Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Different Types of Beast Tamers

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Eleven felt that its Beast Tamer was too talented.

Could a normal person think of such a miserable training method?

Now, Eleven was looking forward to using this method to train the hardness.

However, it was still a little worried.

This training method would definitely have a high impact on one’s body. It sounded painful, and one would definitely be injured…

Eleven could accept being injured.

After all, if one was not injured during training, one would suffer more serious injuries during battle.

This was all for the sake of a better future.

However, it was worried that if the injury was not treated in time, it might affect its training progress.


If it affected the training progress, the efficiency of the training would decrease again.

“You’re really thoughtful.”

Shi Yu’s eyelids twitched as he looked at the metal-eating beast.

If this year’s 10 Most Hardworking Beasts pet show doesn’t award you something, I’ll go smash their broadcast station.

“But it’s alright, I’ve prepared a healing skill for you. Don’t worry about training!”

Eleven was very thoughtful, but so was Shi Yu.

[Skill]: High-Speed Healing

[Skill Level]: Intermediate

<Notes>: Wood-type healing ability. It can accelerate the healing speed of ordinary injuries.

[Status]: Can Be Taught

Shi Yu first took two Refreshing Capsules, and then with a heroic expression, he pressed his right hand that was suffused with white light onto the little metal glutton-beast’s head.

He began to rub it in a spiral again.

As a matter of fact, the cooldown time for his skill-duplication ability was zero again yesterday. Moreover, after Eleven reached level four, Shi Yu’s own physical fitness and mental strength had improved.

This made Shi Yu want to try teaching Intermediate Healing Skills.

In any case, he would have to teach it sooner or later. The earlier he taught it, the easier it would be for him.

Since the index showed that it could be taught, theoretically speaking, even if he taught the high-level skill Deterrence, he would not die.

At most, he would be in bed for a few days…

As the light faded, the cooldown time for the Skill Index appeared again. This time, it was 48 hours.

It didn’t matter how much time passed. As long as he didn’t die.

However, the Iron-Eating Beasts had the compatibility to learn “High-Speed Healing”, which made Shi Yu tear up.

It seems like you’ve eaten too much bamboo. You’ve gained some alignment with the wood element.

But perhaps this also meant that the Iron-Eating Beasts could evolve towards the wood attribute?

Can there be a druid panda?

According to what Shi Yu knew, apart from the wood attribute, there was also a possibility that the Iron-Eating Beasts could grasp lightning and fire abilities. There was a Beast Tamer in Ping Cheng who specialized in training Iron-Eating Beasts to cultivate some related skills.

In the future, he might be able to learn more and enrich his Iron-Eating Beast’s skill list.

At this moment, after the teaching was completed, Shi Yu had become weak again. Furthermore, it was the kind of weakness that could not be alleviated even after consuming the Refreshing Capsule.

This was too much.

It would be better for him to wait and train for another month before teaching him the Advanced Skill Absolute Sleep. Otherwise, something might really happen to him…

“Sooner or later, I will definitely train my physique to be able to duel Iron-Eating Beasts with my bare hands.” Shi Yu had such a wish.

At this moment, as the energy transmitted to the little iron-hungry beast constantly changed its constitution, the usage of High-Speed Healing gradually became clear in Eleven’s mind.

Eleven immediately understood the miraculous effects of the initial-level healing skill.

At that moment, the scene from the day before appeared again. The Beast Tamer had somehow made it learn a new ability. Eleven was dumbfounded.

This is… the ability to heal injuries?

Iron-Eating Beast: Σ(っ°Д°;)っ

The little metal-eating beast looked at the weak Shi Yu and could not think straight.

The only thing it could understand was that it had to jump no matter what.

Otherwise… this healing ability would burn its hands, all wasted. It would make it feel uneasy.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Inside the room, Shi Yu was lying peacefully.

The sounds of Eleven and the alloy steel plates colliding could be heard from outside.

Along with a certain Green Silk Worm’s heart-wrenching cry.

The green silkworm in the birdcage was watching Eleven’s training method and was shocked.

What kind of freaks were these people?

Was he going to torture it like this too?

In fact, not only was the green silkworm shocked, even Shi Yu himself was speechless.

Because Eleven was surprisingly accepting of this training method…

Even though he was the one who had thought of it, Shi Yu felt a little scared.

If he continued to raise Eleven like this, what kind of pet would it become 10 years later?

Little Gluttonous Iron Beast: scarytrainingface.jpg

Forget it, what was the point of thinking so much?

In any case… the consumption from hardening and high-speed healing skills would definitely be even more ridiculous for food nutrition.

Shi Yu planned to go shopping again after he took a break. The food provided by the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base was not enough to last Eleven a month.

As he was too tired, Shi Yu was in a daze when he rested. However, due to the huge commotion outside, he could not fall asleep.

Shi Yu could not help but let his imagination run wild.

“I feel like there’s something lacking…”

Even though he had already transmigrated for three months, Shi Yu, who was lying in bed, still felt empty. He felt that something was missing.

The occupation of Beast Tamer… was indeed a rather curious one. It was able to enrich one’s life.

Although the iron-eating beast was cute, he still wanted a cell phone!

It was so awkward to not have a phone in his hand… It had been three months since he last came into contact with the Internet.

Aa Shi Yu thought of this, he felt a little troubled.

If he had a cell phone, he could purchase the training equipment, food, and medicine online. It would save him a lot of trouble.

Unlike now, he still had to make trips outside.

Not that this world’s technology was lagging behind. Actually, that wasn’t the case. Television, computers, and cell phones existed.

However, most of the time, Shi Yu had been studying and doing his internship. He did not need these things, so he did not waste money to buy them.

Although he was still very poor, Shi Yu had already made up his mind… When he had money, he would definitely get himself the best equipment.

He wanted super smartphones that could detect a pet’s energy level.

From a certain point of view, although the technology of this world was not very popular, it was really advanced.

Not only did animals and plants evolve into supernatural beings, but even some machines had evolved into supernatural beings in recent times. Artificial intelligence had become highly developed in certain countries.

In some places, there were even Beast Tamers who used mechanical beings as their contracted pets.

Furthermore, instead of Beast Tamers, they preferred to call themselves Mechanics.

In fact, Beast Tamer was just a general term passed down from ancient times. In the course of history, according to the different types of pets, many Beast Tamers who specialized in contracting certain types of pets had already found other titles for themselves.

Those who specialized in taming and contracting with dragons were Dragon Tamers, those who specialized in communicating and contracting with the undead were Spirit Mediums, and those who specialized in modifying and contracting with mechanical beings were Mechanics. They all had new vocation names, but in essence, they were still Beast Tamers.

But even though they were essentially the same, a hierarchy of contempt would often appear because of the difference in their names…

Among them… Spirit Mediums who specialized in contracting with the undead were the least popular. After all, not many people were willing to deal with the undead.

Those who specialized in nurturing mechanical beings were all highly intelligent and talented. Their job requirements were also the highest, and there was a huge gap between them and ordinary Beast Tamers.

Due to the power of the Dragon Pet, the Dragon Tamer could tell all the Beast Tamer subclasses that they were trash.

Beast Tamers who contracted with supernatural animals were the most common… This was because animal pets were the easiest to get…

Shi Yu was speechless at his profession’s disdain pyramid that he had learned about. He thought that it was very childish and uninteresting… because as an ordinary Beast Tamer, he stood among the masses at the despise level.

“It’s not a big problem. A Beast Tamer is a Beast Tamer… Based on Eleven’s training intensity, I think he’s not far from tearing a dragon apart.

“After this round of training, let’s find a real opponent to test the waters!”


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