Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Making Money

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After the experiment was completed, Shi Yu was hungry, tired, and sleepy.

Initially, he had planned to clean the courtyard and rooms first. However, looking at his current state, he decided to make do for tonight and clean up tomorrow.

“It’s getting late. I’ll go prepare dinner now.”

Shi Yu turned around and said, “Eleven, rest for a while. Wait for me to call for dinner.”

The Iron Eater behind the tree:|д? ?)!!


It suddenly shook its head.

How could that be?

It had finally awakened its hardening ability.

How could it rest?

It was already far behind its peers. It had to train harder.

If it didn’t complete two hours of training, it wouldn’t feel at ease eating dinner.

Shi Yu, who had telepathy, was shocked: ???

Breeder Lin Xiuzhu was right. There was indeed something wrong with this iron-eating beast.

He clearly wanted to eat delicious food, but because he hadn’t trained yet, he felt that dinner wasn’t deserved???

You’re too disciplined!

“There’s no need to rush. Today’s situation is special. It’s fine to rest well,” Shi Yu advised.

The Iron Eater shook its head.

“Forget it…

“Then you should familiarize yourself with the hardening ability in the courtyard first,” Shi Yu said.

“Auu—” Eleven nodded. It had completely forgotten that Shi Yu wanted to eat the bamboo shoots too. Its expression gradually turned serious.

It then began to practice while looking at the surrounding walls.

This gaze shocked Shi Yu.

“Wait a minute, practice the maintenance, retraction, and release of the hardening ability first.

“Try to quickly arm and harden a certain part in the shortest time possible.

“The rest can wait.”

It was actually very simple to practice hardening abilities.

This kind of low-level skill-training method was very basic.

There were even clear records in the cultivation manual Lin Xiuzhu had given him.

The proficiency of the hardening ability was divided into four areas: duration, coverage area, release speed, and hardening strength!

The iron-eating beast’s gaze just now clearly showed an intention to practice hardening intensity.

Eleven had already mastered the basics of hardening in the breeding base, which was to train the normal body and hardened body till it was like steel.

In other words, he just needed to keep getting beaten up or use his body to destroy things.

It had been fine before Eleven mastered hardening, but now that it had learned it, if Shi Yu were to let it practice hardening here, his home would be completely destroyed!

Therefore, Shi Yu hurriedly stopped the restless iron-eating beast. He first let it practice maintaining the duration, retraction, and release techniques that did not need to make too much noise. They only needed to be constantly used without affecting anything, and improvements would follow.

“We’ll talk about the hardening strength-training later.”

After Shi Yu’s persuasion, Eleven scratched its face and nodded. Alright then, it seemed to say.

At the same time, Shi Yu felt relieved.

However, he felt a little tired.

It was a good thing for pets to be self-disciplined, but why did?he?feel so tired?

It was so strange…


After arranging things for the iron-eating beast, Shi Yu did not think too much about it. He glanced at the green worm in the corner and took out a bundle of iron wires from his house. He found some tools to make a simple birdcage and raised it.

After using the green worm to conduct the experiment and seeing the increase in proficiency of its Worm Silk skill, Shi Yu thought of a way to earn money.

Depending on the cultivation method, the use of the worm silk of the green worm was very varied.

In the field of clothing, medicine, and industry, the worm silk of the green worm was used.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was Ping Cheng or Icefield City, there would be a breeding base that specialized in raising Green Silk Worms to produce them.

However, although the quality of the insect silk produced by this assembly line was not low, it was not very high either.

The highest quality insect silks were usually produced by the Beast Tamers who specialized in nurturing the green bugs.

Many places were willing to buy the insect silk produced by these Beast Tamers’ pets at a high price.

The higher the quality of the worm silk, the higher the purchase price!

This kind of thing was actually very common. It wasn’t just true for insect silk. Many pet beasts had a wide range of uses, and there were also many Beast Tamers who regarded raising pets as a business.

Beast Tamers could earn extra income with wood-type pet beasts that could accelerate the ripening of spiritual plants or with healing-type ones that could treat patients.

Therefore, Shi Yu thought that since it was not a big deal for him to raise the proficiency of the Green Silk Worm, and with worm silk being the most common business on the market, why couldn’t he use this method to earn a bunch of money first?

When he was cultivating the iron-eating beast… he would also take the time to cultivate this green worm. Anyway, this fellow only needed to eat the leaves of ordinary plants. This kind of thing was just as numerous as the green worm.

When its Worm Silk proficiency reached perfection, its quality would definitely not be low.

This way, selling a bundle of worm silk would instantly relieve the pressure on this new family’s finances.

“Ji—” The green worm in the cage lay down gloomily.

Shi Yu looked at it with a smile.?Sorry, life’s hard, so I gotta do this.

It was a pity that the green worm was not very intelligent. If it were any other pet, they would definitely fight over such a good thing that could quickly increase their skill proficiency.

At night.

After dinner, Shi Yu and the iron-eating beast were very tired.

The frequent use of the hardening ability during training made Eleven use up a lot of energy.

After it finished eating, it immediately fell asleep, its round body forming a ball.

Although it had come to an unfamiliar environment, it slept soundly and steadily. After falling asleep, it revealed a smile that had not appeared when it was awake.

Shi Yu looked at the iron-eating beast that was still smacking its lips even in its sleep and smiled.

To be able to develop such a personality, talent was just part of it. Perhaps the different experiences caused by bodily differences really affected it mentally.

It clearly liked to eat but was unwilling to do so until it completed its training.

Was it worried that it would be abandoned again if it did not work hard?

As a metal-eating beast’s Beast Tamer, Shi Yu could vaguely sense its thoughts. In Eleven’s mind, the reason why Beast Tamers did not choose it or acknowledge it was because its performance had been too poor.

“Don’t worry, I won’t abandon you, no matter what.”

It was very common for Beast Tamers to change their pet beasts, especially when the Beast Tamers advanced. They would choose to replace the low-level pet beasts they had contracted with with pets of a higher race. Shi Yu did not know what level of Beast Tamer he could become, but he was determined that he would not abandon any contracted pet beast.

It didn’t matter even if the contracted pet was of a low level. At most, he would take the risk of being drained dry and secretly learn two divine skills!

Speaking of which… did the iron-eating beast have an evolution path forward?

Shi Yu was really not sure.

After that, he put Eleven back into the Beast Taming Space. If it rested there, it would be able to recover and rest better than outside. It would also be able to sleep more comfortably.

After that, Shi Yu lay on the bed and fell into deep thought.

“I should not have sent it into my Space. I’ve never slept with a giant panda as a pillow…”



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