Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 19 The Righteous Elder Senior Brother, Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique

Chapter 19: The Righteous Elder Senior Brother, Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique

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The gigantic figure struck out with the sword, and the purest intention of attack burst out as a wave of terrifying sword intent enveloped a radius of no less than thirty miles. Countless disciples felt this sword intent, even Daoists felt it.

Honorable Xuan Qi exclaimed on the spot, “A Sage Ruler Technique!”


The other high-level Daoists were also shocked, and then, a Dao hymn flowed through the air with a divine echo in the sky!

A large volume of air gushed out, forming a blossoming golden lotus!

“This is… The sound of Dao! And look at that blossoming golden lotus!”

“This kind of vision can only appear when a cultivator breaks through and becomes a Sage, or when something related to the Sage Dao occurs.”

“Sage Ruler Technique? Did the leader create a type of Sage Ruler Technique?!”

“Ordinary Sage techniques will never have this kind of terrifying sword intent and Dao hymn, this, this is definitely… A Sage Ruler Technique!”

When the three words were said, everyone was shocked.

After the last emperor in ancient times fell, the Firmament Star entered an era known as the fallen era.

From ancient times to the present, no emperor had been born, and the Sage Ruler was the highest form of existence. To find a Sage Ruler in the entirety of the Firmament Star was a rarity in itself.

Naturally, there were not many Sage Ruler Techniques.

There was no Sage Ruler Technique in the Black Heaven Sect sage orthodoxy!

However, Chu Kuangren was now in front of them, forcibly creating a Sage Ruler Technique that could crush all the world’s Sage Ruler Technique!

“From ancient times to the present, even with a Supreme Daoist Physique, I’ve never heard of anyone who has created a Sage Ruler Technique while still in the Golden Core Realm!”

“This is terrifying!”

Honorable Xuan Qi looked at the Chu Kuangren in the library in horror.

He thought that he had looked up to Chu Kuangren as much as he could, but the other party has repeatedly proven that he could still go beyond his expectations.

“He will not falter. The emperor’s throne belongs to Black Heaven Sect!”

Honorable Xuan Qi said excitedly.

He was convinced that there were absolutely no prodigies in the Firmament Star who could create a Sage Ruler Technique while still in the Golden Core Realm, but Chu Kuangren could1!

Based on this, Chu Kuangren far surpassed the rest of the prodigies!

“Master, please get me a Dao stele.”

Chu Kuangren suddenly said.

Honorable Xuan Qi’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly told someone to get a Dao stele.

A Dao stele was made of a peculiar stone and was used to record Dao hymns. Some methods were too sophisticated to record with words or ordinary characters, so Dao hymns were injected directly into it.

For example, those supreme techniques on the library’s fifth floor were recorded in this way for Black Heaven Sect.

Soon, a black Dao stele was transported to the door of the library, and Chu Kuangren summoned Descendant Self from within his body.

With the sword in his hand, Chu Kuangren closed his eyes slightly and stood silently for a while, then he lifted his sword and struck the stele.

A ray of sword light flashed brightly and fell on the stele.

The initially empty stele was marked with a slash more than a foot deep, and a terrifying Dao hymn spewed out from the sword mark, covering the entire stele in the blink of an eye.

“He has inserted the Sage Ruler Technique into the stele, so everyone can use the stele to understand the Sage Ruler Technique!”


The beautiful eyes of Elder Ruyan glowed with brilliance.

The others also looked at Chu Kuangren with excitement.

Chu Kuangren’s move was extremely significant for the entirety of Black Heaven Sect, it meant that Black Heaven Sect would have its own Sage Ruler Technique!

Anyone would be able to comprehend the Sage Ruler Technique and master it. Members of Black Heaven Sect who mastered the Holy King’s Law would have an increase in their foundations and strength significantly!


“Righteous leader!!”

An elder said loudly.

The rest of the disciples completely agreed with Chu Kuangren at that moment and admired him from the bottom of their hearts without any objection.

“Righteous leader!!”

“Righteous leader!!”

All the disciples shouted in unison and their voices threatened to shake the sky.

Chu Kuangren, who had done all this, gradually broke away from the state of Dao enlightenment, and the effect of the enlightenment card had also disappeared.

However, the Sage Ruler Technique that he created by referencing thousands of sword techniques was etched in his mind.

Various visions disappeared one after another. After calming down, Chu Kuangren walked out of the library and came to Honorable Xuan Qi and the others. He bowed slightly and said, “Greetings, Master and Elders.”

“Kuangren, you are not the only benefactor of your enlightenment, Black Heaven Sect owes you a great debt as well!” Honorable Xuan Qi was very excited and looked at Chu Kuangren admiringly.

“Some slight gains,” Chu Kuangren said modestly.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but roll their eyes.

For crying out loud, he had created a Sage Ruler Technique, how could that be considered a small gain?

Honorable Xuan Qi said, “By the way, Kuangren, you have just created this Sage Ruler Technique, what name do you want to give it?”

“I don’t have a name for it yet, why don’t you give it a name?”

Chu Kuangren said after thinking for a while.

It was a privilege to give a name to the Sage Ruler Technique. The other honorable Daoists did not have this treatment because they could not create the Sage Ruler Technique.

Moreover, how could the creator of the Sage Ruler Technique let others name it?

Only Chu Kuangren, the freak who created the Sage Ruler Technique in the Golden Core Realm, could bestow this honor to others.

Letting Honorable Xuan Qi name his Sage Ruler Technique was easy because its name was nothing but a string of words for Chu Kuangren. He did not mind using this to enhance the relationship between them.

Sure enough, when Honorable Xuan Qi heard this, his eyes brightened and his face flushed with excitement. However, when he remembered that he was in front of his apprentice, he wanted to maintain the dignity of a master, so he restrained his emotions.

He said with a serious face, “This Sage Ruler Technique seems simple. In its essence, it consists only of drawing and sheathing the sword, but this basic move extracts the meaning of fast, accurate, and ruthless swordsmanship to the fullest.

In my opinion, it’s better to call it… Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique!”


Chu Kuangren nodded slightly when he heard the words, and said, “Then master, according to your words, this Sage Ruler Technique shall be named Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique.”

As soon as the words left his lips, the sky suddenly roared and as if recognizing the name, the stone tablet vibrated Stone chips fell off it, revealing the words ‘Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique’.

“It’s recognized by the Dao stele!”

“From now on, this method will be called Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique!”

“Haha, with this Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique, Black Heaven Sect’s foundation will be raised to a higher level, and in time, we will be crowned Emperors of the Azure Dragon Domain!”

Next, Honorable Xuan Qi placed the stone tablet with the engraving of Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique on the fifth floor of the library, under strict supervision.

Chu Kuangren also left the library and returned to Towering Heaven Palace.

In the Dao Palace, Lil Bing had long heard that Chu Kuangren had created a Sage Ruler Technique in the library and she was full of praise.

In the entire Black Heaven Sect, everyone from the top elders to the outer disciples were all talking about Chu Kuangren.

“Did you hear about Elder Senior Brother creating the Sage Ruler Technique in the library? There was a sound of the Dao and also the golden lotus in the ground, it was simply magical!”

“I was at the scene, it was amazing.”

“Elder Senior Brother is really divine, he has been our Elder Senior Brother for just a short period of time and now he has created a Sage Ruler Technique!”

“Unbelievable, in my opinion, as far as talent is concerned, in the entire Azure Dragon Domain, no, no young person in the entire Firmament Star!”


“Not only talent, as far as looks are concerned, no one can replace in the entire Firmament Star. That face of his is just too beautiful.”



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