Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 16 Chu Kuangren Is Enlightened, Protected By The Supremacy

Chapter 16: Chu Kuangren Is Enlightened, Protected By The Supremacy

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Entering the library, Chu Kuangren ran up to the third floor where all the top-tier skills were kept, and on the rows of bookshelves were many sword techniques.

For example, the original One Thousand Sharp Swords Art was kept there.

There were many people on the third floor, most of them were inner and outer disciples of the sect. When they saw Chu Kuangren, all of their attention was turned on him.

“Look, it’s Chu Kuangren.”

“What do you mean ‘Chu Kuangren’? You should be calling him Elder Senior Brother now.”


“Yes, I heard that Nangong Huang was defeated by him and had fully conceded to him. He’s someone that’s truly worthy of the title of the leader of Black Heaven.”

“I’ve long heard about Elder Senior Brother’s demeanor. They say he can even overshadow the sun and the moon, and he can indeed!”

“There really are such men in the world…”

Countless disciples were all talking in low voices, the initially quiet library suddenly became a little noisy, and Chu Kuangren frowned slightly.


An old voice sounded.

It was Seventh Elder who noticed the commotion and responded.

Once Seventh Elder spoke, the noise was suddenly suppressed, but everyone still had their gaze on Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren could only pretend to be unaware as he walked straight to a row of bookshelves, retrieving a sword Dao classic.

“Top-tier method, Thirteen Wind Sword.”

Chu Kuangren whispered the name of this classic.

Then he walked aside and started to read.

After a while, Chu Kuangren knew the secrets of Thirteen Wind Swords and had completely mastered this method.


The one who possessed the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was an inherent sword Dao cultivator who could quickly master any sword technique, which was extremely terrifying.

Chu Kuangren could comprehend sage techniques such as Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art in half a day, what more this top-tier method?


After he had finished with the sword Dao classic, Chu Kuangren was determined to test the limits of his Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart. He did not rush to the fourth floor to learn the supreme techniques but stayed on the third floor.

He continued to learn the remaining sword techniques on the third floor.

“Green Wind Sword Shadow.”

“Moon Sword Art.”

“Li’s Twenty-Six Way Sword.”

“Evil-warding Sword Technique…Uh, this name is really good.”


“Dragon Sword.”


“Yinyang Sword.”

Chu Kuangren drew another sword Dao classic from the bookshelf and flipped through it quickly, again grasping it almost instantly. As he continued to be enlightened by a variety of sword Dao methods, he seemed to have a deeper understanding of sword Dao.

The people in the library were none the wiser of Chu Kuangren’s skill, so they thought that he was constantly looking and flipping through the books.

“What is Elder Senior Brother doing?”

“Yes, he puts every book back just after a short while, why would he take it out if he didn’t learn it?”

“Strange, what’s he here for?”

Many disciples were puzzled.

There were also some female disciples who were watching Chu Kuangren. “Can’t believe he can be this handsome even while flipping through books.”


Time quickly flew by and very quickly, the entire morning had passed.

As Chu Kuangren read more sword Dao classics, the deeper he understood the sword Dao, the faster he flipped through the books.

The library’s third floor had tens of thousands of cultivation techniques, and Black Heaven Sect was the expert at sword Dao, making up almost 30% of all the cultivation techniques found within the sect

In a single morning, out of the 3,000 sword Dao techniques, Chu Kuangren had mastered five to six hundred types. No one would believe it.

On the first floor of the library.

Seventh Elder sat on a reclined chair and closed his eyes slightly as he released his spiritual thoughts, paying attention to the actions of Chu Kuangren on the third floor.

“What is the leader doing?” Seventh Elder suddenly opened his eyes, and a confused expression appeared on his face.


Even though there was no definitive way of confirming the secret behind Chu Kuangren’s actions, was this lad actually mastering cultivation techniques just by flipping through the books?

The thought popped up in Seventh Elder’s head.

Then, he shook his head and felt it was a little absurd.

However, when he thought about Chu Kuangren’s Supreme Daoist Physique, he could not dismiss the idea. “It was rumored that the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart can quickly master any sword Dao method. Is he really doing that?”

He recalled the classics that Chu Kuangren had previously flipped.

They were all related to sword Dao cultivation.

Seventh Elder felt goosebumps rise on his skin just thinking of the possibility.

Could the Supreme Daoist Physique be this terrifying?

Seventh Elder continued to release his spiritual thoughts and continued to pay attention to Chu Kuangren’s actions.

Six hundred books, seven hundred books, eight hundred books…

One thousand one hundred books, one thousand two hundred books, one thousand three hundred books…

Chu Kuangren kept flipping through the sword Dao classics on the third floor of the library, and his understanding of sword Dao was also rapidly improving.

The next day, Chu Kuangren had finished reading one thousand six hundred and ten sword Dao classics, and a soft sword hymn could be heard coming from his body.


When Seventh Elder who had been observing Chu Kuangren and felt this kind of sword hymn, the shock in his heart emerged on his face.

“A natural Dao technique! The leader is having a Dao enlightenment!”


Dao enlightenment was an extremely rare state for cultivators some would never reach in their lifetime.

It was said that in ancient times, there was an emperor who sat under a withered tree for three days and nights, then broke through the three realms in one day and became a peerless Sage Ruler!


Some people fully comprehend an Emperor’s Scripture in the state of Dao enlightenment.

There were countless rumors like these circulating among cultivators.

However, without exception, all Dao enlighteners could reap great rewards!

“I must notify the Sect leaders.”

Seventh Elder quickly took out the communication compass to notify Honorable Xuan Qi.

One second before he sent the message, Honorable Xuan Qi came to the library. When he saw Chu Kuangren flipping the book, his face was overjoyed. “Natural Dao technique, he is indeed having a Dao enlightenment!”

“Quick, tell everyone in the library to leave, don’t disturb Kuangren’s Dao enlightenment. Seal the place and don’t let anyone come near!”

Honorable Xuan Qi said quickly.

The state of Dao enlightenment was extremely rare, he could not let anyone disturb Chu Kuangren. Disturbing a person during Dao enlightenment was equivalent to murdering their parents!


Soon, the other disciples in the library were brought out without knowing the reason. Then, Honorable Xuan Qi and the elders guarded the library and did not allow others to approach.


Because Chu Kuangren was in Dao enlightenment, the entire Black Heaven Sect shook and trembled.

Many disciples watched Honorable Xuan Qi and other high-level people, usually absent, gather in the library with shocked faces.

“What’s the situation? Why are all these big shots here?”

“Look at them, they seem to be… Guarding the place?”

“Guarding? Are you kidding? Even the Honorable Xuan Qi is here and you’re telling me that they are standing guard? Who is so important that all the top leaders are guarding him?”

“It seems that there is only one person in the library!”

“I heard an elder talk about a Dao enlightenment. Could it be that Elder Senior Brother is in Dao enlightenment now? And the heads are protecting him?”

“Enlightenment! Big brother is in Dao enlightenment!”

“If this is the case, then it makes sense. It seems that the heads really value Elder Senior Brother since they are protecting him.”

“Enlightenment… I’m a little confused, wasn’t Elder Senior Brother flipping through books in the library? Did he flip his way to Dao enlightenment just like that?”


“Elder Senior Brother is truly god-like!”

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