Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Listening to the Voice of History

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Shi Yu was certain that he had heard a voice.

And that feeling was the same as when he used telepathy.

As he searched, he locked onto the source of the “sound”. It was definitely the stone statue…

However, no matter how he looked at it, this stone statue didn’t look like an extraordinary life form.

This was just an ordinary stone statue made according to the appearance of the stone giant.

Could it be that it had become a spirit?

Impossible. If it had evolved into a transcendent life form, it would have long been noticed by other Beast Tamers.

There was a lot of traffic here. In a place like the Beast Tamer Association, high-level Beast Tamers could be seen everywhere. There were also a bunch of Beast Tamers with talent in telepathy.

A wild transcendent creature couldn’t be hidden. This stone statue had been here for at least a few years.

After the voice disappeared, Shi Yu continued to observe.

He observed for a moment and still didn’t discover anything. This was just an ordinary stone statue, and the material was also very ordinary stone.

Logically speaking, it should be impossible to communicate with such an inanimate object through telepathy. This was common knowledge that had been passed down for a very long time. Unless, there were still unknown ways to use telepathy.

Teacher Zhang smiled and said to them, “That’s all. I have something to do later, so I’ll leave first. You don’t have to think too much. You don’t have to worry about the Beast Tide. Even if that legendary ice dragon revives, our Beast Tamers can take it on.”

In ancient times, dragons were unreachable creatures, but in modern times, Dragon Tamers had long become a profession. Although they were rare, they weren’t that hard to find.

“Alright, thank you, Teacher Zhang,” Chen Kai said.

Shi Yu also thanked him. Then, after the few of them said goodbye, Teacher Zhang left, leaving Shi Yu and the others looking at each other.

“Then, are we going back to hunt Earth Rats?” Chen Kai asked.

“No, let’s talk about it in the future,” Shi Yu said. “I also suddenly remembered I had something to do…”

“Are you in a hurry? You can eat before you leave…”

“It’s urgent!”

Initially, Chen Kai and the others wanted to have dinner with Shi Yu before leaving. However, since Shi Yu left in a hurry, the four of them departed soon after.

In the end, Chen Kai and the others didn’t even get Shi Yu’s contact information…

It couldn’t be helped. Shi Yu didn’t have a cell phone. This thing was more than ten times more expensive than on Earth, so he couldn’t afford one for the time being.

If Chen Kai wanted to look for Shi Yu, he could only leave a message at the Beast Tamer Association…

The difference between the two worlds was that it was very difficult to buy pandas, tigers, and elephants on Earth, but it was very easy to buy common technological products.

However, in this world, the full price of an Iron-Eating Beast wasn’t even as expensive as the property prices in the city, but the technological products were much more expensive.

After the few of them separated, Shi Yu went straight to Ping Cheng District’s library to check on some information.

Unfortunately, even until evening, he didn’t find what he wanted to know.

However, although he couldn’t find what he was looking for, it made Shi Yu understand this world better.

The history of this world could roughly be divided into three eras.

The Mythical Era, the Totem Era, and the Beast Tamer Era.

The Mythical Era was said to be the era when the earliest batch of Mythical creatures born in the world ruled the planet.

The Totem Era was the era where humans were born and survived under the territories of powerful creatures in various ways.

The Beast Tamer Era was the era when humans began to master the ability to control beasts.

This Beast Tamer Era could also be divided into ancient and modern generations.

The turning point was more than a hundred years ago when seven human countries jointly established an alliance.

It was a very simple division of three eras. However, due to some special reasons, there were many gaps in the history of this world.

For example, why the first batch of Mythical creatures had collectively disappeared was a historical enigma that had happened at an unknown time.

And what happened in Icefield City 2,000 years ago was clearly a history that the people of today had yet to fully explore.

After coming out of the library, Shi Yu kept repeating to himself, “I shouldn’t be too curious, I shouldn’t be curious, I shouldn’t be curious!!”

He forced himself not to think about these things.

This was his old habit again.

In his previous life, Shi Yu was an archaeologist. Later on, due to some special reasons, he had come into contact with an unknown Mythical “System”. Out of curiosity, he had changed his profession to Mythical Scholar.

Then, going to various ruins, ancient sites, and exploring this unknown Mythical system with his teacher became his daily routine.

Then, he had died.

During an exploration, they had encountered an accident. They had encountered a mountain collapse and were buried alive. Then, they transmigrated here.

“Curiosity kills.”

Shi Yu recalled that he had been obsessed with researching the history of the unknown Mythical system back then and wanted to slap himself.

Wasn’t it better for shut-ins to just play games and watch anime? Why would they go to all kinds of dangerous places to investigate and research for no reason?

In short, now that he had transmigrated to this more dangerous world, Shi Yu only wanted to live more comfortably within a safe range.

He had to enjoy this life.

Although the history of this world seemed to have more mysteries and had a more realistic mythology system, it was definitely impossible for him, Shi Yu, to walk the same path as in his previous life.


In the garden area of the Beast Tamer Association of Ping Cheng, under the stone-giant statue.

At this point, the sky was already dark, and there was basically no one else in the park.

Shi Yu looked at the stone statue under the moonlight and asked, “Were you the one speaking during the day? You were refuting the history recount of that teacher…”

It wasn’t like that…

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed to be refuting what that Teacher Zhang said, but only Shi Yu heard this refutation.

‘Big Brother Stone, say something.’

Shi Yu used his telepathy to communicate with the stone statue.

However, unlike during the day, the stone statue didn’t react at all.

“If you don’t say anything, I’m leaving.”

The stone statue was still indifferent.

Shi Yu fell silent.

Could it be that he had been hallucinating or something?

He recalled how he felt when he looked at the stone statue in the afternoon.

At that time, he had just finished listening to the history described by Teacher Zhang and was curious about that history.

As Teacher Zhang had said that that piece of history was only speculation and had not been verified, when Shi Yu looked at the stone statue, his subconscious thought was wanting to know what the real history was.

It was then that he heard the stone statue’s voice.

“Tell me.”

As Shi Yu stared at the stone statue, he subconsciously recalled his trip to various ruins, researching ancient artifacts, and exploring the truth of history.

“Tell me. I can return history to the truth.”

At this moment, Shi Yu’s thoughts were clear; he really wanted to make this historical truth public.

At this moment, he didn’t want to listen to the voice of the stone statue, but to listen to the voice of history.

He believed that his current state was already extremely similar to this afternoon’s.

At this moment, he activated his telepathy and searched for the feeling from the afternoon.

It seemed like… his brain was rumbling??


The voice came, and the boom directly made Shi Yu’s scalp tingle.

But this voice clearly didn’t come mentally but had exploded in his ears instead.

He looked up and opened his mouth… because the sky seemed to have suddenly trembled.


Then, Shi Yu was attracted by the stone statue again.

This time, the stone statue indeed made a sound, but it was the sound of cracking.

Under his gaze, the stone statue directly cracked from top to bottom…

“F*ck, something happened!” Shi Yu turned and left. He swore that if he touched his old profession again, he would be a dog.

That career was too dangerous, even more dangerous than being a beast tamer.

“Eleven, save me.”


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