Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: VS Ice-Armored Beast

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“Ah Yue, there seems to be a battle over there, and it hasn’t started yet.”

Outside the 11th battlefield, two young girls were walking on the path outside the arena.

Through the grid isolation net, the two of them were suddenly attracted by the pet summonings inside.

They instinctively looked over and happened to see the Ice-Armored Beast and Iron Eater that had just appeared.

“That person… is Chen Kai?”

The girl called Ah Yue was very surprised when she saw the appearance and pet of the boy in the school uniform.

“Someone you know? Ah… he does seem to be wearing your school uniform.”

“Yes, that person is my classmate. He’s very strong…”

“Who’s better?”

“I can’t compare to him. There aren’t many people in the whole grade who are better than him…” Zhuang Yue immediately said.”His Ice-Armored Beast has already reached level six, and it’s already very proficient in using its racial skills, Ice Splitting Claw and Ice Armor. ”

“Oh, oh, I didn’t know he was a genius. Do you know his opponent? His pet is an Iron-Eating Beast, just like yours.”

“I don’t know, but based on my experience raising Iron-Eating Beasts, that one’s level shouldn’t even be at level six… It’s probably going to lose. Unless it has mastered proficient-level Hardening, it’s very difficult to break through the Ice Armor, and the Iron-Eating Beast is a classic example of laziness… For an Iron-Eating Beast at this level of growth, Hardening is most likely still initial-level.”

Zhuang Yue was deeply regretful. She sighed helplessly. Only by contracting with an Iron-Eating Beast could she understand how painful it was to train one.

If she could choose again, she would definitely not choose it just for the reason that the Iron-Eating Beast was cute.

This kind of pet was too lazy!!!

Chen Kai himself made the same judgment as the two passers-by.

Usually, there were very few Iron-Eating Beasts at this level that could train their hardening abilities to the proficiency level. At least, none of his classmates could.

Moreover, even if he reached the proficiency level, he might not necessarily be able to fight against the Ice-Armored Beast. After all, the two racial skills of his Ice-Armored Beast had also been trained to the proficiency level!

Although the comprehensive power of an adult Iron-Eating Beast was greater than that of an adult Ice-Armored Beast, that was after it reached adulthood. This Iron-Eating Beast was clearly still a cub!

‘Ice-Armored Beast, Ice Splitting Claw!’

Beast Tamers and contractual pets could communicate mind-to-mind, similar to telepathy. At the start of the battle, Chen Kai ordered the Ice-Armored Beast to initiate an attack.


The Ice-Armored Beast suddenly erupted, its ice-blue body charging towards Eleven. At the same time, frost spread on its front claws. Under the lingering cold air, the places it stepped on were all frozen with a layer of white frost.

Then it leaped up, waved its sharp ice claws in the air, and tore at the Iron-Eating Beast, its aura very fierce.

“Not bad, your cultivation is very good. As expected of a student from an elite school.”

The judge, Shiroishi, discovered that this Ice-Armored Beast’s strength was extraordinary.


On the other side, Shi Yu issued an order.

Although proficient-level Hardening was definitely not weak, it was still their first battle after all. They had no combat experience previously. For Shi Yu and Eleven, it would be a lie to say that they were confident of victory.

Could a hardened body defend against the opponent’s attack?

Could a hardened attack break through the opponent’s ice armor?

Shi Yu and Eleven didn’t know for the time being. They came for the battle this time to test their abilities.

It had to be said that falling training was a pretty good training method.

Apart from the final impact, the fall was also a form of training for Eleven’s heart.

After all, despite knowing that it would soon suffer a very strong impact, it still had the courage to jump down and smoothly use its ability in the air. It was hard not to develop a firm willpower.

Therefore, in the face of the Ice-Armored Beast’s claw, Eleven’s mental fortitude was surprisingly good. Even if Mt. Tai collapsed in front of it, its expression would remain unchanged as it directly and steadily activated Hardening!

It was proficient in Hardening, and the release speed was also very fast. In almost an instant, a metallic luster filled its whole body!

In the areas of black hair, the metal texture was dark and deep. In the areas of white hair, it hardened into a dazzling silver color. Eleven let out a roar and immediately completed its full body armor!


In the next second, the Ice-Armored Beast’s Ice Splitting Claw made contact with the hardened Eleven.

The ice crystals on the Ice-Armored Beast’s front claws immediately disintegrated as if it had encountered something hard.

At the same time, heartbreaking pain transmitted from its front claws to the Ice-Armored Beast’s brain.


Almost instantly, Little Eleven looked at its opponent.

After sensing its opponent’s attack power, it was only at a loss.

Because the power of this attack… didn’t seem to be as strong as its training.

Under Shi Yu’s command, Eleven’s gaze turned cold, and the confusion disappeared. After letting out a cry, it maintained its hardened state and swung its arm, hitting with all its might!

The change in this second was completely unexpected for Chen Kai and the Ice-Armored Beast. Their expressions changed.

Ice Armor!

Chen Kai transmitted his thoughts with a panicked expression.

“Hiss…” The Ice-Armored Beast didn’t disappoint and successfully used the Ice Armor. The ice-blue scales on its body became even more crystalline, and cold air spewed out.

Apart from the fact that its scales had become harder, the energy that gushed out could also freeze its opponent on touch. This was the effect of the Ice Armor.


As Eleven’s bear paw hit the Ice-Armored Beast, there was a?crack?sound. The Ice Armor was like a piece of paper. The outermost layer, like the frost that filled the Ice Splitting Claw previously, quickly collapsed. Then, the frost that was supposed to freeze the Iron-Eating Beast also shattered messily under the impact.


Under the huge force, the Ice-Armored Beast was sent flying by Eleven almost in the blink of an eye. It flew back a few meters and then rolled on the ground for a few more before everything stopped.

After this round of exchanges, everyone present fell silent.

Upon seeing this scene, Chen Kai’s heart stopped, and his vision turned black.

As the Beast Tamer of the Ice-Armored Beast, he could sense that the Ice-Armored Beast fainted from a single hit!

This… this didn’t make sense! This was so unscientific!

The flawless Ice-Armored Beast he cultivated lost just like that??

How was this possible?!!!

At this moment, Shi Yu also almost had a cardiac arrest.

Because the performance of the proficient-level Hardening skill seemed a little too strong. If he had known earlier, he would have just performed normally. He wouldn’t have used dinner to stimulate Eleven’s fighting spirit.

Was it over just like that…?

This didn’t match the requirement of an evenly matched battle that he wanted. It looked like if he wanted to further test its strength… he would have to find a stronger opponent.

“It’s… over?”

Judge Shiroishi was also stunned. He rubbed his eyes hard and then opened his mouth wide.

What just happened…?

He looked at the violent Iron-Eating Beast cub with extraordinary strength and felt that it was somewhat different from the naive and innocent look he had surmised at the beginning. The strength of even an adult Iron-Eating Beast was only so-so.

Shouldn’t that have been the case?!

This was…

“Proficient-Level Hardening?” Zhuang Yue, the Iron-Eating Beast Tamer outside the isolation net, said with a shocked expression.

They were flabbergasted. They completely didn’t expect that a young Iron-Eating Beast, which had only grown to level five, could develop its hardening ability to such an extent.

“Your genius student lost…”

“Sorry, I got the wrong person. He’s not my classmate,” Zhuang Yue said after a moment of silence.

Grasping the concept of a proficient level-five Iron-Eating Beast was ridiculous.

This talent was too strong…

Also, could that person be a hidden high-level Beast Tamer who was training a new pet?

Otherwise, he might be some rich second-generation heir or royal second-generation heir with top-notch nutritional supplements and special training methods.

From Chen Kai’s expression, Zhuang Yue could tell how exaggerated Shi Yu and Eleven’s performance was. At this moment, she only hoped that this outstanding student in school could bear the pressure.

At this moment, Chen Kai felt like vomiting blood. He didn’t understand why he had come to such a place to find an opponent.

This Iron-Eating Beast… This Beast Tamer was completely unreasonable compared to the opponents he had encountered before.

If it lost, then so be it. The key was that it was insta-killed without it being able to use any of its training at all…

F*ck, how exactly had this Iron-Eating Beast been cultivated?

The most ridiculous thing was that after Chen Kai looked at the Iron-Eating Beast, Eleven actually smiled unconsciously at that moment. It revealed an unclear kind smile and stabbed Chen Kai in the heart ruthlessly.

He regretted it. As expected, school was still more suitable for him.

What kind of monsters were there in society?

He started to doubt life.

Eleven: (O ^ ~ ^ O) Hehehe, have you ever touched a steel plate at four in the morning?

At this moment, Shi Yu, Chen Kai, and the surrounding people had different emotions, but Eleven was the happiest.

Because dinner was saved! Keeping dinner was a huge victory!

This made it even happier than winning the battle.


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