Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 5 First Encounter..


Imperial, China; Airport: 10:45am.

It was in the autumn season as the weather got cooler, at this moment, outside was currently raining.

People entered and exited the airport, although, everyone's eyes were shifted to a certain direction.

In that certain direction was a tall slender man at the height of 194cm. He wore a tailored fitted grey Versace suit, with a white dress shirt and a black neck tie.

His ink black hair was styled in a short comb over, brown aviator sunglasses sat on his high nose, his thin lip was a shade of peach.

He was seductively handsome, yet he carried a cold and aloof aura.

Trailing behind him were his assistant and 5 fully built body guards. Each person dressed in black, with the Lu crest embroidered on the chest of their jacket.

"Boss, you have a meeting with TB Corps at 3pm, then a social gathering at Imperial Hotel at 7pm."

The assistant spoke as he tries to keep up with his boss's steps. 'Why does the boss have to be born so tall!' He cried inwardly.

"Mm." A deep voice sounded without Lu Tian having to open his mouth. At that same moment, Lu Tian also suddenly stops.

"Ahh!!" A soft voice cries as she bumps into a hard solid figure.

Mami, now known as Yue Ling pats away the invisible dust from her clothes, without looking at the person she bumped into, she spoke, "I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you alright?" Her head finally lifts up to look at the person. "Uhhh...."


The man had an indifferent expression on his perfectly sculpted face. God must really have spent extra time in perfecting this man's face to the point where one glance can make any woman or man fall in love.

The man wore a grey slim fitted tailored suit and white undershirt which emphasized his board shoulders and slender body.

At this moment, the man's aviator sunglasses hung crooked and loosely on his face. His cold and dark eyes glare murderously at Yue Ling.

Feeling the temperature drop intensely, Yue Ling force a smile and apologizes again, "I'm so sorry. Are you alright?"

Xu Long was amazed by the woman who just bumped into his boss. She stood at the same height as him at 180cm with her 2 inch ankle booties. Although she was dressed in simple attire, she was still the most prettiest woman he's ever seen!!

Better yet, his boss was one of China's most eligible bachelors also the most handsomest. And everyone knows his boss is even a multi billionaire in the world!! Yet, this woman did not blush or go insane!!!

"Xu Long, get me a new suit."

Lu Tian's deep and cold voice brought Xu Long back from his train of thoughts.

"Yes, Boss!"

Hearing the man's words, Yue Ling pouted her lips and mumble, "What a rude man."

Lu Tian raised an eyebrow with a glint of danger in his eyes, "What did you say?"

Angry at this unknown specie, Yue Ling was no longer going to be nice.

"I said, you are a rude man! I accidentally bumped into you and apologized but you are being rude! Rude, I tell you! Are all the men nowadays this rude?!!!"

The lines between Lu Tuan's brows creased into three lines, he stare at the woman in front of him.

No one has ever raised their voice at him besides his parents. Better yet, everyone was afraid of him, but this woman actually dare to raise her voice at him.

She even dare to call him rude!

Suddenly, while looking at the woman, Lu Tian finally realized the colors of her eyes. It was bluish green, like beautiful soft emeralds.

Especially with her ink like hair and pale skin, her eyes stood out, making them truly mesmerizing.

Yue Ling: "When people apologized for their accidents, its normal for the other person to accept. It's common sense, unless I murdered your entire family, then that's something else."

Everyone: "...."

Yue Ling on the other hand, raised attention from the many people inside the airport, but she paid no attention to the bystanders. As much as she hated public scenes, this was too much.

"How can such a person exist in this world?!!"

Lu Tian: "....."

All she did was accidentally bump into him. She even apologized, but he acted as if she was some kind of cockroach that touched him.

Truly despicable!!

While in her dispute with the unknown specie, a voice sounded from behind the huge crowd inside the airport.

"Boss!! Boss!!"

Liu Shan who was assigned to come to China in advance to prepare things for Yue Ling, was now squeezing through the crowd to get to his boss.

Completely ignoring the man, Yue Ling turned around to the source of voice.

"Ah! Liu Shan!"

Just as she was about to step away to Liu Shan, her arm was grabbed by a strong slender hand.

"Did I say you could leave?" A deep, low voice sounded from behind her, sending a slight chill down her spine.

Yue Ling turned around and frown with pursing lips, she glared at the man then down to the hand that easily wrapped itself around her arm.

Clearly, Lu Tian was not going to let her get away with it after yelling at him and calling him a rude man.

Xu Long and the 5 body guards were staring at their boss with bulging wide eyes!

Their boss, who is know for his cleanliness, ruthlessness and aloof personality has never once touched a woman or allowed any woman to touch him (well besides his mother), is now holding the arm of a random woman!! A beautiful one too!!!

"uh... Can you please let go, any longer and you'll surely break my arm."

As if he was suddenly electrocuted by her voice, Lu Tian quickly release Yue Ling's arm.

"Hmph." Yue Ling snorted as she swung her head around, but not forgetting to run away the moment the man let go.

She grabs Liu Shan by the shirt collar and darted out of the airport as fast as she could.

"Run, Liu Shan! Run, before that rude man catches us!"

Liu Shan was stuck in a daze. He has long muted his ears. The moment he saw the cold man his boss was yelling at, he felt as if the world had become dark and cold. He was so embarrassed and scared, he wanted to dig a hole and hide in it!

Why did his boss have to encounter such a person when she first arrived here!!

Watching the retreating figure disappear, Lu Tian didn't move at all from his position. Until he couldn't see the figure anymore, he looked down and stare at the hand he used to grab the woman's arm. His brows creased deeply as he thought of something.

"Boss.. do you want me to investigate that lady?" weeps Xu Long from behind.

"No need. She already apologized."

And once again, Xu Long and the 5 body guards were caught by another sudden shock.

Their boss is actually letting someone off! And it was someone from the opposite gender!! Is the world finally coming to an end?!!!

Noticing something, Xu Long hesitated but asked anyways, "Boss, what about this?" His finger pointing to a white hard luggage and a brown Louis Vuitton tote. "I think that lady forgot her belongings.."

Lu Tian frown again, his eyes glaring like daggers at the baggage. If Lu Tian's eye could send beams of daggers, Yue Ling's bag and luggage would of been shredded like minced meat.

"Bring them with us." He ordered before walking away.

And for the third time of the day, Xu Long and the five bodyguards were once again caught by shock.

Is their boss okay? He wants to bring along a strange woman's belongings? Isn't this called stealing? Where is our cold and ruthless boss?


Inside a black BMW, Liu Shan was sweating like he just came out of a sauna.

Yue Ling: "What's wrong with you?"

Liu Shan: "Boss, do you know who that man is?"

Yue Ling sighed and put her hand under her chin as she stare out the car window.

"Whether I know him or offended him, it doesn't matter. I doubt I'll see him again while I'm here."

Hearing his boss's words, Liu Shan wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

'Boss, that man is very very powerful here! Anyone he wants to find, he will find no matter what. Even if he wanted someone dead, he can do it and get away with it! *sob* why was it him out of all the people in the airport!'

But knowing his boss, she could really care less about anyone. Even if it was the emperor himself who threatens her, she would just shrug her shoulder indifferently.

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