty minutes into her walk, Yue Ling arrives in front of a thirty story building. The building could be considered small because in comparison to the other buildings, they were way taller.

The building was all black with dark tinted windows, looking like a glooming building out of a haunted movie.

It wasn't as fancy looking and eye catching like the other buildings around, but to her, it was the most simplest that she found eye catching.

Ignoring all the confusing and curious stares at her, she takes steps forward, she enters through the automatic glass doors.

"Why did that beautiful young Miss go inside that building?"

"The building looks so scary, I walk to work everyday and realize this place just opened, is she really planning to apply there? I hardly see anyone go in or come out, most of the time it's just the workers."

"I think she might just be delivering some things since she was carrying a box and bag that looked like take outs."

Of course, Yue Ling didn't hear the whispers because the automatic glass doors had already closed behind her.

As for the people that walks by this building everyday, they would turn a blind eye because of the gloomy color outside.

No one bothers to care for things that didn't stand out to them.

What those people did not know was, once inside, this building brought a whole new atmosphere.

The front lobby had white marble walls, behind the reception desk was a two beautiful glass waterfall and the name of the building in the center in cursive.

'De L'amour'

The seating area had black leather club chairs on both sides for awaiting guests and the walls had huge canvas of fashion sketches.

The flooring was white tiles and the lighting inside were the most brightest, bring a natural feeling even with the dark tinted windows.

Yue Ling stood in front of the door and eyed the place like a proud mother.

A young girl about 23 years old was working at the receptionist desk. She wore a yellow long sleeve a-line dress and her brown hair was cut short into a bob with bangs.

She was currently typing on the keyboard. When she saw sight of Yue Ling, she quickly stands up and rushes over to Yue Ling.

The girl bows and greets Yue Ling.

"Good evening, Boss."

Yue Ling smiles at the girl and slightly nod her head, "Good evening, Sophia."

That's right, Yue Ling is the owner of this small building in Imperial. It was her life's hard work and passion that she put into. It was her creation, De L'amour.

"Boss, what is that?" Sophia asks curiously while pointing to the things in Yue Ling's hand.

Yue Ling walks over to the receptionist counter and place the box and bag down.

"Help me pass these out to everyone for working hard."

Not shy at all, Sophia starts rummaging through the goodies like a child at the toy store. Her eyes lit up happily!

Sophia: "Wow boss! You really didn't have to!"

Yue Ling: "It's the least I can do, since everyone's been working hard upon arrival."

Sophia: "Ah, my friends will be so jealous when I tell them how good my boss treats me!! Hahah!"

Sophia ran behind her desk and paged everyone to come to the first floor. She did it forget to tell everyone that their boss is here.

Soon after, the first floor was filled with all the employees.

Yue Ling's company only consisted of 24 employees, including Liu Shan. Plus her then 25.

All her employees were happy. Just what kind of boss did they have? She treated all of them equally even though she sometimes appears cold and aloof. It just depended if you meet her during her good side or worse, her bad side.

"Thanks boss!"

"Our Boss is the greatest!"

Yue Ling glance at all her employees. Every one of them ranged from the age of twenty to forty. No one younger or older.

She knew they had all worked hard, especially since she moved the company to Imperial in 2 months time only.

Her old company had more people, but because of the move, she decided not to bring everyone since majority of her old employees had lives and families in City Z. The ones currently still working for her now were the ones who had been with her for a long time and didn't mind the sudden move.

It was a sudden move for everyone, but she had to make this move.

She couldn't delay any longer.

Walking over to Yue Ling with a cup of coffee in his hand, Liu Shan hands her a black hardcover book. It was twelve by ten inches and two inches thick.

The front cover only has the word, 'De L'amour'.

"These are the new designs for this month."

Taking the black book from Liu Shan, Yue Ling opens the book and flips through the pages.


She gave small nods to some pages and frown to some.

The entire building became silent. Only the sound of Yue Ling flipping pages could be heard.

Liu Shan and the rest of the employees were nervous and sweating looking at their boss. No one dares to bother with the goodies anymore, nor did they make a sound.

No matter what day it was, Yue Ling going through the black book was the scariest.

It wasn't just a book, it was the book that contains all of De L'amour's upcoming designs.

Even if they had worked hard on each designs, it was still Yue Ling's approval that matters.

If she doesn't like any then everything in the black book has to be redo from scratch.


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