Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: An Unusual Duo

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Ordinary people would definitely have a headache dealing with these Earth-Element Rats. That was why they were always handing them over to Beast Tamers, even a group of rookie Beast Tamers like Shi Yu and the others, since the efficiency was extraordinary.

The battle power of the Earth Mouse that had grown some was basically comparable to that of a wild dog. It was very strong. In other words, ordinary people would definitely be afraid of wild dogs even if they had weapons in their hands.

But before the current Iron-Eating Beast with battle power and super vision, it could only be said that these Earth Rats were unlucky. One by one!

The Earth Mouse was glad that it wasn’t a bamboo rat.

It didn’t taste very good, all right?

Otherwise, it would definitely be annihilated…

But even if it was a bamboo rat, Eleven might not be willing to eat it.

Due to the evolution of its body, the Iron-Eating Beasts in this world basically didn’t like to eat meat anymore. Instead, they loved to eat metal ores, which was quite novel.

Shi Yu just didn’t know if there were any creatures like iron-skinned rats…

As the Thorny Monster put down the Earth Mouse that had been entangled until it lost its mobility, Yu Jingjing spoke, “This one counts as Shi Yu’s kill. Without his Iron-Eating Beast, this Earth Rat would definitely have run away.”

She had still underestimated the Earth Mouse’s reaction speed… The Thorny Monster, as a natural hunter, actually couldn’t capture the Earth Mouse at the first moment. It seemed that their level wasn’t good enough.

“Yes.” Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue had no objections.

The reward for eliminating an Earth Rat was only about ten yuan each. Even Shi Yu didn’t fancy it, let alone students with pretty good family conditions like them.

In Shi Yu’s opinion, if he could get rid of 100 Earth Rats in a day, he would barely be able to keep above Eleven’s food consumption and the nutritional supplements he’d have to buy.

But then again, he wouldn’t come here if it was to earn money.

Exercising its super vision was the most important thing!

“Next, we’ll act according to what we said in the car. Let’s split up,” said Shi Yu.

“Alright.” Chen Kai nodded. “Then we’ll meet here at noon.”

This way, the clearing speed would increase a little. After all, this farmland and the whole forest were too big.

First, they would split up. When they encountered a lone Earth Mouse, they would think of ways to deal with it. When they encountered groups of Earth Mice, they would call everyone and come up with a plan together. When the time came, the efficiency of teamwork would be higher.

“Let’s see who can get rid of more Earth Rats,” Yu Jingjing said.

“Ah…” Zhuang Yue looked at her Iron-Eating Beast and fell into deep thought. If they were to compete, she suspected that she would be at the bottom.

Why did she feel that her Iron-Eating Beast wasn’t even the same species as Shi Yu’s Iron-Eating Beast?

At this point, Zhuang Yue’s Iron-Eating Beast had already started to doze off in a daze. Meanwhile, Shi Yu’s Iron-eating Beast was still looking around energetically…

With good eyesight, everything was pleasing to the eye.

With poor eyesight, everything looked like a mosaic.

This was Eleven’s current mood.

After making the agreement, the four of them separated.

“The target is twenty, before noon…” Shi Yu said to Eleven who was following beside him.

“Wuu!” Eleven showed a serious expression.

No, it wanted to catch 200!

It was rare for its eyesight to become so good. It wanted to move around to its heart’s content.

“I don’t care how many we catch.” Shi Yu looked at the huge pit and said, “You are not allowed to destroy other people’s crops and fruit trees, do you hear me?

“Otherwise, not only will we not earn anything, but we will also lose money.

“Since we don’t have much money, we can only deduct it from your side.”

“Sob.” Eleven’s face fell, and it looked aggrieved as it dispelled the palm that was hardened already.

Life was hard!

“Let’s not train Hardening today. The main thing is to train your reflexes. With your physique, you can defeat the Earth Rat without using any skills.”

Shi Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

This fellow could even leave marks on steel plates now! Those fruit trees and crops really wouldn’t be able to take it!

“But no matter how many you catch, the remuneration you receive can all be used to increase your meals.”

When the rewards and punishments were clearly distinguished, Eleven’s eyes lit up.

Then, Eleven started galloping wantonly in the field.

The middle-aged farmer who was in charge of guarding and patrolling the farm arrived late. He followed behind to count the number of Earth Rats they had cleared.

This group of giant rats was indeed difficult to deal with. It was still alright if they encountered those far away from the hole. With Eleven’s explosive power, he could completely capture their trajectory and quickly knock them out.

But when it encountered those near the hole, even though Eleven tried very hard, a few of them escaped. It was so angry that it wanted to get Shi Yu to teach it Earth Escape on the spot so that it could directly go underground to catch them.

Shi Yu was speechless.

Didn’t you dislike skills that you reaped without sowing…?

Now he knew that having more skills was a good thing?

However, replicating Earth Escape was impossible. With the upper limit of the number of skills recorded in the skill index, every skill had to be chosen carefully.

Didn’t he see that he was so poor that he was looking for business opportunities with the Worm Silk skill?

If he got the Earth Escape skill, he would have to directly open an underground construction business.

Time passed quickly.

At noon, Shi Yu and Eleven’s battle results were temporarily at 22. On average, they had captured an Earth Mouse every five minutes.

Unfortunately, they didn’t encounter groups, or else there would have been even more.

At this moment, because Eleven was full of energy, it was still looking for Earth Rats all over the field.

Typical rats didn’t rest, so it didn’t rest.

The other three returned feeling dizzy from hunger. Only Shi Yu and Eleven were still working hard.

“Damn, you guys are still catching?” Chen Kai said in disbelief.

After the three of them gathered at Shi Yu’s side, they looked at Eleven, who was extremely active in the field, and their mentality was slightly affected.

It had been more than two hours.

How was this Iron-Eating Beast still so energetic???

Especially Zhuang Yue, who had a strange expression on her face. After all, her Iron-Eating Beast had started to nap not long after it started to move…

“After all, this is also a form of training. Apart from eating, my Iron-Eating Beast likes to train,” Shi Yu said after a moment of silence. “This is nothing compared to his usual training.”

The three of them: ???!!!

“Weren’t you in a bad state this morning? Why are you so energetic now?” Chen Kai looked at Shi Yu blankly.

It was fine if the Iron-Eating Beast wasn’t tired as it was a supernatural creature, but why was Shi Yu still so energetic?

Despite being under the sun for so long, it was as if he had been doing nothing.

Shi Yu casually took out the Refreshing Capsule and said, “Want one? It’s pretty useful.”

The three of them were affected even more.

After all, when a normal person was tired, they would subconsciously want to rest.

But Shi Yu… relied on supplements to recover??

This was too much.

“I think I know how I lost to this Beast Tamer from the city.”

Chen Kai subconsciously imagined the scene of the students in the city staying up late to study medicine.

He wasn’t afraid that others were more talented than him, but he was afraid that others would work harder than him!

Damn it, he had completely lost!

Zhuang Yue looked at Eleven, who looked completely different from her Iron-Eating Beast in the distance, and asked Shi Yu, “You… You guys, how many have you eliminated?”

“What about you guys?” Shi Yu asked.

“I have six,” Yu Jingjing said.

“Seven,” Chen Kai said.

Zhuang Yue sighed. “Iron-eating Beasts are too stupid. There were only two for us.”


At this moment, Eleven happened to return and caught the key words that the Iron-Eating Beasts were dumb, which it understood. It was immediately unhappy.

Don’t insult all the Iron-Eating Beasts as one…!

The physiques between different Iron-Eating Beasts couldn’t be compared!

Following it was the patrolling farmer who was in charge of cleaning up the battlefield for Shi Yu and the others.

“Don’t say that. This Little Metal-Eating Beast is the most efficient pet I’ve ever seen. It caught twenty-two Earth Rats in two hours. It’s very impressive.”

He had only seen this kind of efficiency on some eagle-type pets. He would have never imagined it from Iron-Eating Beasts.


The other three couldn’t think straight anymore.

Twenty-two? Not even 12, but 22???

Zhuang Yue was also stunned. Eleven times her total? Was he kidding?

“Let’s eat lunch and rest first,” said Shi Yu.

They gave up. There was no point in competing anymore.

Food was more important!

The village committee staff brought them lunch boxes. After eating a little, they still had to continue working.

This was also the first request for the four of them. But after all, they were here to train, so they just had to make do with lunch. There was no need for a lunch break; just a little rest would do.

Then, the four of them each took a simple lunch box and started eating, along with cold mineral water.

Zhuang Yue’s Iron-Eating Beast, Chen Kai’s Ice-Armored Beast, and Yu Jingjing’s Thorny Beast were also taken back to the Beast Taming Space to rest. Only Eleven… was still outside.

After wolfing down a few mouthfuls of the Iron Bamboo shoot rations in Shi Yu’s backpack, in order to not waste too much time, it ran to the side to train hard.

It felt that its explosive speed was still too slow. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have let so many Earth Rats escape.

Letting one run away was equivalent to losing a piece of bamboo…

In his grief, Eleven started running around the field.

This behavior confused Chen Kai and the other two.

Looking at the self-disciplined and diligent Eleven, Zhuang Yue, Chen Kai, and Yu Jingjing felt their chests tighten. They didn’t understand what was going on.

Although there was mineral water, they felt that this box lunch was really hard to swallow.

They looked at Shi Yu, who thought this was very normal.

“This… Doesn’t your Iron-Eating Beast need to rest???” Zhuang Yue asked.

This didn’t make sense! Iron-Eating Beasts shouldn’t be like this!!

Back then, she had been picking at the breeding base for so long.

Why didn’t she see such a lively iron-eating beast?!

“Why else do you think it can master proficiency-level Hardening?” Shi Yu was very calm throughout.

The three of them were immediately speechless. That made sense.

However, Beast Tamers who carried tonics with them, Iron-Eating Beasts who didn’t sleep at noon and practiced sprinting instead…?You guys are definitely abnormal!!


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