Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 13 Nascent Soul Cultivation Base Suppresses Nangong Huang

Chapter 13: Nascent Soul Cultivation Base Suppresses Nangong Huang

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“Nangong Huang is here to visit!”

Just as Chu Kuangren was enjoying himself with the Daoists, a wave of extreme pressure suddenly erupted outside the Towering Heaven Palace.

Murong Xuan, Jun Yi, and the others’ expressions changed to reveal some apprehension.

“It’s him.”

“He really came.”

Chu Kuangren naturally felt the pressure as the corners of his mouth rose. He smiled lightly. “Nangong Huang, the top Daoist is finally here.”

On the surface, the status of the Nine Great Daoists was not in any particular order but varied in strengths and weaknesses. Nangong Huang, however, was undisputedly the strongest among them.

Although there was no such ranking officially, Nangong Huang was the Elder Senior Brother of all the disciples in the Black Heaven Sect before Chu Kuangren.

Now, however, Chu Kuangren had suddenly emerged onto the scene, and Honorable Xuan Qi decreed that he would hold the title of Elder Senior Brother of Black Heaven Sect.

It would be strange if Nangong Huang made no retaliation.

“Come, let’s go and meet… Junior Brother Nangong.”

Chu Kuangren laughed.

He emphasized ‘Junior Brother Nangong’ playfully.

Outside Towering Heaven Palace.

Nangong Huang stood with his hands behind him. He wore a purple robe and his porcelain face was exceptionally handsome. The young disciples were bedazzled.

“Is that Senior Brother Nangong? He’s so handsome.”

“I heard that Senior Brother Nangong was recognized by a sacred sword when he was in the Golden Core Realm, and not only that, he possesses the extraordinary Yinyang God-eye.”

“He came here looking for Chu Kuangren, is it over the title of Elder Senior Brother? Does he want revenge?”

“Bah, the position of Elder Senior Brother should belong to Senior Brother Nangong regardless, who does Chu Kuangren think he is?”

“Shh… Be careful!”

“Hey, what’s your problem? Do you have something against Senior Brother Chu? Speak respectfully or I’ll tear out that mouth of yours.”

“Oh, wow, did Chu Kuangren feed you your breakfast today? All of you want to be his lackeys, aren’t you just after his looks?”

As the top Daoist, Nangong Huang naturally had a group of supporters in Black Heaven Sect. Although Chu Kuangren had not shown up much in the past few days, he had also gained a lot of fans with his looks.

For a moment, the two sides quarreled intensely.

After a while, a figure in white walked out of Towering Heaven Palace.

Chu Kuangren showed up with Lan Yu, and their appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

Especially Chu Kuangren, who was in front. His outstanding white robe lent him the aura of a deity.

The crowd was, of course, stunned.

Even some of the ones who had slandered him retracted their words.

“Is this our new leader? Love it.”

“He’s too good-looking.”

“The white robe is exceptional, I guess this is how immortals are.”

“There are such men in this world?”

“Wait, look at the woman next to Elder Senior Brother, who is she? Why have I not heard of such a beautiful woman before?”

“I wouldn’t know who I should be jealous of if these two people stood together.”

“Is she the Daoist companion of Big Brother?”


“Sob. Elder Senior Brother already has a partner? I’m broken-hearted.”


Their arrival sparked discussion and surprise.

Nangong Huang’s face changed as he stood in front of the Daoist Palace. He snorted to himself, ‘What’s the point of all this showiness?’


“Junior Brother Nangong, since you’re here, please come in.”

Chu Kuangren mocked with laughter.

After hearing himself being addressed, Nangong Huang frowned slightly and said indifferently, “What did you just call me?”

“Junior Brother Nangong. Is something wrong?”

Chu Kuangren blinked and said.

“I’ll have you know, you have to earn the right to be my Senior Brother.”

Nangong Huang said lightly as the force around his body became stronger.

“Ah, It seems that there’s some dissatisfaction within you.”

“I have my reservations. Black Heaven Sect is a sage orthodoxy, and the Lead Disciple is the face of Black Heaven Sect. The position can’t be filled by just anyone. I came here today to verify your qualifications.”

“That means you’re here to challenge me.”


Nangong Huang said bluntly.

This was indeed his goal today. He wanted to defeat Chu Kuangren in front of everyone to reclaim the title of Elder Senior Brother!

Chu Kuangren smiled. “Do you really want to do this?”

“You can surrender if you’re afraid”

Nan Gonghuang said indifferently.

The Daoists beside Chu Kuangren looked at each other.

“Senior Brother, Nangong Huang’s cultivation base has reached the half-step Paradise Realm, which is much stronger than the ordinary complete Nascent Soul, plus he has the Yinyang God-eye. He’s not far from a Paradise Realm Cultivator.”


Murong Xuan whispered beside Chu Kuangren.

Even these handful of Daoists did not think much of Chu Kuangren. Regardless, Chu Kuangren was only in the Golden Core Realm.

Compared to Nangong Huang, his cultivation base was leagues behind.

“Master, let me fight for you,” Lan Yu said, staring at Nangong Huang, her eyes exuding hostility like a sharp knife.

Anyone who offended Chu Kuangren was her enemy!

Nangong Huang frowned slightly.

He actually felt pressured by Lan Yu’s aura.

Who was this woman?

“No, it’s me that Junior Brother wants to challenge.”

Chu Kuangren smiled faintly as he took a few steps forward and walked to Nangong Huang, smiling. “Then, Junior Brother, I’m looking forward to your tutelage.”

The way Chu Kuangren addressed him as ‘Junior Brother’ enraged Nangong Huang.

“I’ll show you who the real Elder Senior Brother is!”

After Nangong Huang finished speaking, a white light flashed in front of him as a long sword suddenly appeared, and a powerful stream of sword intent burst forth.

“It’s the Sacred Deep Pool Rainbow Sword!”


“Such a powerful sword intent, it’s indeed worthy of a sacred sword!”

Everyone exclaimed in awe when the sacred sword appeared.

Chu Kuangren also instantly summoned Descendant Self.

The aura of the two sacred swords collided in the air and an invisible wave of pressure spread out. Many onlookers felt that the surrounding air seemed to be filled with an innumerable amount of small swords, cutting their bodies.

“Waterfall Sword Art!”

Nangong Huang grasped the Sacred Deep Pool Rainbow Sword and struck first.

A flash of white light flew out like a waterfall in the air as the vast and enveloping force of the sword surged towards Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren responded by unleashing his own terrifying aura.

He held the Sacred Sword, Descendant Self, and his aura shifted mysteriously. At this moment, it was unable to differentiate the sword and its handler!

It was the union of a man and a sword!

This was the union of a human and a sword that countless swordsmen had dreamt of!

Chu Kuangren slashed forwards with his sword and a ray of domineering purple light gushed out, shattering the silver sword light in an instant!

Impacted by the terrifying sword aura, Nangong Huang took a few steps back.

He looked at Chu Kuangren in disbelief. “How is it possible!”

He was actually forced back by a single slash!

“Nascent Soul cultivation base!”

“Elder Senior Brother’s cultivation base has reached the Nascent Soul Realm!”

Murong Xuan, Jun Yi, and the others looked on in disbelief.

The cultivation base displayed by Chu Kuangren at that moment was, surprisingly, the Nascent Soul Realm!

The spiritual qi of the Nascent Soul Realm under the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, along with the unison of sword and man enabled Chu Kuangren to deter Nangong Huang with a single slash of the sword!

‘It’s a good thing I managed to draw the Nascent Soul Cultivation Base Experience Card today. Otherwise, dealing with this Nangong Huang might not be this easy.’

Chu Kuangren felt the surging spiritual power in his body as he thought to himself.

Just a moment ago, he had used the Nascent Soul Cultivation Base Experience Card, which gave him the strength to rise to the Nascent Soul Realm.

The effect of the Experience Card would only last for an hour, though, but that single hour was sufficient for Chu Kuangren.

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