Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Training and Growth

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At noon, Shi Yu was full again. Then, he opened the Skill Index.

[Cooldown]: 24 hours

In other words, he still needed to rest for a day before he could carry out the next round of skill teaching.

Shi Yu felt that he still had to go out in the afternoon.

It was mainly because Eleven was too self-disciplined. It would feel uncomfortable if it didn’t train for a while.

There was actually no harm in liking training. Eleven’s self-discipline was exactly what Shi Yu liked about it.

If it were a lazy pet that didn’t improve, Shi Yu wouldn’t have been willing to spend so much energy to teach it skills.

Although skill duplication was convenient, one couldn’t always rely on it. The basic training that a pet should have was also beneficial.

This process was also a tempering of the mind, spirit, and will.

However, since it was already willing to train, he had to increase its training efficiency. Otherwise, it would be useless. Therefore, he planned to find some training equipment for Eleven to use.

“The training equipment for pets doesn’t seem cheap…

“I’ll have to find a more cost-effective training method instead.”

After careful consideration, Shi Yu went out to search in the afternoon.

And for the whole day, Eleven was seriously practicing maintaining, retracting, and covering with the hardening ability.

After the Hardening skill reached the proficiency level, the hardening could be maintained for half a minute. Moreover, there was no longer the situation where the hardening would be canceled after a slightly strong impact. As for the retraction speed, it had also increased.

Right now, Eleven’s main training content was for it to harden and cover many parts at the same time. This was very crucial in battle. After doing this, the skill could basically be both offensive and defensive.

These were all the training content it did. There was still no training on the strength of the hardening. After all, this house’s finances were too weak and couldn’t withstand having to repair the damage.

However, regardless of whether the training content was comprehensive, Eleven’s training volume was indeed not small.

This also caused its appetite to increase again.

Moreover, the consumption produced in the Beast Taming Space was even greater.

The current situation made Shi Yu confirm his training methods.

The responsibility of Beast Tamers wasn’t just to raise pets and arrange training plans for them. They also needed to develop their own beast abilities.

Apart from the Beast Tamer Talent, the upgrade of the Beast Taming Space was a training that no Beast Tamer could avoid.

Strength, environment, and scale were the three elements of the Beast Taming Space.

Beast Tamers could choose the training route freely, including doing all three.

Of course, all of it required much more effort than normal methods.

Those Beast Tamers who liked to change their pets frequently and replace weaker pets with stronger pets were basically inclined to develop the strength of the Beast Taming Space and increase the Space’s binding power.

Because only in this way would it be very difficult for a pet that was forced into a contract to attack the Beast Tamer.

In contrast, some Beast Tamers focused on establishing emotional bonds with their pets. This way, even without the restraints of the Beast Taming Space, the pets wouldn’t do anything hostile against them.

The environment of the Beast Taming Space determined the efficiency of the pets in terms of digesting food, nutrition, and battle experience. The better the environment, the faster the growth of the pets. This was one of the elements of the Beast Taming Space that the Beast Tamers paid the most attention to.

And the size of the Beast Taming Space represented how many pets a Beast Tamer could contract with.

Some Beast Tamers who specialized in cultivating a single pet simply ignored this element. Some Beast Tamers who liked to have their pets fight in packs and win by numbers would mainly develop in this direction.

Currently, for Shi Yu, the main development direction was definitely in the Beast Taming Space’s environment.

Eleven was a pet cultivated by a breeding base who was suitable for rookie Beast Tamers to contract with. Its basic education had been done very well. Unlike wild pets forcefully captured, it almost never disobeyed Beast Tamers. Moreover, when Shi Yu picked it, he didn’t forcefully contract with it either, giving it the right to choose. Therefore, Shi Yu felt that he could ignore the binding attributes of the Beast Taming Space for the time being. He just needed to ensure that the strength of the Beast Taming Space was enough to support the growth of the pet inside.

At the same time, Shi Yu temporarily had no intention of contracting a second pet. He could also ignore the scale of the Beast Taming Space.

Therefore, the most important thing now was to build a more comfortable growth environment for the Little Metal-Eating Beast.

When the time came, with the Beast Taming Space and Absolute Sleep, it would be able to train however it wanted, and its body wouldn’t feel any burden.

With the little Iron-Eating Beast’s self-discipline and the support of his Beast Taming Space and the Skill Index, as long as its nutrition kept up, it would probably grow completely in a very short period of time.

Sigh, but at that stage, the cost of food would probably be multiples… But as long as the Little Iron-Eating Beast could grow quickly and become a battle force on its own, everything would still be worth it.

The next day, Shi Yu carried a thermos and sat in the courtyard, meditating to modify the environment of the Beast Taming Space.

Not far away, ‘Little Iron-Eating Beast’ Eleven was seriously training its hardening ability alone.

Occasionally, Shi Yu would open his eyes to check its training progress and record it down. This way, it would have a more nurturing feeling.

Along with Shi Yu, there was also the Green Silk Worm in the birdcage on the tree. Apart from persimmon leaves, there were many new types of food for it today.

For example, bamboo leaves and the leftover cabbage leaves from today’s lunch.

This state lasted for another day. Be it Shi Yu or the Little Metal-Eating Beast, they gradually began to adapt to this new lifestyle.

In the blink of an eye, another day had passed.

Eleven was especially excited this morning.

This was because after Eleven’s hardening ability reached the proficiency level, its growth level immediately improved after a day of digestion.

In the Beast Taming Space, it underwent its fourth awakening transformation. Its physical qualities and the energy in its body improved, reaching the fourth awakening level.

Not only was Eleven happy, but as a Beast Tamer, Shi Yu was also very excited.

It was another step closer to becoming a professional Beast Tamer!

“Not bad, I’m going to buy some good food today.

“I’ll also give you an extra meal from the original food store to celebrate today!”

It was rare for Shi Yu to be so generous.

Iron-Eating Beast: (っ ?? ??)

“One more thing. I think it’s time to put the training in hardening intensity on the agenda.

“But you also know that the environment here isn’t very suitable for you to use hardening abilities to destroy.”

Eleven looked at Shi Yu with a determined expression.

It suggested that Shi Yu could use some hard weapons to hit it. This way, it could also train the hardness.

Moreover, the effect might be even better.

It could totally tolerate it!

Brave Iron-Eating Beasts weren’t afraid of pain!

“No, I can’t?bear?to hit you.” Shi Yu shook his head.

Eleven was touched.

But the truth was that Shi Yu was worried that he would be the one tired from hitting Eleven, the hard metal lump.

Wouldn’t that numb his own body?

The effort-result efficiency would be too low…

“Cough. But I’ve prepared equipment that can automatically train the hardness. It should be delivered in a while.”

Just as Shi Yu finished speaking, there was a knock on his door. A few porters carried a pile of high-intensity alloy steel plates into his house.

Looking at the floor of steel plates, Eleven, the Little Iron-Eating Beast, showed a lost expression.

“This is a high-intensity alloy steel plate. You can’t smash the wall, but you can smash this.

“In addition, if you feel that your strength isn’t enough and the effect of the training isn’t obvious, you can lay a few more layers on the ground.

“Then, with the help of gravity, let this planet assist your training. From the tree, from the roof, directly harden your whole body and jump down on the steel plates.

“Our persimmon tree and roof are pretty high. I named it the ‘Falling Training Method’. I can even change the intensity of the training by adjusting the height of the drop.”

Ordinary Iron-Eating Beasts would definitely be fine if they fell from the tree to the ground in their normal state, but if they fell onto the steel plate in a hardened state, their cushioning abilities would be useless. That impact…

Isn’t it more useful than me using a spiked mace to hit it? When it trains to the point where it can jump down from the clouds unscathed, it would graduate.

On the other side, after understanding the training content, Eleven’s eyes lit up.

Amazing! What a genius training method! Why didn’t it think of it?


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