Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 18 Demonstrating Tens Of Thousands Of Sword Dao, Creating The Savage Ruler Technique

Chapter 18: Demonstrating Tens Of Thousands Of Sword Dao, Creating The Savage Ruler Technique

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The blessing of the enlightenment card strengthened Chu Kuangreng’s state of Dao enlightenment to an indescribable level. Comprehending the supreme technique became as easy as having a meal. This scene frightened the Honorable Xuan Qi as well as the others.

“This, this is quite frightening, isn’t it!”

“You’re right. What on earth is going on?”

Honorable Xuan Qi and the others looked at each other while wondering what happened.

However, the state of Dao enlightenment was something that could be encountered but could not be sought. It was a mysterious state. Even if it led to some strange occurrences, it was to be expected so they did not give much thought to it.

At this time, Chu Kuangren had arrived on the fifth floor of the library.

The fifth floor was the highest floor of the library and was the foundation of Black Heaven Sect. It had more than a dozen top-notch cultivation techniques.

Every section was filled with the highest tier supreme techniques!

They were only slightly inferior to the Trio Sage Technique.


Different from the fourth floor, the dozens of supreme techniques on the fifth level were all engraved on stone tablets. Some were palm prints, some were sword marks, and some were mysterious talismans.

Every stone tablet had a Dao hymn to it as if it was explaining the principles of Dao.

If one did not have a deep cultivation base or some kind of extraordinary talent, it would be impossible to comprehend anything from these stone tablets.

However, when Chu Kuangren glanced over, countless mysteries revealed themselves in his mind, and he absorbed them one by one. Even if it was about sword Dao techniques, he could quickly understand and master it.


The state of Dao enlightenment coupled with the enlightenment card was too terrifying.

There were seventeen top-notch supreme techniques on the fifth floor, of which five were sword Dao, each enigmatic in its own right.

Chu Kuangren walked to one of the stone tablets, and on it was a supreme technique ‘Dragon Tiger Sword Art’ which was extremely profound.

Even if it were Nangong Huang and Murong Xuan, it would take at least a few months for prodigies like them to make even a little progress.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren mastered it after looking at it for a while.


He looked at another stone tablet.

In only a short while, Chu Kuangren completely mastered the several sword Dao techniques on the fifth floor. At this time, the sword hymn emitting from his body was extremely intense, and he resembled a sword deity from a distance.

“I have mastered all the sword Dao methods in the library, both the top-grade methods and the supreme methods, but why do I still have a sense of emptiness in my heart? There are tens of thousands of sword Dao methods, which one should I use?”

Chu Kuangren sat cross-legged on the spot, with a touch of confusion in his eyes.

The various sword Dao techniques that he had mastered in the library were constantly appearing in his mind. There were various methods and supreme techniques and the sword rhyme on his body changed with it.


Suddenly a stream sword light covered and erupted from Chu Kuangren’s body.

Within the ray of sword light was a gigantic, green dragon flaring its teeth and stretching its claws. It was so powerful that countless disciples outside the library exclaimed involuntarily.

“This is the supreme technique, Heaven-Defying Azure Dragon Sword Art!”

“Why did he suddenly use his sword skills?”

“No, this is not his doing, but the Dao hymn in his body manifesting itself naturally. What is he doing?”


While everyone was caught in a commotion, Chu Kuangren’s sword hymn changed again. Within the sword light, a golden sun emerged and began rising in the air!

The library was filled with sunlight, and the surrounding air became extremely hot.

“This is the supreme technique, Heavenly Sun Sword Art!”

Daoist Murong Xuan’s pupils constricted slightly.

He was a practitioner of the Heavenly Sun Sword Art, and he was one of the people that were most familiar with this technique.

Then, there was another crash.

There were countless streams of sword qi were condensing in the sky, turning into a silver-white waterfall.

“Supreme technique, Heaven Waterfall Sword Art!”

Nangong Huang, who practiced the Heavenly Waterfall Sword Art, was equally stunned.

However, it was not over yet.

As Chu Kuangren’s sword rhyme continued to evolve, the sky above the library transformed into various types of sword Dao techniques.

Azure dragons flying in the sky, cliff-hanging waterfalls, sword qi condensing into an enormous mountain, a dragon and a tiger fighting in the air, sudden storms sweeping the sky, and also sword qi that was like a downpour…

“Supreme technique, Dragon Tiger Sword Art!”

“The top-grade method, Thunderstorm Thirteen Sword!”

“Supreme technique, Single Zhenyue Sword!”

“This is the supreme technique River Flowing Into The Ocean!”

“Oh my god, so many sword Dao techniques And each of them performed to perfection, and the mysteries within have been fully revealed to him.”

Looking at the various visions that appeared one after another over the library, countless disciples exclaimed one after another in shock.

Even the high-level officials such as Honorable Xuan Qi were stunned.

“He has mastered all the sword Dao techniques in the library!”

“The leader is demonstrating tens of thousands of sword Dao by himself! This kind of behavior is like a Sage’s preaching, it’s too powerful.”

“Disciples, please watch with all your heart and try to understand the mysteries within these techniques.”

Honorable Xuan Qi suddenly said to the disciples behind him.

Some of the disciples were already trying to grasp the secrets of various sword Dao methods, and gradually they were all hypnotized by it.

Some disciples confirmed what they have learned and strive for perfection.

Some disciples were ecstatic because they finally understood some techniques.

There were also slower disciples who seemed to have caught something, but it passed by in a flash, and they were left scratching their heads.


Honorable Xuan Qi stared at the handlers in the library with a stern look in his eyes, “Demonstrating tens of thousands of sword Dao is like a Sage preaching, but Kuangren’s cultivation is still shallow, how did he do it? What is he actually doing?”

Chu Kuangren was only in the Golden Core Realm and was still far away from being a Sage, but here he was, replicating what a Sage could do.

This kind of thing only appeared in fantasies.


Chu Kuangren was oblivious to what was happening outside. He still sat cross-legged without moving, and the various sword Dao techniques he mastered before continue to appear in his mind, allowing his whole body to evolve.

Gradually, a kind of enlightenment suddenly emerged in his heart.

“The sword is a murderous soldier!”

“Sword Dao is the way to attack!”

“There are thousands of sword Dao techniques in the world, but no matter how mysterious and secretive they were, the reason for wielding a sword is to kill the enemy, no matter how fancy the process was, the way of the sword is to attack…”


Chu Kuangren’s mind was opened.

The countless sword Dao techniques that he had mastered in his mind seemed to be coming together, and the essence of each technique was gradually exposed before his eyes.


The gorgeous light eventually faded away, leaving behind only the purest method of attack!

These moves were constantly evolving in his mind.

In the end, there was only one move left.

This move was extremely simple.

It was so simple that it could not even be called a move.

This move merely consisted of two moves: drawing and sheathing the sword.


At this time, in the outside world.

The various illusions of sword Dao techniques above the library suddenly disappeared and countless disciples came back to their senses, even while some had yet to finish analyzing their contents.

“Why has it disappeared?”

“I was almost able to ascend to the next realm.”

“No, look…”

The illusions disappeared, but a large number of Dao hymns still hovered over the library for a long time. These rhymes rolled like clouds and then condensed into a huge white-robed figure holding a long sword.

This figure looked exactly like Chu Kuangren.

The figure suddenly and quickly unsheathed his sword.

One simple strike.

Even an ordinary person who had never practiced sword skills could do a good job by picking up a dead branch.

Nonetheless, from this strike, countless disciples saw what could only be described as sword Dao”s purest means of attack! It was the most amazing sword Dao technique in the world!

Honorable Xuan Qi could not help but cry out, “Sage Ruler Technique!”


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