Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 8 Lu Corps


In another part of Imperial, a tall black building stood its ground.

At this moment inside the meeting room, every worker was sweating beads. The temperature was negative degrees but they were still sweating.

In the center seat was a handsome man, if looks could kill then this man's looks would definitely have committed countless crimes.

His cold eyes scanned every person sitting at the meeting table.

Not one person looked up to meet the man's eyes.

If Yue Ling was here, she would definitely remember him as the 'rude man'.

After coming back to Imperial from his meeting in Korea, he had learned that the contract between Lu Corps and TB Corps had not been terminated.

"Before I left, I specifically gave order to terminate the contract with TB Corps. Why am I still meeting their Chairman at 3pm?" His deep and cold voice was low but it was loud enough to penetrate each person's soul with fear.

No one wanted to answer due to fear of their boss.

Seeing that no one wanted to speak, Lu Tian gestured his assistant.

Knowing what to do, Xu Long clear his throat and spoke, "If no one wants to answer, then please have all your resignation letters turned in by the end of the day."

Xu Long glance at the people and felt pity for them. But who could they blame but themselves.

The boss gave them one job, and yet this one job they couldn't even do.

"Boss, we tried to terminate the contract with TB Corps, but Chairman Ning was persistence in keeping the contract. He said he'll meet you at tonight's social gathering and speak with you for reason." A male worker spoke with fear.

Lu Tian glance at the man without saying a word.

The man gulped in fear. His boss is known as the scariest man in the business world. Just one look from him could kill a soul!

"Mm." was all Lu Tian said, then he stood from his seat and walked out of the meeting room.

Everyone was confused and scared. Were they losing their jobs? What did the boss mean with 'mm'? All eyes darted to Xu Long with questioning eyes.

Letting out a deep and long sigh, Xu Long pinch the space between his brow.

"You all should be thankful that one of you spoke. If none of you did, you all would of been jobless."

He cleared his throat and continue, "Everyone back to their work places. Boss will handle the matters involving TB Corps."


Lu Tian entered his office and sat in his chair as he read some business documents.

A knock resounded at his office door.

"Come in."

"Boss, is there anything you need?" 'Food? Drink? Clothes?' Xu Long asked, while leaving the rest in his thoughts as he dare not to say them aloud.

Lu Tian's eyes remained on the documents in his hand, "Have you found the person?"

Eh? Person? What— Oh My God! Boss is inquiring about that beautiful woman from the airport?

"Did you find anything or are you just going to daydream there?"

Breaking his train of thoughts, Xu long cleared his throat.

"The owner of the bag and luggage is the woman who bumped into you at the airport, her name is Han Yue Ling. She is 28 years old. She is a model in the entertainment industry, but from my resources, tonight should be her farewell party to retirement. Also, she just moved to Imperial today and bought a place at Jade Condo. Besides being a model, once she retires, she'll go back to living a normal life."

"Jade Condo?" Lu Tian frown at the words. He also bought a place at Jade Condo. "Is that all?"

"As of right now, yes. Everything else seems to be blank." Xu Long answered as if he was a soldier in the military.

Xu Long hesitated for a second, but he gulped and spoke anyways, "Also another thing, Han Yue Ling is rated as one of Asia's top models and beauty. She's been number one on the ranking since 6 years ago."

Lu Tian creased his brows as he thought of something, then nod his head, "Mm. You can go then."

"Yes Boss!" Xu Long raise his hand and saluted before quickly leaving the room.

Lu Tian remained calm on the surface but deep down he was dumbfounded by what his assistant just did. Did he think Lu Tian was a general? He'll never understand this side from his assistant of 10 years.

Lu Tian set the documents in his hands down and looked to the hard white luggage and brown Louis Vuitton tote.

For some odd reason, his mind kept drifting to that woman's face and her voice, especially her mesmerizing eyes. Even more strange was, he didn't find her disgusting like all the other women.

There was an unknown feeling he's never felt before creeping its way into his heart without him knowing.

While Lu Tian was deep in his thoughts, in another almost rural part of Imperial, the Ji Mansion was currently a mess.

"Why hasn't she come see me? Am I not important to her anymore?"

An old man an all black loungewear with white hair in his early 70's yelled out angrily.

He paced back and forth in the middle of the living room, both his hands flying everywhere as he yells. "How can she just forget about me when she's already here?!"

"Her assistant already sent me a message and confirmed it!!"

"Grandfather, please calm down. I'm sure Jie has her reasons." An attractive young man around 17 years old spoke, he was currently wearing his high school uniform.

"Jingxu, how can I calm down? I am her yeye! That ungrateful child! Wait till I see her!" The old man cursed and cursed without giving a care.

"I'll make her kneel outside and beg for forgiveness for forgetting someone as precious as myself!"


Jingxu could only shake his head while the servants all tremble in fear.

But, Jingxu knows that although the old man was cursing and is 'angry', anyone could see he was filled with worried and care.

"Grandfather, Jie has a party tonight, so I'm sure she'll come visit tomorrow." Jingxu spoke while trying to calm his grandfather down.

"Haaaaa..." Ji Huan let out a long sigh.

"I hope she does visit soon. That girl has been through so much already. I'm just really worried about her."

He gently pats Jingxu's head, "Good thing I have you here."

Ji Huan stood by the huge window and stare outside with both his hands behind his back.

Quietness overtook as he drifted into his own thoughts.

Jingxu smiled at his grandfather and glance out the window. But his heart was currently crying inside,

'Jie, where are you?! I don't know how long I can delay for you. Grandfather's on the verge of going ballistic!!'

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