Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Snatching Bamboo Shoots

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“This green caterpillar is around level one.”

After praising Eleven, Shi Yu looked at the bug.

The green caterpillar was actually the pet that Shi Yu had researched the most. It was related to his three months of internship.

After all, he had recorded several books of growth data for the green caterpillar!

There was only one pattern on its body, so it should have only awakened once and was a weakling. Therefore, Shi Yu boldly touched it.

Pets were divided into growth levels and race levels.

Generally speaking, the higher the level of growth, the stronger the overall strength of the pet.

As for the species rank, it represented the pet’s growth potential.

The higher the species level, the higher the upper limit of the growth level.

This green caterpillar was at the first-level awakening stage in its growth level.

This level was the growth stage for most pets to awaken their racial skills.

Every time a pet’s awakening increased by one level, its physical fitness would increase. The upper limit of the pet’s energy would also increase. There was also a chance of awakening its own race’s skills.

After awakening 10 times, one could try to reach the transcendent level and become a real transcendent creature.

Each of the 10 awakening stages was simply represented by Beast Tamers from level one to level ten.

For example, this green caterpillar was at level one, while Shi Yu’s contracted iron-eating beast was currently at level three. It was equivalent to them awakening and transforming once and thrice.

However, awakening a few times did not completely represent the strength of the pet.

The strength of a pet at the awakening stage was mainly related to the race skills that the pet had awakened.

In other words, at the same level of growth, the higher the species level of the pet, the stronger the combat power, unless the pet of a lower species mastered powerful skills other than the basic racial abilities.

Therefore, even if a green caterpillar awakened 10 times, it would not be able to defeat an Iron-Eating Beast that had learned Hardening. Even if the Iron-Eating Beast’s growth level was much lower. This was a sort of power gap between races.

The advantage of the Green Silk Worms was that they grew faster than other pets of higher species. After all, their short lifespans forced them to grow faster.

In short, this green caterpillar was very weak. This kind of “unable to control its own fate” strength directly made it become Shi Yu’s experimental subject.


The green caterpillar was thrown to the ground. Because it was light, it was not injured.

However, the iron-eating beast’s broken branch and palm really frightened it. After being stunned, it was in shock.

Green Silk Worm: Σ(°△°|||)_

It widened its eyes and looked at the giant in front of it in panic, as well as the iron-eating beast that jumped down from the tree. It turned around and climbed up, not even thinking of resisting with its insect silk.

However… Shi Yu was faster. He took a step forward and grabbed it.

At this moment, the green caterpillar finally resisted.

Worm Silk!

Snow-white worm silk shot out of its mouth and wrapped around Shi Yu’s hand. However, Shi Yu pulled it away.

After three months of internship, he was most familiar with removing the worm silk.

Your insect silk is still too weak.

Do you think you’re the Don Quixote of worms?

Green Silk Worm: Σ(°△°|||)_

“Little guy, behave yourself.

“Otherwise, I’ll feed you to that guy next to me.”

Iron-Eating Beast: ( ?『*), is this even edible???

Even though it was a supernatural creature, the green silk insect’s intelligence was not high. It only had instinctive emotional reactions.

Even so, Shi Yu’s telepathy was still somewhat useful. After all, it was a mind-to-mind link.

Although the green caterpillar couldn’t understand what it meant, it was more or less afraid to act rashly.

[Skill]: Worm Silk

[Skill Level]: None

<Notes> This is an insect skill. It might be useful when used to the extreme.

[Status]: Can Be Taught

Shi Yu looked at the green caterpillar in front of him. He summoned the skill index in his mind and flipped to the second page.

Out of the six skills that he had collected, the most useless one was the Worm Silk skill. He pointed it at the green caterpillar.

The Green Silk Worms’ racial skill, Worm Silk, was something that they had been born with. Therefore, this Green Silk Worm could definitely use Worm Silk. Shi Yu knew this from the beginning.

“Teach.” Under the stunned gaze of the green caterpillar, Shi Yu commanded and tried to trigger the index.

This was the first time he tried it, and he was very nervous.

He was expecting the green caterpillar to learn immediately, but instead, his hands gradually began to glow.

Following which, the aura on Shi Yu’s hand was transmitted to the Green Silk Worm like a stream of water.

The light flowed forward, and in the next second, the halo disappeared from his hand. It covered the green caterpillar’s entire body instead, causing it to flicker with light.


At this moment, after everything was done, Shi Yu felt a portion of his stamina being drained. It was as if his mental state had plummeted. He was hungry, tired, and wanted to sleep.

However, the subsequent changes soon made him pleasantly surprised. This was because Shi Yu could easily see the green caterpillar’s body suddenly beginning to develop.

This green caterpillar was undergoing its second awakening. A second pattern slowly appeared on its body. Shi Yu quickly put it down and observed it carefully.

From the perspective of the green caterpillar.

This green insect was probably also very confused.

This was because as the light entered its body, its physical fitness and the upper limit of its energy increased.

At the same time, the green caterpillar felt as if it had unconsciously used its insect silk skill countless times. This experience made the green caterpillar feel that it was more familiar with its use.

Even though it wasn’t too sure what had happened, the fact that it had grown stronger was still something that the Green Silk Worm understood.

But none of that mattered.

With the intelligence of the green caterpillar, it could not determine what was going on. It could only determine what it should do.

To continue to escape Shi Yu’s demonic claws—

It did not realize that Shi Yu was a godsend and that the changes in its body were brought about by this human. It only wanted to eat and find a safe place to continue enjoying the wind and cool down.

The green caterpillar turned around and ran again, but it was stopped by Shi Yu.


The green silk worm spat out another white worm silk. It started a second round of resistance, but the worm silk was still pulled away mercilessly.

Although Shi Yu’s body was weak, it was more than enough to deal with the green caterpillar.

Under the desperate gaze of the green caterpillar, Shi Yu caught it again. This time, it simply gave up struggling and curled up at the side.

“The strength of the insect silk has indeed increased…

“It’s even more skilled than before…”

Shi Yu judged as he fought with the green silk worm in front of him.

He looked at the marks on his hand and then at the green caterpillar.

Was this considered the proficiency level of the worm silk? Had it gone from the initial level to the proficient level?

The strength of the worm silk was comparable to the high-quality ones from those green silk worms that had been cultivated with spiritual plants in the breeding base of Icefield City.

It might not be as good as its growth level, but its proficiency in Worm Silk was definitely high.

It was within Shi Yu’s expectations that the mastery level of the Worm Silk skill would increase. However, he did not expect the growth level of the green worm to also increase.

Could it be that because he had a deeper understanding of its race’s skills, its strength had grown and undergone a second awakening?

Or could it be that when teaching skills, it was equivalent to him giving it some power?

No matter what, Shi Yu was very satisfied with the effects of the skill index.

And the results of the experiment…

Shi Yu’s expression suddenly changed.


As he opened the skill book.

He realized that the color of all the pages had dimmed.

Below the status bar of all the skills, a cooldown timer appeared.

[Cooldown Time]: 8 hours

It meant that he would have to wait eight hours before he could use the skill guide again.

Shi Yu: “?”

There was a cooldown time?

Shi Yu was stunned.

But it was still reasonable.

Although he could afford the consumption of the levelless-Worm Silk experiment, it was not to the point where he could ignore it.

This cooldown time was like his own protection mechanism, but also preventing him from using the skill guide to its fullest potential.

Eight hours… He probably needed to eat a meal and sleep before he would recover.

If he wanted to use this Skill Index properly, he would have to train his body… A levelless skill required eight hours for him to recover, so a low-level skill would probably take one or two days.

What about Intermediate, Advanced, and Super Skills?

Shi Yu suddenly no longer found the skill book that good.

The one who was comfortable was the pet, but he was the one who would get tired!

I wonder if eating some food with high nutritional value can speed up recovery?

If possible, he could prepare some in advance. Perhaps he could find a way to quickly replenish his condition after teaching a skill. Pets had nutrients, and Beast Tamers definitely had them as well.

Shi Yu looked at the metal-eating beast beside him. Eleven still had no idea what its Beast Tamer had done.

“I brought back some bamboo shoots from the breeding base. We’ll eat shredded bamboo shoots and white rice tonight.”

The bamboo pole was hard, but the bamboo shoots could be eaten by humans. Furthermore, they were very nutritious, much more so than common vegetables. Shi Yu felt that he had to nourish them so that he could “teach” the Iron Eater Hardening skills at full strength tomorrow.

Eat bamboo shoots?

The Iron Eater’s eyes lit up.

But soon, it realized a serious problem.


Weren’t the bamboo shoots brought here for it to eat???!!!


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