Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 6 1503


Moments later, the black BMW finally came to a stop in front of a tall white building with magnificent large windows.

Without waiting for Liu Shan, Yue Ling opened the door and steps out of the car. She gaze up at the tall building while rain trickledown on her.

Even with the grey clouds and rain, the building still looked eye catching and stood like a painting.

Liu Shan jogged over to his boss and open a black umbrella, putting it over her.

"Boss, your new place is here. In all of Imperial, this is most expensive condos for only the wealthy." He said proudly before handing Yue Ling a pair of black house keys.

"I don't wish to stay here permanently. You know how I've always been. I like peace and quiet." Yue Ling grabbed the umbrella handle and keys from Liu Shan before walking to the glass doors to enter the condo building.

"Hmm...." Liu Shan let out a sigh. His boss sure has been difficult to handle lately.

Before he could even take a step to follow his boss, her next words hit him like a huge rock.

"Liu Shan, I forgot my things at the airport. I need you to go back and retrieve it."

Slouching, Liu Shan cried no tears. "Right away Boss."

He wanted to cry but really lacked the tears to shed. He thought, 'Boss, if you knew already, why didn't you say something before we left the airport. *sob*'


Entering the Condo lobby, Yue Ling looked at the huge calligraphy fixture behind the front desk, 'Jade Condos'.

A young man at the age of twenty stood up immediately from the front desk when he saw Yue Ling enter the lobby.

In his entire twenty years of living, he has never seen such a beautiful goddess-like woman before. And she was even taller than him!!

Unlike all the wealthy ladies who lives here and like to dress in fancy designer clothes, this lady wore casual clothes, yet she still looked so mysterious and sophisticated.

He gulped, "Good Morning Miss. How can I assist you?"

Yue Ling glance down at the black house keys, there was a small tag attached to it, '1503'.

"I'm living in condo 1503." She said nonchalantly to the young man.

Hearing the number, the man almost choked on his own saliva.

"1503? Did I hear you say wrongly?"

With a frown, Yue Ling was constipating whether the young man in front of her should get his ears checked up.

"Yes, room 1503. You did not hear wrongly."

The young man gulped, "Miss, I don't mean to be rude, but can I see an ID? It's just to confirm identification that you live there."

At his words, Yue Ling pout her lips in deep thinking. "My ID.. umm..." remembering she left her bags at the airport which contained her wallet, Yue Ling pinches the space between her brows.

"Sorry, my assistant is going back to get it."

Seeing the lady won't show him her ID, the young man could only sigh. "Miss, I'm sorry but—-."

*ding* the elevator doors opened and someone stepped out.

"Ting, what is going on?!" An old voice calls out.

Seeing who it is, the young man greets the owner of Jade Condo.

"Manager Luo."

Yue Ling turn to see an old man with grey hair, he was wearing a black simple traditional Changsha top with white trousers.

"Uncle Luo." She nods her head in respect.

Seeing the beautiful young girl, Manager Luo's eye beamed with surprise and joy.

"Hahah, Little Han." Uncle Luo laughed as he walks over to Yue Ling. "I did not expect you to arrive so soon."

"I came early so I can make some arrangements." Yue Liang smiled.

Seeing that she was still in the lobby, Uncle Luo looked at the young man, "Why hasn't Miss Han been taken to her housing?"

Nervous, the young man stutter in his words, "I was inquiring Miss Han for her ID for proof of Resident.."

"ID?! She needs no reason to show her ID!" Uncle Luo raised his voice.

Cold sweat ran down the young man's back. Did he just do something wrong?

"Uncle Lou, its alright, he was only doing his job. I forgot my things at the airport and my assistant is currently going back to retrieve them, as of now, I do not have any proof of ID."

"Haaah..." Uncle Luo sigh. "No need. No need." He glares at the young man. "Miss Han is a honor Resident here. Give her the keys to her residence."

"Yes sir!" Salutes the young man. He then quickly search the key safe for the keys.

"No need to Uncle Luo. My assistant already handed me the keys he picked up yesterday." She raise her hand and show a set of black house keys.

Seeing the keys, the young man's eye nearly popped out of their sockets. He thought, 'Those really are the keys for the 52nd floor!!!'

Uncle Luo smiled when he saw the keys. Han Yue Ling is the precious granddaughter of his best friend, he was thankful to have such a person live in his condo building.

"Ting, take Miss Han to her Residence."

"Right away sir!" Ting quickly answered. He almost caused a problem for an important person!! Hopefully he doesn't get fired.

"No need, I can manage on my own." Yue Ling said.

Uncle Luo nod his head in understanding. "I've made some preparations with your assistant in the penthouse. Please let me or the front desk know if there's anything not to your liking."

"Mm. Thank you, uncle Luo."

Yue Ling bid goodbye and walk into the elevator that was open.

Watching the elevator doors closed, Ting was curious as to who the beautiful lady was, "

"Manager Luo, who was that woman just now?"

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