Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 7 White


Uncle Luo glare at Ting, but calmed himself. "She is someone you should never offend. No one in imperial can afford to offend her." He said his piece and walks out the double glass doors.

Ting was rendered speechless but also curious. The beautiful lady was not only beautiful, she even own one of the keys to Jade Condo's most expensive penthouses.

Each floor of Jade Condo consist of 10 condos, but it was only the 52nd floor that only has 4 penthouses and they were the best of the best in all of Imperial.

Only billionaires can accommodate those 4 penthouses.

Reaching the 52nd floor, the elevator ding in arrival with the doors open.

Yue Ling leisurely stepped out.

She scan the floor and realize the long and wide hallway with white walls. What was more eye catching was that there were only 4 doors.

The white walls brought natural lighting into the hallway, as the doors to each housing were dark gray with the same color border around. Both sides of the doors had tall windows.

Each housing number was carved in gold onto the door, on top the peep hole.

On the one side was two doors almost side by side, whereas across was the same. At the end of the hallway was two double glass door with the sign 'pool and roof access' on the side.

Yue Ling walked to her door, which was the second door to the left. She wondered if the other floors were as elegant as this floor.

Inserting one of the black house keys into the key hole, it clicked and the door unlocked.

Entering her new temporary home, she was dumbfounded by its view.

The flooring to her Residence was glossy white, with white walls.

The living room had floor to ceiling windows all around. The view of Imperial could be seen from any part of the living room windows. Two white mid-century couches were set in an almost L-shape, a white tub chair in one part, with a rectangular marble coffee table. Under was a large white fur carpet. A 50" smart tv was placed on a long white tv stand.

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a white marble wall island, 4 white stools sat on the outside. The cabinets were also white with silver pulls. The only color beside white in her kitchen were the silver fridge, silver oven, silver microwave, and the silver air vent on top of the black top stove.

Across the kitchen was a dining room with a black dining table and four white parsons chairs.

She sighed at how white her housing was.

But she also liked it because the natural lighting contrasted with the white made the place look more brighter and not gloomy.

Satisfy with the living room, kitchen and dining room, she walks to the hallway to check on the rooms.

To an even more surprise, she realize that her place has 3 bedrooms!!

Like the walls, the rooms were white. The first room was on the left connecting to the kitchen wall. It was bigger, assigned as a guest room, which she will make since there was already a queen bed inside. All she has to do is buy new pillows and sheets to add some color to the room.

Surprisingly, one whole wall of the guest room was floor to ceiling windows.

Seeing this, Yue Ling couldn't help but frown as it's view was none other than her neighbor's. The only good thing was there's an automatic curtain setting for privacy.

Across from that room on the right, was the guest bathroom. It's wall connecting with the dining room. The bathroom had a shower, toilet and sink. Yet it was bigger than normal bathrooms.

Walking forward, next to the guest bathroom was another bedroom, just that, this bedroom was slightly smaller than the guest room and like the guest room, one whole wall was floor to ceiling windows.

Yue Ling could guess this room must be the smallest despite its irregular size.

She decided she'll turn this room into her walk in closet and office, since her career requires her to always deal with fashion.

Passing the room, she finally reached the master bedroom.

Her new bedroom.

Opening the door and walking in, her eyes were on the verge of popping out. The room was the size of her guest room and walk in closet put together!

First door on the left upon entering the room was the master bathroom, it had a shower and a huge bathtub. There was an adjoining door for the toilet. The only thing bugging Yue Ling was the huge window which she was sure would allow her neighbor to see her when she bathes.

She'll definitely buy curtains!!! Who knows what kind of people her neighbor is!

Across from the bathroom was the closet, which happened to bigger than she expected, but she guess she'll use it as extra storage for now.

The rest of the room was all floor to ceiling windows, the only walls in the room were the wall next to the closet and another small wall on the left where her king size bed covered in all white was.

There was also a double glass door near the bathroom door leading to an outside balcony. The only downfall for her was that the patio connected with her neighbor's. Only a glass wall separated the two balconies.

If one wanted to go over, they'd have no problem at all..

After a few rounds of touring her new place, Yue Ling decided to sleep since she was waiting for Liu Shan to bring her things.

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