Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Professional Assessment

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In fact, it was proven that not only was idiocy and laughter contagious, but hard work also had a chance of contagion.

After finishing the box lunch and taking a short rest, Chen Kai and the others looked at the Iron-Eating Beast that was still in training and felt a little uneasy.

Even the known-to-be-lazy Iron-Eating Beast was so hardworking and diligent.

If it didn’t waste any time, what right did they have to rest?

“I finally understand why the passing rate of the Beast Tamer vocation assessment in the city is so high…”

“Are all the beast tamers in your city so hardworking? And how exactly did you train your pet to be so disciplined…” Chen Kai’s face twitched.

Was the education level in the city really that much higher than in the suburbs?

He had never seen such a situation like Shi Yu among the Beast Tamers he’d met.

“It’s not that exaggerated…” Shi Yu said.

It seemed that he had unknowingly increased the three people’s views on Beast Tamers in big cities?

Misunderstanding, it was purely a misunderstanding.

He brought supplements purely because he was helpless.

He didn’t want to work so hard either, but the cost of using the skill index was just that high.

What could he do?

As for Eleven, it was purely an accident!

It had the hard work attribute from the start. It had nothing to do with him…

Eleven might have belonged to someone else but was left over for Shi Yu to pick up.

Back then, only Lin Xiuzhu and he could tell that Eleven had extraordinary potential.

Lin Xiuzhu had a lot of experience in raising pets, and he purely had the trump-card guarantee of the index, so he had confidence in choosing any kind of pet.

By chance, an illogical combination of interplay occurred between Shi Yu and Eleven.

In any case, there was really no need to learn from them. They were special cases.

You mustn’t believe what you see with your eyes!

You will only run astray.

Although that was the case, it was difficult for Shi Yu to explain. He couldn’t persuade others not to work hard, right?

“How is it not exaggerated?”

“But it’s also good to exaggerate a little. Only then will there be a future. Don’t say anymore. In the future, I’ll request the Ice-Armored Beast to train at this level.”

“Me too. I’ll go to the pharmacy tomorrow to buy a box of Refreshing Capsules and stay up late to study.”

“I don’t believe it. They both have two arms and two legs… I can do it too if I want,” Chen Kai said through gritted teeth.

He had shamelessly followed Shi Yu on this mission because he wanted to see why Shi Yu was so strong and find the relevant reasons.

Now that he had finally found it, he naturally had to give it a try.

Zhuang Yue and Yu Jingjing looked at each other. Although they didn’t say anything, they felt that they had indeed relaxed a little.

There was clearly still a lot of time to work hard… Tomorrow, definitely.

Shi Yu: “…”

Were they really going to work so hard?

Then he wished them success.

It wasn’t a bad thing to be hardworking anyway…

Shi Yu was very pleased that his excellent quality could affect others.

“Shi Yu, are you going to take part in the professional Beast Tamer assessment? By the way, are you going to take the nursing specialization… or are you going to take the professional Feeder assessment?” Chen Kai asked.


A professional Beast Tamer was the traditional Beast Tamer promotion route. It tested the battle power of the Beast Tamer.

The assessment for professional Feeders was the Beast Tamer’s level of raising and cultivation level, so most of the work would be done at the farm.

The higher-level ones could work alone, help other Beast Tamers take care of their pets, and even give birth to related occupations such as Skill Teachers and Evolution Planners.

Logically speaking, Shi Yu should be a Breeding specialist, and he even had the index. He would definitely earn a lot of money in the future by taking the professional Feeder assessment…

However, his second talent was really strange. Shi Yu was really afraid of being caught and cut into pieces after being exposed.

Although this country was also a society governed by law now, there was clearly a hierarchy between high-level Beast Tamers and ordinary people. From the fact that there wasn’t even a relatively fair promotion route like the College Entrance Examination, it could be seen that this world’s monopoly was very serious.

In some public battles, there were also cases of Beast Tamers scheming against each other. It was very dangerous for sects to compete and countries to get involved.

Besides, there were also some highly intelligent transcendent creatures eyeing the human area… He didn’t want to lose his freedom.

Shi Yu thought about it. If the teaching method of the skill index couldn’t be changed, he definitely wouldn’t use this talent to teach other people’s pets skills before he had strong self-preservation abilities.

Even if it was a slightly intelligent wild creature, he wouldn’t teach it.

Unless it was a pet with almost no intelligence like the Green Silk Worm. After teaching it, the Green Silk Worm would not even know what happened. That way, there would be no safety hazards.

In short, only a pet that had signed a soul contract with him could be taught by Shi Yu safely.

Therefore, Shi Yu felt that it was better to take the professional Beast Tamer assessment first to increase his own battle power.

Some outstanding Beast Tamers could teach themselves skills outside of their pets. For example, many Iron-Eating Beasts in the Bamboo Stone Dojo could master thunder and fire skills.

It was even possible for some talented rare wild pets to master skills outside their own species.

For example, the Wolf Kings of the Snow Wolf pack basically all had deterrence skills.

Even though this kind of cross-species skill-teaching was very ridiculous, it was relatively common in higher-level Beast Tamer domains. It wasn’t impossible.

Although, there had never been a teaching talent that could teach pet skills the moment it was touched. Besides, he was a transmigrator with two talents at the beginning…

In other words, it was a dangerous situation.

In this relatively dangerous world, strength was the foundation of everything… It was always right to increase one’s strength first.

“Although I’m in the Breeding specialization, I want to prepare for the Beast Tamer assessment first,” Shi Yu said.

His answer immediately attracted the interest of Chen Kai and the other two.

Chen Kai said, “Let me calculate. Next one… No, the next next one, right? I think, maybe we can still go together.”

The Beast Tamer assessment was held on January 1st, once a year.

It was already July, there was less than half a year left until the next assessment started.

Shi Yu’s Iron-Eating Beast was currently at level five, while Chen Kai’s Ice-Armored Beast was at level six. This level didn’t meet the professional assessment criteria.

To qualify in the first round of the Beast Tamer assessment, the minimum requirement was for the Beast Tamer’s pet to have transcendent battle power. This was the level after awakening level 10.

Half a year later, their pets would barely reach level 10, let alone the transcendent level. Therefore, Chen Kai subconsciously judged that Shi Yu, like him, intended to participate in the next next assessment.


“If I don’t pass the next assessment, I can join you in the next one,” Shi Yu said seriously.

If he didn’t have a follow-up source of income, his little savings wouldn’t be able to last one and a half years…

Therefore, getting a professional certificate as soon as possible could also reduce the economic pressure on Shi Yu.

He planned to directly participate in the next vocation assessment half a year later.

Chen Kai was confused.

“But isn’t your Iron-Eating Beast just at level five? Wouldn’t it be a little difficult to reach the transcendent level in half a year…?”

Things like growth levels were naturally harder to increase the further one went.

The bottleneck from the awakening stage to the transcendent level… Just look at how many creatures were stuck at that stage, after all.

The transformation from mortal to transcendent depended entirely on whether one could cross this gate.

“It’s alright. It might be a little difficult to reach the transcendent level, but awakening to level ten shouldn’t be a problem…”

As long as it continuously strengthened Eleven’s racial skills, its growth level would also advance.

Shi Yu felt that it shouldn’t be a big problem to reach level 10 in half a year. It was even very likely that it would be transcendent.

Even if one couldn’t reach the transcendent level, it wasn’t impossible to participate in the vocation assessment at the awakening level. Those with strength had always had special privileges.

Chen Kai realized something. “You’re talking about the special assessment???”

“The one where you challenge someone of a higher level??” The other two girls had also heard of it.

For some genius Beast Tamers and pets with higher racial levels, there was a special criterion for the vocation assessment.

That was, although its growth level had not reached the transcendent level, it could defeat real transcendent-level creatures while at the awakening stage. A pet with transcendent battle power and its Beast Tamer could also participate in the subsequent vocation assessment.

“Yes, the one where you can challenge those at a higher level… If you can’t reach the transcendent level, you can take this route.” Shi Yu smiled.

Wouldn’t it be easy for pets with high proficiency in skills and high-leveled skills to skip levels to challenge those above them?

At this point, Chen Kai also understood. For an Iron-Eating Beast that could master proficient racial skills at level five…

It was indeed not difficult for it to challenge someone above its level!

He had already been surpassed!

As Chen Kai thought about it, he felt a little regretful for asking so much. He was losing his mind.

Their beasts were at such different levels!

After returning, the training intensity of the Ice-Armored Beast must be super doubled!!

In the eyes of the three, Shi Yu was still very mysterious and powerful. It was just that they didn’t know if Shi Yu could really pass the vocation assessment in the next batch…


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