Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Beast Tamer Association

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After the battle ended, Shi Yu looked at the judge, Shiroishi. He did not know if the judge was a temporary worker, but after a moment in a daze, he finally remembered to announce the result. It was very unprofessional.

Hurry up and announce it! Look at how painful the Ice-Armored Beast was! The Beast Tamer was still waiting to take his pet to treat it!

After referee Shiroishi reacted, he hurriedly announced, “The Ice-Armored Beast lost the ability to continue battle, so the winner is Shi Yu!”

“We won!”

After the judge announced the results, Shi Yu immediately called Eleven to his side and started rubbing its head in a spiral manner to encourage it.

Although there was this myth saying that the head wouldn’t grow tall if it kept being touched, Shi Yu still touched it forcefully, mainly because it felt pretty good.


Eleven shook its head and called out before being recalled by Shi Yu into the Beast Taming Space.

On the other side, Chen Kai also withdrew his beast pet. He had an unaccepting expression as he walked over and asked, “Are you a Beast Tamer from Ping Cheng District? Perhaps a student or…?” He just wanted to understand.

“Yeah, a Beast Tamer from Ping Cheng District. Just graduated this year, but I was studying in Icefield City.” Shi Yu smiled, knowing that the other party wanted to find out more about him.

When he finished speaking, Chen Kai was stunned. Even the judge, Shiroishi, who walked over was stunned.

Ping Cheng District was a suburb of Icefield City, so its educational level was naturally inferior to that of the city.

If some students had good grades, they would try their best to apply to the city for better educational resources during the last stage of their school enrollment.

Therefore, although Chen Kai was considered an outstanding student in Ping Cheng, he might not necessarily be better than the students in the city.

At this moment, Chen Kai knew why he had lost so badly. However, this difference was still difficult for him to understand.

He could only subconsciously imagine that even in the city, Shi Yu would also be among the most outstanding batch of young Beast Tamers.

In a sense, Chen Kai’s imagination was right.

Even though Shi Yu was like this, he was also a genius.

Even in an elite school in Icefield City, his grades were among the best, and his grades for the written test had been very outstanding.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to study in the city and intern at the breeding base in Icefield City.

It was actually very troublesome to be a Beast Tamer because just memorizing the thousands of common pet species, appearances, and skills was enough to make ordinary students suffer.

And this was just the foundation. From the appearance of the pets, deducing their growth levels, knowing the weaknesses, habits, and food preferences of different pets were all things one had to learn.

Every time Shi Yu saw a new pet, memories related to it would involuntarily appear in his mind. This was also related to his academic personality.

It could be said that if not for the fact that Shi Yu was too poor and did not meet some conditions, with his results, he could have totally continued on to higher-level educational institutions to further his studies and would not have had to apply for graduation directly after his internship.

There was no such thing as the College Entrance Examination in this world. Most students could enter society at the age of 18. For example, assessments such as the professional Beast Tamer Examination and Class Breeder Examination were more like alternative College Entrance Examinations, but they required the graduates of various specializations to register themselves.

After passing these assessments, not only did one get the key to a more comfortable job, it was also equivalent to having a chance to enter a higher-level institute. This was also why Shi Yu coveted the certification for evaluations such as professional Beast Tamer and professional breeder.

Without a professional certificate, he couldn’t even afford to raise pets. Sigh.

“There’s nothing else, right? I’ll leave first.”

After greeting Shiroishi and Chen Kai, Shi Yu left directly.

“Oh…” Chen Kai nodded blankly.

He kept feeling that something was wrong…

“That’s not right. I’m also a prospective graduate for this year. Isn’t there still a month before graduation?” Chen Kai suddenly thought.

Why did Shi Yu say that he had just graduated?

“The graduation time you’re talking about is the graduation time of the battle specialization. As for other students like judges, medical care, and nursing specializations, due to internship arrangements, their graduation time will be even earlier,” the judge, Shiroishi added.

Chen Kai was confused.

He looked at Shi Yu’s departing figure and cursed in his heart.

So this Shi Yu wasn’t even a battle specialization student?

“Student Chen Kai, do you need to bring your Ice-Armored Beast to the infirmary? In addition, you are in a bet battle. After that, please pay the usage fees for two people.”

Chen Kai had a headache. “I’ll go to the infirmary first.”

The Beast Taming Space not only had the effect of promoting growth, but injured pets in there would also have their injuries worsen at an extremely slow rate. Moreover, after the Beast Taming Space’s level was higher, it could even accelerate the healing of injuries.

However, apart from Beast Tamers with special medical talent, the recovery effect of injuries in the Space was usually very slow under normal circumstances. It could only provide relief. Therefore, Chen Kai wouldn’t choose not to use the medical room here, particularly since he had already spent 200 yuan for it.

After leaving the battle hall, Shi Yu felt a little bored.

He might have underestimated the increase in battle power brought by proficiency-level Hardening. In this case, unless he participated in a group battle between level seven to ten of the battle hall, it would be very difficult to find an opponent.

But before he left, he asked. Beast Tamers could only choose teams according to the level of their pets’ growth. They couldn’t choose between levels, because the opponent might not necessarily want to fight someone weaker than them.

…Unless Shi Yu brought his opponent to the venue and only rented the place.

However, there was still the problem that Shi Yu had no place to look for an opponent… He didn’t know anyone.

“Forget it, let’s go to the Beast Tamer Association to take a look.”

Because the battle ended faster than he imagined, and because Shi Yu felt that there was no need to waste more time in the battle hall, he decided to look for suitable battle venues elsewhere.

After spending some time, he went straight to the Beast Tamer Association in Ping Cheng District.

This was a huge building complex, located in the core of the area. In the center of the building complex was a rather large 13-story-tall building.

Shi Yu had come here to settle various procedures before. It wasn’t his first time here, so he easily found his target, the mission hall.

The Beast Tamer Association also had the function to accept and issue missions. Beast Tamers could receive some missions here and receive rewards after completing them.

These missions were carefully selected by the Association for the trainee Beast Tamers. In a way, these missions could train the various abilities of a Beast Tamer.

The Beast Tamer Association mission hall of Ping Cheng District was similar to the field training organized by the Association every three months. In fact, they were all methods to nurture local Beast Trainers.

No matter which city it was, everyone hoped that there would be more professional Beast Tamers in their cities. Beast Tamers were stronger; whether it was through missions or training, they would all lay the foundations for the trainee Beast Tamers.

In the beginning, Shi Yu didn’t want to come here. This was because the missions were all under the transcendent level in the Beast Tamer Association. They were mainly to train Beast Tamers and pets. The core was to provide training areas. It was a classic example of tiring work for little money. If he let the Iron-Eating Beast carry bricks, they might get more money for their effort than here…

However, the current situation was that he wasn’t here to earn money. He purely wanted to see if he could find suitable opponents in the missions here.

Even if he couldn’t find a combat partner, he could still do other missions that were suitable for training Eleven. In consideration of Eleven’s mental and physical health, Shi Yu felt that he couldn’t let it train as a shut-in.

Jumping off a building every day would cause problems to pop up in its head sooner or later.

It was still beneficial to come into contact with more external things. Shi Yu could clearly feel that Eleven was very happy to be brought out to battle this time.

[One-star mission]: Capture stray cats.

[Description]: Recently, an organized and large-scale team of thieving stray cats appeared in this area…

In the mission hall, Shi Yu, who was standing in front of the mission board, had a face full of question marks.

How could stray cats be organized?

Well, considering that some extraordinary creatures had pretty high intelligence, it was really possible that they were organized.

What did they steal? Seafood? Cat food…?

Well, that was fine.

[One-star mission]: Battle sparring partner.

[Description]: Needing wind-element pets above the sixth level of growth as sparring partners…

This mission reward was alright… Unfortunately, Eleven couldn’t fly, and so, Shi Yu passed it.

[One-star mission]: Wilderness escort.

[One-star mission]: Capture the living body of the Wind Locust.

[One-star mission]: Eliminate the Earth Mouse…

There were hundreds of missions densely packed.. Shi Yu studied them carefully.


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