Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Iron-Eating Beast’s Kindness

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In the hall of the battle hall, Shi Yu, who was holding a card number, sat on a public seat, his eyes fixed on the big screen on the wall.

There seemed to be quite a lot of people in this hall right now, and three other halls were also available for battles.

The matching shouldn’t be slow, right?

Indeed, Shi Yu didn’t have to wait too long. He had only sat down for less than a minute, and before his buttocks could even warm up, the machine had already begun to call out numbers.

“ID: 4,399, Beast Tamer Shi Yu, please head to battlefield number 11.”

“ID: 4401, Beast Tamer Chen Kai, please head to battlefield number 11…”

[Ground #11: Shi Yu vs Chen Kai!]

As his name and the name of another Beast Tamer appeared on the screen, Shi Yu immediately got up, turned around, and walked towards battlefield #11.

Number 11… was really auspicious.

It looked like this was a “home-ground” battle.

However, the pet was called Eleven, and the venue he rented for the first time was also Number Eleven… The symbol for being single. He wouldn’t be single for the rest of his life, right?

Ground 11.

After sending away the previous batch of competitors, a young man in a referee uniform waited for the next group.

At this point, he had already gotten the information on the next contestants and knew that they were two low-level Beast Tamers.

Beast Tamers below the sixth rank are usually not very old either. They are still at their most naive and innocent stage then. Looks like it’s going to be another showdown, the judge thought.

Before long, Shi Yu and Chen Kai arrived while the judge was waiting. The two of them bumped into each other at the entrance of the venue.

The two of them looked at each other and didn’t talk. They continued to walk into the arena.

This was an open-air battlefield. The scale was similar to a tennis court. Outside the huge square field, there was a grid-shaped energy isolation net.

Actually, there were battlefields that were indoors, but there weren’t many of them. If one wanted to use one, they had to book it in advance. The difference between outdoor and indoor venues wasn’t that big. The difference was in the degree of privacy.

Usually, indoor battles were relatively private. Apart from the referee, there were basically no other spectators. As for the outdoor arena, through the isolation net, outsiders could completely see the details of the battle inside.


Seeing that someone had entered the battlefield of the 11th match, the young judge walked forward and received Shi Yu and Chen Kai.

“You guys are Shi Yu and Chen Kai, right?”

Chen Kai, who was wearing a blue and white school uniform, spoke first, “I’m Chen Kai.”

“I’m Shi Yu.”

As he spoke, Chen Kai, who was beside him, felt extremely conflicted.

Why was the opponent he was matched with someone his age…?

This person’s luck was too bad. He clearly came here because he wanted to be beaten up by society. If his opponent was someone his age, there was even less of a doubt. After all, he was one of the top students in the best school in Ping Cheng. In his opinion, there weren’t many people his age who could put up a fight against him and his pet.

Unless Shi Yu was actually his senior?

But, if it was a senior… The pet was only at level six, which was too low, so he eliminated this possibility first.

“I’m the administrator and judge of venue 11, Shiroishi. Please note, you only have a temporary right to use venue 11. The time available is an hour.

“When you’re ready, you can start the battle at any time. At that time, I’ll be your judge,” Shiroishi said.

Although the usage time limit was an hour, in a battle of this level, the winner could be determined in a few minutes.

The extra time was for the Beast Tamer to prepare and communicate before and after the battle.

“I don’t have any more questions. The battle can start anytime,” Chen Kai said.

“Me too.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Alright, then let’s begin immediately,” Judge Shiroishi confirmed.

In a short while, Shi Yu and Chen Kai walked to the two sides of the arena. The two of them didn’t know each other, nor did they have any intention of exchanging pleasantries in advance. Therefore, it was best to fight directly.

The judge also liked this kind of Beast Tamer who spoke little. He stood at the judge’s seat. When he saw that the two were ready, he signaled to them and directly blew the whistle.

“Both parties are ready…

“Battle, begin!”

The battle between Beast Tamers didn’t give either party time to summon their pets in advance. After all, how the pets appeared also concerned the strength of a Beast Tamer.

Some Beast Tamers who were proficient in assassination summoned their pets in ways where the opponent couldn’t clearly follow… Then, all of a sudden, their opponent would have already been beheaded.

Of course, there were very few competitions where you could directly attack the Beast Tamer in the nation of Dong Huang. At least, in the current conditions, it was impossible for such competitions to happen between Beast Tamers.

Shi Yu and Chen Kai were both newbies and had yet to grow to that level. Therefore, after they heard the command to start the battle, they were only carrying out the basic summoning.

Hu hu hu ~ ~ ~

Hu hu hu ~ ~

As the two of them activated their Beast Taming Space, a strong wind rose, and countless light dots flashed in front of the two Beast Tamers.

The light dots quickly connected into a trajectory, forming a huge circular diagram that looked like a star map in mid-air.

Immediately after, transparent ripples appeared on both sides of the array. Their pets appeared from the summoning array.

On Chen Kai’s side, a beast-type creature with a long tail walked out of the array. It was nearly a meter long and narrow. It was covered in ice-blue scales and had short limbs and a thick tail.

At this moment, it raised its cone-shaped head, its small eyes filled with light.

[Race]: Ice-Armored Beast

[Attribute]: Ice

[Race Level]: Medium Transcendent.

[Skills]: Ice Splitting Claw, Ice Armor

Shi Yu looked at the pet that looked like a pangolin and immediately recalled its information in his mind.

In Icefield City, there were quite a lot of ice-element pets. On the contrary, his Iron-Eating Beast was very out of place.

On Shi Yu’s side, the one summoned was naturally the Little Metal-Eating Beast. As it had yet to fully mature, its current physique was relatively close to the Ice-Armored Beast.


When Eleven was summoned and saw its opponent, it was immediately intrigued because its opponent was a creature it had never seen before…

‘The other party’s ability is similar to yours. It can cover its body with Ice Armor. Also, be careful of the other party’s claws. Don’t directly take the attack in the non-hardened state,’?Shi Yu immediately reminded Eleven through telepathy.

At the same time, Chen Kai, Shi Yu’s opponent, didn’t need to remind the Ice-Armored Beast at all because they were already familiar with Iron Eaters. After all, this was a unique pet of Ping Cheng District. It wasn’t the first time they were fighting the iron-eating beast.

In terms of race level, both parties were equal.

But in terms of skill advantage, the Ice-Armored Beast was actually better.

Because the Iron-Eating Beast’s hardening skill was mainly used for defense, its skills didn’t have any outward effects. Instead, for the Ice-Armored Beast’s Ice Armor and Ice Splitting Claw, as defense and attack skills, and apart from the basic usage method, the accompanying frost power could also have a freezing effect on the enemy!

Therefore, Chen Kai immediately felt that he had come for nothing.

It would be hard for him to lose.

‘Eleven, the opponent isn’t weak. Be serious and don’t fail. After all, it’s two hundred yuan… If you fail, we can only deduct the cost from the meals,’?Shi Yu said telepathically.

Eleven: (.?ˇεˇ?.) What? Redu—reduced meals???

The little Iron-Eating Beast looked at the Ice-Armored Beast fiercely. The Iron-Eating Beast was kind to humans… except for the times they wanted to snatch its food!


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