Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Real Battle

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For a pet, there were only three ways to grow.

Food, training, and battle!

Converting nutrients from food into what was needed to grow was the easiest.

Training was slightly more difficult, but through training, one could hone their racial abilities to a higher level, thereby promoting growth.

Battles were the most dangerous, especially in life-and-death battles where one’s willpower and spirit had to be highly focused. This type of training for pets was the greatest. The growth experience gained from using abilities in high-intensity battles, after all, was also not something that some basic training could compare to.

In fact, it was impossible to nurture a powerful pet without all three: sufficient and nutritious food, reasonable training, and appropriate battle training.

At the moment, Shi Yu planned to bring Eleven for an evenly matched battle. Of course, it wasn’t a battle of life and death, but a battle of beast control under the restrictions of the rules in the formal venue.

At this stage, they had yet to come into contact with a battle of life and death. Moreover, there was no such place in the city for them to undergo life and death training.

Even if he did, Shi Yu wouldn’t be so bored as to seek death. He was a normal person.

With the skill index in hand, wouldn’t it be better to develop steadily?

A place where one’s life was in danger… In any case, he definitely wouldn’t go there.

That afternoon, Shi Yu put the Little Metal-Eating Beast back into the Beast Taming Space and went out again.

For a city with good development, a few key areas were essential.

For example, the administrative unit of his profession, the Beast Tamer Association.

Or the Beast Tamer Corps that was stationed at the edge of the city and protected it.

There were also schools, breeding bases, training halls, and dojos in every city.

Apart from that, there was also the battle hall that was indispensable to Beast Tamers for training their pets.

The battle hall was basically managed by the officials. This was the only place in the city where Beast Tamers could battle. If Shi Yu wanted to find an opponent to battle, this was one of the choices.

In fact, he could have headed to a wilderness area to look for creatures with more combat power, but that would be a little dangerous. Considering that he and Eleven weren’t at a high level yet, Shi Yu temporarily gave up on this option.

However, if he wanted to become a professional Beast Tamer, he would need to have full survival skills in the wild.

According to what Shi Yu knew, in the assessment of a professional Beast Tamer, apart from the basic assessment and combat assessment, there was also the Wilderness Survival assessment.

If they wanted to get that certificate, this seemed to be very difficult to avoid… Well, in the end, they were still too weak at the moment. If they could overcome any danger, they wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore.

If Shi Yu didn’t remember wrongly, the Beast Tamer Association seemed to organize field training for the Beast Tamer trainees regularly. The Beast Tamer trainers could register on their own.

In such an activity, high-level extraordinary creatures in the training area had basically been removed. Furthermore, there were high-level Beast Tamers and rescue teams stationed at the back to deal with any sudden danger.

If he decided to go out into the wild to train, Shi Yu felt that following a team was a pretty good choice. At least, it was safer than him recklessly going out alone.

Although it was said that one had to spend money to register, if he could harvest some rare materials in the wild and replicate some rare skills, it might not be a loss.

Then, after spending some time, Shi Yu arrived at a battle hall relatively far from his home.

There were 130,000 permanent residents in Ping Cheng District, and there were a lot of Beast Tamers. Among them, the number of Beast Tamer trainees was even higher.

There may be very few professional Beast Tamers in every city, but there would be a lot of Beast Tamers who were trainees, so there were also a lot of battle halls.

Ping Cheng District Battle Hall, Yuyang Road Branch Hall.

“Hello, welcome.”

After Shi Yu entered the venue, a young female receptionist at the side greeted him with a smile.

Following the voice, Shi Yu looked over. There were a total of four receptionists. At the moment, only the receptionist who had just greeted him wasn’t handling any business.

The other receptionists were all registering Beast Tamers of various ages. There were more people here than Shi Yu had imagined.

“Hello,” Shi Yu immediately replied and walked over.

The receptionist looked at Shi Yu and said, “May I help you?”

Shi Yu said, “I want to battle, but this is my first time here. Can you give me a brief introduction?”

The receptionist smiled and nodded. “We provide battle venues below extraordinary-level at the battle hall. You can choose to fight someone or fight at random here.

“The arranged battle is with the battle candidate you’ve arranged in advance. We only provide venues, judges, and medical services for that.

“As for random battles, you would need to fill in some basic information. We will then randomly choose opponents for you and provide other services.

“Among them, random battles are divided into groups of two categories: level one to six, and then level seven to ten, depending on the level of the Beast Tamer’s pet. We will randomly match opponents for you in the suitable range according to your pet’s level.

“Regardless of the model, the cost of using a battle arena is a hundred yuan per person.”

One hundred yuan?

Shi Yu felt the pinch!

One hundred yuan for a battle! So expensive!

One hundred yuan was enough for him to live for three days.

However, when he thought about the venue maintenance costs, referee fees, and even medical expenses, this price seemed to be normal. If this kind of venue wasn’t supported by the officials, the price might be even more expensive.

“Oh right, there’s also the bet battle,” the receptionist added. “The bet can be made before the battle between the two parties. The loser will pay the usage fee for both parties. In other words, the person who loses the battle will have to pay two hundred yuan, while the winner will pay nothing.”

“I choose the random bet battle. The range of the pets’ levels should be below level six.” Shi Yu immediately chose.

At the moment, the Gluttonous Little Iron Beast’s growth level was at level five. It had mastered the hardening ability to proficient level and even had an unscientific high-speed healing skill. Even if the opponent was a high-rank sixth-rank pet, they might not necessarily lose.

In order to save money, he could only let his opponent down. As for the situation of losing… If he lost, Shi Yu could only accept it.

He hoped that the opponent was very weak, but not too weak either.

“Alright, please fill out the form here…” The receptionist handed him the form.

Shi Yu took it and looked at it carefully. Then, he picked up the carbon pen beside him and quickly filled in the form.

Names, ID numbers, type of pet, and the growth level of the pet were basically the key information to fill in.

The rest were some options, such as whether it would be a random battle and whether it would be a bet battle…

After filling it all in, Shi Yu handed the form back. At the same time, Shi Yu couldn’t help but ask, “May I know if additional stakes can be added in the bet battles here?”

He was already betting, so he might as well do something big.

If the Pokemon trainer could earn money after winning a battle, the Beast Tamer should also be able to, right?

“Sorry, this is out of our business scope.”

Shi Yu: “…”

There was one less way to earn money.

Then, according to the information filled in by Shi Yu, the young receptionist began to input information on the big-assed computer in front of her.

At the same time, she said, “This is your card number. Next, you can wait in the hall. After matching suitable opponents, the hall screen will display your name and the battle venue number.”

“Alright, thank you.” After taking the account card, Shi Yu nodded. Then, he walked to the chair in the hall and sat down to wait for his opponent.

At the same time.

A boy in a blue and white school uniform and glasses was also registering at the front desk.

Name: Chen Kai

Beast Type: Ice Armored Beast

Pet Level: 6

Battle Mode: Random Bet Battle

After filling in the information, the boy in the school uniform was filled with anticipation.

As the top student in his class, he felt that his classmates were too weak and couldn’t give him any pressure at all.

With such a growing environment, how long till he became a professional Beast Tamer?

He needed pressure!

Therefore, he chose to come to the battle hall with no age restrictions and only level restrictions, hoping that there would be some intern Beast Tamers he could learn from.

That being said… Chen Kai felt that it was very difficult for him to lose.. He was an outstanding model student, after all.


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