Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 14 Three Major Visions Emerged, Everyone Is Convinced

Chapter 14: Three Major Visions Emerged, Everyone Is Convinced

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Nangong Huang looked at Chu Kuangren in disbelief.

A single slash of the sword.

Chu Kuangren made him retreat with a single slash of the sword!

Never had he anticipated that this situation would happen. As he drew in a deep breath, his cold gaze fell on his adversary.

“Your ability is far greater than I expected, but if you think that you can be the Elder Senior Brother of Black Heaven Sect just like that, then you’re wrong!

“Take this!

“Golden Time Immemorial Light!” Nangong Huang exerted his internal spiritual qi and a layer of golden Dao patterns appeared on his skin.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up.

“Golden Time Immemorial Light Art!”

There were three major Sage Techniques in Black Heaven Sect.

They were the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art, Divine Nine Suns Art, and Golden Time Immemorial Light Art.

Among them, the Golden Time Immemorial Light Art could let one master a divine power called Golden Time Immemorial Light, which was both offensive and defensive, and was extremely mysterious.

Nangong Huang’s body was covered with golden light as he held the Deep Pool Rainbow Sacred Sword in his hand with an aura of invincibility around him. With great momentum, he suddenly struck with his sword and the golden light on his body erupted.

The golden light enveloped the sword Qi and dashed towards Chu Kuangren.

“Human Mountain Stamp!”


Chu Kuangren laughed.

A mysterious Daoist hymn flowed out of his body, and the surrounding air crackled in response.

With the mysterious art in his hands, the spiritual qi within him congealed into a sacred ancient mountain, crushing the golden sword qi.

The two forces collided with a blast.

The residual shockwave from the energy collision left holes and sword marks on the ground.

Chu Kuangren and Nangong Huang retreated from each other’s attacks.

“What technique was that?”

Nangong Huang was stunned as he saw the Human Mountain Stamp for the first time.

However, in the next instant, Chu Kuangren was already beside him with his palm covered in energy as he performed the Human Mountain Stamp again.


The terrifying impact caused the golden light on Nangong Huang’s body to start cracking, followed by the sound of cracking bones.


Nangong Huang vomited blood and was knocked away by the extreme force.

Chu Kuangren stood in front of Nangong Huang with his hands behind his back, his deistic white robes and demeanor remaining untouched.

“Wow… So strong!”

“Nangong Huang’s Golden Time Immemorial Light is being broken!”

“For so many years, with the exception of those high-level cultivators, even a Daoist couldn’t break Senior Brother Nangong’s golden light!”

“Chu Kuangren is indeed powerful.”

“His elegance is really fascinating.”

Chu Kuangren stood not far from Nangong Huang and smiled lightly. “Junior Brother Nangong, you’re a bit different from what I expected…”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re much weaker.”


Nangong Huang’s face sank with rage.

The spiritual power in his body circulated wildly around him. As it got more and more concentrated, a flash of white light came out of his eyes, and a mysterious Daoist hymn began.

“Chu Kuangren, take this!

“Yinyang God Light!”

The Yinyang God Light was part of the Yinyang God-eye’s divine power, and the divine light from it was extremely mysterious. If used to attack the enemy, even a cultivator within a realm higher than Nangong Huang would hardly be able to block it.

Chu Kuangren only saw the black and white divine light flowing out from Nangong Huang’s eyes, forming a vortex where Yin and Yang intent instantly enveloped him.

“Sword of The Heavens!” Chu Kuangren did not move, and a majestic stream of sword intent broke out with purple brilliance and rose to the sky, evolving into a sword of heaven above his head with nine holes.


The Daoist Physique vision appeared and Chu Kuangren’s combat power increased again.

Holding the Descendant Self Sacred Sword, he slashed towards the black and white divine light.

The union of man and sword!

The stream of domineering purple sword light violently collided with the Yinyang divine light. Everything surrounding them shook from the impact.

It seemed like the palace was going to collapse at any moment!

Gradually, the Yinyang divine light was eroded by the sword light!

The Yinyang God-eye was indeed at the high-end range of the Three-Thousand Physiques, but it could not be compared to the Supreme Daoist Physique like the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.

The Sword Of The Heavens broke through the Yinyang divine light!

Nangong Huang was blasted a few hundred feet away by the sword light again. The golden light on his body was torn apart when it came into contact with the sword qi, which invaded and passed through his body like countless small needles, churning his flesh and blood!

“It’s the Supreme Daoist Physique!”


Nangong Huang’s pupils shrank and his face trembled in shock.

“Nine Heaven Sword Prison!”

Chu Kuangren shouted.

A stream of overwhelming sword qi flowed out of his body, covering ten thousand square feet with its boundless sword intent!

It was like a prison!

It was the second-highest tier of the exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Nine Heaven Sword Prison!

Nangong Huang felt the sword qi around him and grew pale. He had been wounded back to back and was powerless to face this next attack.

However, this was not over yet.

“Green Lotus Sword Song!”

The sword qi above him streamed under the feet of Chu Kuangren as they intertwined and transformed into a huge green lotus. The lotus had 36 petals, and each petal had a mysterious pattern to it as if they were replicating the intents of a sword.

A sound like the swishes of swords cutting through the air rang out, stimulating thousands of sword weapons in Black Heaven Sect, even the sword mountain in the distance let out a sky-shattering chant.

The Sword Of The Heavens above Chu Kuangren stepped on the Green Lotus’ sword qi and then unfolded the Nine-Day Sword Prison. The three major visions of the Daoist Physiques were all unveiled at once!

He walked towards Nangong Huang step by step, like a peerless sword deity!

The countless disciples who saw this scene were shocked beyond their wits, and Nangong Huang, who was suppressed by the three major visions, was already trembling all over!

“This is impossible!

“How can he be so powerful!”

In Nangong Huang’s left and right eyes, the black and white divine lights flickered as he tried to drive the Yingyang God-eye to resist the three major visions of the Daoist Physique.

Nevertheless, it was useless!

His eyes were so sore that he could not perform the divine light.

Out of the Three-Thousand Physiques in the world, the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was ranked in the top ten of the Supreme Daoist Physiques. The Yinyang God-eye would not be able to compare with it.

Only then did Nangong Huang realize how huge the disparity between them was.


Murong Xuan, who was nearby, swallowed his saliva.

Not long ago, Chu Kuangren only used the Sword Of The Heavens to deal with him at Sword Mountain, but he could already draw the sword intent of Sword Mountain for his own use. Now, the three major visions of Chu Kuangren were all unveiled. If this place was Sword Mountain, how devastating would it be?

Murong Xuan dared not imagine that scenario.

Nonetheless, he became more and more in awe of Chu Kuangren.

The same went for the rest of the Daoists.

Disciples watching around looked at Chu Kuangren like he was a peerless sword deity, and had truly recognized him as the Elder Senior Brother in their hearts.

“No wonder the sect leader made a decree that Chu Kuangren was to become the lead Elder Senior Brother, he does have natural talent!”

“I’m truly convinced.”

“Who can compare to this peerless talent?”

“I’m afraid that the younger generation of the entire Azure Dragon Domain would not have someone that can compete with Elder Senior Brother”

“Not just the Azure Dragon Domain, even if you look at the entire Firmament Star, the Elder Senior Brother’s talent is definitely one of the best.”

The disciples discussed amongst themselves in awe of Chu Kuangren.

Especially the young female disciples. Seeing Chu Kuangren’s looks and demeanor, their eyes lit up.

“No matter what the others say, he is my Elder Senior Brother.”

“Oh my god, how can he be so good-looking.”

“He’s handsome and powerful, it makes people want more.”

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