Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 15 Go Learn The Sword Art In The Library

Chapter 15: Go Learn The Sword Art In The Library

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The three major visions of the Daoist Physique were all unveiled together as the intriguing Daoist hymn surrounded Chu Kuangren. With his own aura, he was like a peerless sword deity, and all the disciples watching the duel were convinced.

At a distance, inside the Longevity Hall.

Honorable Xuan Qi suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a flash of surprise in them. “The Supreme Daoist Physique is indeed impressive, it easily crushes the combat power of anyone else in the same realm. Black Heaven Sect will be in great prosperity!

“The fortune-teller said that the reopening of this world’s emperor’s road will break the shackles of the ancient emperor. Kuangren has the Supreme Daoist Physique, and he is sure to fight for the throne of this world. Kuangren, don’t let me down.”

Honorable Xuan Qi whispered softly with endless expectation in his eyes.

The other high-level members in the Black Heaven Sect also noticed the Daoist rhyme pouring out of Chu Kuangren, and in the same way, there was hope in their hearts.

At Towering Heaven Palace.

Chu Kuangren displayed the three major Daoist Physique visions and slowly walked towards Nangong Huang, saying, “I’ll call you Junior Brother, are you going to acknowledge it or not?”

Nangong Huang’s expression changed, and his eyes were full of dissatisfaction.

However, in front of Chu Kuangren, he did not even have the ability to resist, let alone fight him for the position of the Lead Senior Brother.

After pondering for a while, Nangong Huang lowered his head and with a respectful tone. “Greetings, Elder Senior Brother!”

Black Heaven Sect’s most powerful Daoist declared his surrender in a single sentence.

Countless disciples were shocked!

Even Nangong Huang was defeated. At this moment, no one questioned the identity of Chu Kuangren any longer and he was the Lead Elder Senior Brother of Black Heaven Sect!

“That’s very polite of you, Junior Brother Nangong.”

Chu Kuangren smiled faintly as he withdrew the three major Daoist Physique visions.

The boundless sword pressure gradually dissipated, and the soaring sword chants of the Black Heaven Sword Mountain in the distance also disappeared, restoring calm.

“Junior Brother, please come in.”

After conquering Nangong Huang, Chu Kuangren respectfully invited him into the Daoist Palace.

Nangong Huang had just stepped into the Daoist Palace and was also shocked by the abundant spiritual qi inside. The Daoist Palace where he was located was also one of the best cultivation sites, but it was incomparable to Towering Heaven Palace.

They exchanged cultivation philosophies in the Daoist Palace. With the addition of Nangong Huang, their conversation lasted for the entire day.

After everyone left, Chu Kuangren stretched and yawned. “These people are really talkative. I’m exhausted.”

Lil Bing brought a cup of tea to him.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Master.”

Chu Kuangren said to the two women after taking a sip of tea, “So, how was it? Since both of you have been listening for so long, did you learn something?”

“Yes, I have benefited a lot from it.” Lil Bing nodded and said as she blushed with excitement.

They were indeed the top young cultivators of their generation, and their cultivation experience was no less than that of some cultivators who had practiced for hundreds of years. Their discussion had indeed benefited Lil Bing.

Lil Bing even felt that if she went into retreat now, she might break through to the Golden Core Realm in minutes. One had to know that most of those who could reach the Golden Core Realm in Black Heaven Sect were true disciples, and Lil Bing was only an outer disciple.

“Fair.” Lan Yu nodded slightly.

Although Nangong Huang, Murong Xuan, and others had a different direction of cultivation than hers, she could benefit from it as there were still many things that could be used for reference, which would also help her practice.


“That’s good.” Chu Kuangren nodded.

He also pondered it quite a bit.

In this exchange, he also had some epiphanies, the most important of which was that he felt that he lacked methods of offense.

He had the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart. Of course, he was heavily invested in the sword path at this stage, but he knew very few sword path methods.

Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art mainly cultivated the foundational and basic moves, while some of the other moves were only medium and high-grade techniques. Compared with the Waterfall Sword Art, the Heavenly Sun Sword Art was a lot worse.

Although the three major Daoist Physique visions could make up for it, the vision was still a vision after all, and it was still different from the practice of a formal cultivation method.

“Although the Human Mountain Stamp is powerful, it is not a true sword path technique. It doesn’t give a meaningful contribution to the role of the Daoist Physique. No matter what, I need to learn the sword path Supreme Technique.”


Chu Kuangren whispered to himself.

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, the voice of Honorable Xuan Qi rang in his ear. “Kuangren, come.”

Chu Kuangren was slightly startled, then said farewell to Lan Yu and Lil Bing.

In the Longevity Hall.

Honorable Xuan Qi was sitting on a futon. When he sensed that Chu Kuangren was coming, he turned and looked at him with consolation in his eyes.

“When I made you the Lead Disciple that day, I knew that Nangong Huang and other Daoists would not accept you easily, but I didn’t expect you to convince them in just a few days, which is impressive.”

Chu Kuangren rolled his eyes in his heart.

He deduced that while he was troubled by the few Daoists, this cheapskate Sect Master was watching a show in secret and would not help him.

“Sect Master, you are indeed correct.” However, he also knew that the other party was testing him, and there was nothing to be calculative about, so he complimented him.

“Have you encountered any blockages during your cultivation practice these few days?”

Chu Kuangren thought for a while and brought up the lack of offensive methods.

Honorable Xuan Qi smiled faintly. “This is easy to handle. There are many sword path techniques in the Black Heaven Sect Library. You can take this jade order and read what you want at will.”

He took out a simple jade order and gave it to Chu Kuangren, and then said, “Kuangren, this is a world of great competition. Black Heaven Sect’s hope is on you. You have to work hard.”


“I will not let you down.”


Honorable Xuan Qi continued to encourage him a little bit more.

Then, Chu Kuangren left the Longevity Hall.

The library was an important place in Black Heaven Sect. Aside from all kinds of cultivation methods, there were also all kinds of strange records.

An old man with white eyebrows was in charge of the library. This person was the high-level elder of Black Heaven Sect, ranked seventh with an extraordinary cultivation base.

When he saw Chu Kuangren arrive, the Seventh Elder’s eyes lit up and he greeted him, “Heh, the boss is here. What might you be looking for?”

Chu Kuangren was not only the Lead Disciple of Black Heaven Sect, but he also had the Supreme Daoist Physique and Black Heaven Sect’s key to fighting for the throne of the world. Even the high-level elders did not dare to neglect it.

“Hello, Seventh Elder.” Chu Kuangren nodded slightly. “I came here to find some sword path cultivation methods.”

“Black Heaven Sect’s cultivation methods are on the second and third floors. You can view them there, I’ll leave you to it.”

“As will I, Seventh Elder.”

The Library was divided into five floors. The first floor contained various books on biography, humanities, geography, and astronomy.


The true cultivation methods were on the second and third floors, and the fourth floor was a variety of rare Supreme Techniques from the outside world, a place where only the true disciples were qualified to enter.

The fifth floor had the least books, but it was also the most important, containing the foundation of Black Heaven Sect. Besides the Sect Head, even the Daoists had to go through the formalities and get approval before entering.

However, Chu Kuangren had the jade order from the Honorable Xuan Qi, therefore all floors were accessible to him freely.

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