Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 4 Goodbye

3 years later; City Z Airport

"Waaaahhh!!! Why?!!" A beautiful blonde hair lady cried while hugging another lady without caring about the many stares and whispers from the people passing by inside the airport.

"Ok, Hana, stop crying, you're causing a scene."

Park Min Lee spoke as he held his and Hana's 3 year old son, Park Shin.

Hearing her husband, Hana glares at him, "Men will never understand!!" She hugs the person in her arms even tighter. "Mami! I don't want you to go!!"

"Hana, I'll come back and visit." Mami spoke smiling as she pulls the reluctant Hana away from her, showing her beautiful straight white teeth.

She wore a white T-shirt and beige loose knitted cardigan with light blue distressed denim jeans, paired with a pair of nude ankle booties. At her side was her all white luggage and brown Louis Vuitton large tote. Her hair was let down with loose curls and she had on light makeup.

Looking at her goddess, Hana's tears turns into a waterfall, "Promise you'll call me once you land!"

"Mm, I will."

["Flight 0076 to Imperial, China is ready for boarding. All passengers please board the plane."]

Mami looks out in the direction of the huge airport window with the view of City Z.

A faint smile appeared on her lip, "That's my flight."

She hugged and bid Hana, Min Lee and Little Shin goodbye.

Just as she grabbed her luggage and was about to turn around, two voices shouted from behind the crowd.



Mami turns to the direction of the voices and smiles at the sight of the two people.

Two handsome men, one around 30 and the other 25. Both men looked exhausted as they tried to catch their breath.

"I thought I wouldn't get to see you!!" Song Jing Li, the 25 year old spoke while catching his breath and patting his chest. The other man nods his head in agreement.

Mami smiles and walks up to Song Jing Li and Yamato Kira, her arms wrap around the both of them at once.

"Thank you for seeing me off too."

Both men, raised their arms and hugged her back. Each one held an indescribable feeling deep in their hearts.

Pulling away, Mami scanned her surrounding, but she couldn't find the person she had hoped to see. She sighed and smiled faintly.

She knows he's been busy, so it was only likely that he couldn't see her off.

"Thought you'd leave without a proper goodbye?" A deep voice came from behind her.

Mami Sprung around quickly, she smiled from ear to ear, "Jun!"

Qin Jun stepped forward and patted Mami's head. "Mm."

She pout her lips, then hugs Qin Jun at the waist.

Seeing her child like move, a sincere smile appeared on Qin Jun's lip.

"Be good when you reach China. Don't forget, you still have family here."

Mami steps back and look at Qin Jun. "I know. Everyone here will forever be my family." She looks at all the people she cares about sending her off.

Hana sniffs, "Mami, don't forget about us okay?"

Taking a deep breath, Mami bows in respect to them. "Thank you everyone, for being my family here. I will never forget any of you."

["Flight 0076 to Imperial, China. Ready for departure. All passengers please board the plane."]

"Argh!! Stupid plane! I just got here and they're already taking my noona away!" Song Jing Li yells angrily.

Hearing his words, everyone laughs at the youngest member of the group.

"Take care everyone."

Mami took a deep breath and looks at the group one last time before she grabbed her luggage and walks in the direction of the gate.

As her figure disappears after entering the gate to the plane, Hana softly cries again, "Will She Be Okay?"

Min Lee consoles Hana with one hand while holding their son in the other, "Mm. She will be."

Kira place both hands in his coat pocket, "It's not like it's forever. We'll surely meet again."

"Yes! If Noona can't come to us, we can always go to her!" Jing Li exclaim as he pats his chest proudly.

Kira: "Jing Li, you don't have to act tough, if you want to cry, it's okay to cry. It's not like any of us will judge you."

Jing Li: "....."

Min Lee glance at Qin Jun, "What about you?"


It took a long minute before Qin Jun finally answered, he stare in the direction Mami went,

"I made a promise, and for that promise, I will keep till the end of me."

Hearing Qin Jun's words, Min Lee smile with a sigh. He then reach for Hana's hand and turn to leave the airport.

Qin Jun, Jing Li and Kira took one last look at the gate Mami entered before they all turned around and follow out the airport.


Sitting in the plane, Mami had booked her flight for first class. Allowing her to have her own space from the rest of the passengers. She quickly settled into her seat.

Minutes after her boarding, the plane was finally ready and takes up into the sky.

"Miss, would you like anything to drink?" A flight attendant asked from the side.

Mami smile and shook her head, "No thank you. I'm alright for now."

Taken by surprise, the flight attendant was amazed by Mami's peerless beauty. Especially her bluish green eyes. She wasn't sure if Mami was Asian or a foreigner, but it'd be rude to just ask, so she didn't.

Coming back to her senses, the flight attendant smiles, "Please feel free to let me know if you need anything." With that, she left to service the other passengers.

Greeted with silence again, Mami turned her head and gaze out the airplane window. It was currently 6 in the morning and City Z looked so stunning from the sky.

Like stars in the sky.

She had expected a long flight, but unfortunately, this flight from City Z, Korea to Imperial, China was only 4 hours.

Her mind drifted to countless memories, she raised her hand and touch the window as she murmurs, "Goodbye.... Han Mami."

'You are now only Han Yue Ling..'

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