Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 17 Golden Dao Enlightenment Card, Enhanced State Of Dao Enlightenment

Chapter 17: Golden Dao Enlightenment Card, Enhanced State Of Dao Enlightenment

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Besides Honorable Xuan Qi and other high-level officials, the few great Daoists were among the crowd, looking at the library with surprise.

“Dao enlightenment, Elder Senior Brother has actually reached enlightenment.”

“He already possesses a Supreme Daoist Physique. Now that he’s going through Dao enlightenment, Elder Senior Brother will rise to the top of the young generation in Azure Dragon domain in the future.”

“According to the rumors, the world’s number one divine predictor said a few years ago that Emperor’s Path will restart and there will be another emperor in this era! In my opinion, Elder Senior Brother will surely be able to ascend to the throne!”

The few Daoists could not contain their awe.

Nangong Huang, who had just been defeated by Chu Kuangren, showed a wry smile. “It seems that it’ll be close to impossible for me to surpass him.”


Although he was utterly convinced by Chu Kuangren, there would be no man that would not want to be the best of their generation and be on top.


Nangong Huang was no exception.

However, Chu Kuangren was so enchanting that he could not help but feel weak in his presence.


In the library.

Chu Kuangren was still reading various sword Dao classics.

In the state of Dao enlightenment, he was learning and comprehending sword Dao methods faster and faster. A sword Dao classic could be mastered just by glancing at it once. This was a dream for any swordsman in the world.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren was calm, without sadness or joy.

At this time, he was immersed in the mystery of sword Dao.

Soon, he had read all three thousand sword Dao classics on the third floor of the library, and his understanding of the sword Dao far exceeded how it was before.

“Go to the fourth floor!”

Chu Kuangren immediately went to the fourth floor of the library.

The classics here were fewer when compared to the third floor, but all of them were supreme techniques, and there were hundreds of them. Moreover, there were nearly a hundred types of sword Dao methods.

Chu Kuangren picked up a copy of a supreme technique.

“Heaven-Defying Azure Dragon Sword Art!”

He flipped through the copy of the sword art.

Compared to the methods of the third floor, the supreme methods on the fourth floor were much more intriguing as they were not at the same level.

Even if it was Chu Kuangren, he occasionally needed to pause and think to understand the mysteries behind each classic. If Chu Kuangren had not read the three thousand sword Dao classics just now, he would need more than a short pause.

Nonetheless, it was still terrifying in the eyes of others!

If the other cultivators wanted to comprehend one supreme technique, even the true disciples of Black Heaven Sect would take a year or so to achieve success, but Chu Kuangren had mastered nearly ten supreme techniques in less than half a day!

“Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart plus the state of Dao enlightenment is really terrifying!”

“It’s impossible for an ordinary person to comprehend supreme techniques without ten years of practice, even if he was a genius, it would take a year and a half, but every time the leader flips a copy of supreme technique, the sword hymn in him becomes stronger!”

“Looking at what he’s done before, I think he’s already mastered it. It’s just too frightening that ten supreme techniques could be mastered in half a day. What kind of fairy tale is this? I wouldn’t believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.”

Several high-level elders were all shocked as well.

Honorable Xuan Qi was no exception.

At that moment, they were all ecstatic.

“With him here, the Emperor’s throne will belong to Black Heaven Sect!”

“Haha, my Black Heaven Sect will usher in an era of endless glory!”


On the fourth floor of the library.

Chu Kuangren was constantly learning and mastering the supreme techniques and the other sword Dao techniques while the sword hymn emitting from his body was getting more intense.

He was sitting by the window, flipping through the classics with serenity while the sun shone on his body, as if covering him with a golden gauze.

Coupled with his divine aura, handsome face, and the sword rhyme about him, Chu Kuangren seemed immortal.

Tens of thousands of disciples outside the library watched that scene in front of them. They were all amazed and felt that Chu Kuangren was beyond human.

At this moment, some people actually believed that he was a deity.

A high-level female elder looked at Chu Kuangren with a pair of beautiful eyes. “This person is both too diving and devilish at the same time.”


Beside, Honorable Xuan Qi laughed. “Elder Ruyan, you seem to be excited, do you want to try it?”

“If I were a thousand years younger, I would definitely would, unfortunately, however, I’m already an old woman and I’m no longer the same as before.” Elder Ruyan touched her fair and flawless cheeks and said with emotion.

Honorable Xuan Qi rolled his eyes. “Elder Ruyan, you’re barely more than one thousand six hundred years old. In the realm of Honorables, you are considered young. It is probably not a problem to live for several thousand years more.”


Ruyan shook his head. “I feel that my potential has been exhausted. If the fates do not will it, I am afraid that it will be difficult to move forward in this life. But Chu Kuangren is different, he is a Supreme Daoist Physique with age-old talent. It might be possible for him to be supreme within a hundred years and be on the Emperor’s throne within a thousand!

“Compared to that, I’m a mere side character. I am not qualified to stand with him and I’m aware of that.”


“Hey, that’s not true, you are an Honorable. Even if you’re not his wife, you could still be Kuangren’s concubine.”

“Damn you, I’m not shameless.”

Elder Ruyan smiled and cursed.

The two joked but their spiritual thoughts surrounded the area to protect Chu Kuangren. Neither of them dared to be careless.

Time flew by and another two days passed.

Chu Kuangren had almost finished flipping through the supreme techniques but he still had not come out of the state of Dao enlightenment.

In the past few days, in addition to learning the sword Dao methods in the library, he had not forgotten his once-per-day lucky draw.

The morning sun rose and a brand new day arrived.

Chu Kuangren looked at the Fantasy Roulette that only he could see and muttered ‘lucky draw’, and the roulette instantly started to turn quickly.

“Congratulations to the host for drawing a Golden Dao Enlightenment Card.”


Chu Kuangren said softly in his heart, ‘enlightenment card?’

This was the first time he had drawn a Gold-grade item from the lucky draw, and he was now in a state of Dao enlightenment. He was pleasantly surprised that he would draw a Dao Enlightenment Card right at this moment.

An Enlightenment card, as the name suggested, was a card that allowed people to enter the state of Dao enlightenment. It had the same effect as the Nascent Soul cultivation base experience card drawn before, and both had time-limits.

“I am now in the state of Dao enlightenment. What would happen if I use this enlightenment card again?” Chu Kuangren thought.

The state of Dao enlightenment was rare. After this time, he did not know when he would be able to be in the state of Dao enlightenment by himself again.

“Well, nothing to lose!”

Chu Kuangren thought to himself and then used the enlightenment card.

In a blink of an eye, his mind shook, as if his skull was split open and ice water was poured into it.

Immediately afterward, Chu Kuangren just felt that his head was clearer than ever before, and countless thoughts and feelings poured in.

This was the state of Dao enlightenment plus the usage of the Golden Dao Enlightenment Card. At this moment, Chu Kuangren had an unprecedentedly clear understanding of the Dao, and countless lines seemed to emerge in front of him… All within reach!

He took advantage of this state to master all the remaining supreme techniques on the fourth floor one by one!

Outside the library, Honorable Xuan Qi and others looked at each other.

“Am I hallucinating? His enlightenment of the supreme methods became faster!”

“No, it’s not a hallucination, his enlightenment of the supreme techniques has indeed become faster, and it’s just a little bit faster!”

“Gosh, what’s happening?”

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