Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Rumbling Icefield City

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Union calendar, July 177.

The recent abnormality of the snow mountain’s ferocious beasts had made the various Beast Tamer Associations in Icefield City extremely alert.

In particular, the various professional Beast Tamers of the Beast Tamer Association in Ping Cheng District had long entered a battle-ready state.

Ten years ago, the beast tide had already heavily injured Ping Cheng’s vitality. The various parties in Icefield City had spent a lot of manpower and resources to rebuild Ping Cheng. This time, no matter what, they couldn’t let the ferocious beasts get past the city wall and cause destruction again.

In this state, Beast Tamers were naturally very sensitive to the commotion outside.


It was during such an emergency period that a huge vibration came from the sky above Ping Cheng, causing the taut string in the hearts of some Beast Tamers to snap with a crack.

“F*ck, the beast tide is attacking the city?”

“Why isn’t there any news at all?”

“On the bright side, it might just be an earthquake.”

“What exactly happened?”

The sound had been very loud. Not only the Beast Tamers, even ordinary people had heard it clearly.

Everyone subconsciously walked out of the house and looked outside.

However, it was just a loud vibrating sound. After that, there were no other abnormalities.

On the top floor of the tall headquarters of the Beast Tamer Association in Ping City.

A middle-aged man in a gray suit stood there. He looked up at the mirror-like sky and fell into deep thought.

“President, what was that just now?

“The associations in the other districts, counties, and cities also sensed the abnormality.”

The door of the top floor opened, and a tall secretary walked over anxiously. The impact of that commotion on Icefield City was unexpectedly huge!

Even other areas sensed slight changes.

The president in the gray suit said, “I’ve only heard of this situation before. I’m not sure if it’s what I’m guessing…”

“Even so, it might not be a bad thing.”

The entire Icefield City was shaken to different degrees. Even the changes here were gradually spreading out of the City to other places.

At this moment, the protagonist who caused this incident had already returned home nervously. He wore an apron and started eating.

“Eleven, eat more.

“Grow up quickly. This world is too strange. You have to become stronger to protect us.”

“Unn…?” The little Metal-Eating Beast received the pile of bamboo shoots blankly.

Although it didn’t know what had happened, Shi Yu was being surprisingly generous today.


At home, Shi Yu naturally didn’t know about the situation outside, but as he listened to the discussions of passers-by on the way, he kept feeling that things weren’t that simple.

The commotion was too big.

Ah, Shi Yu, your mouth is so annoying!

Why were you chatting with a rock?

Now, something was wrong.

Before figuring out what was going on, Shi Yu decided to stay at home obediently.

Apart from buying groceries and medicine, he didn’t go anywhere else.


When Shi Yu made up his mind, a cry came from the persimmon tree beside him.

When the Green Silk Worm in the birdcage saw that Shi Yu had given the Iron-Eating Beast so much delicious food today, it immediately made a hungry request.

“You should eat more too.

“Only when you become fat can you spit out more silk.”

Shi Yu then got a pile of leftovers for the Green Silk Worm. Finally seeing some food, it ate happily.

It was much easier to serve than Eleven.

“Sigh, I’ve finished preparing dinner for them. Let’s sleep first… It’s been a tiring day.”

After teaching Super Vision yesterday, he had still yet to recover from the after-effects. Now that?that?had happened, it really made him dispirited.

He planned to sleep first. Tomorrow might be a more hopeful day.

After he recovered, he would teach Eleven more skills and quickly strengthen its battle power!

[Race]: Iron Eater

[Attribute]: Metal

[Race Level]: Medium Transcendent

[Level of Growth]: Level 5 Awakening

[Skills]: Hardening (Expert), High-Speed Healing (Initial), Super Vision (Initial)

At present, Eleven’s stats were still satisfactory to Shi Yu. Among the six skills he had collected, there was still Deterrence and Absolute Sleep that he had never taught.

Both of these were high-level skills, so the consumption would definitely be greater. Shi Yu planned to wait for a while before deciding…

Next should mainly be to strengthen the already mastered skills.

The next day, Shi Yu recuperated.

In order to make use of all the resources, he released the Green Silk Worm from the birdcage and assigned it a mission under its confused expression.

“You’re in charge of training Eleven today.

“A good sparring partner can have an extra meal.”

Shi Yu had divided the courtyard into two areas. The Green Silk Worm occupied one side, while Eleven occupied the other.

After getting the Green Silk Worm’s Worm Silk into the proficient level, this Worm Silk could now actually be used in many ways.

For example, Worm Silk Ray.

This technique involved the green silkworm condensing a Worm Silk about the length of a finger in front of it and then shooting it out like an arrow, almost like a hidden weapon.

Although with its current power, it couldn’t even penetrate the clothes Shi Yu bought from a street stall, but its speed was acceptable. The Worm Silk could go from one end of the courtyard to the other with a whoosh.

In addition, the Green Silk Worm that had mastered Super Worm Silk could also fire continuously, shooting the Worm Silk like a dense rain of arrows.

Shi Yu had obviously arranged it this way because he wanted to make use of the Worm Silk to let Eleven continue training its Super Vision.

Whether it was dodging the tiny and inconspicuous high-speed shots or accurately judging the landing point, it was a good training method for Eleven who had to harden the area in advance.

Most importantly… the commotion was small!

Shi Yu knew that the Green Silk Worm’s intelligence wasn’t high, so he tried his best to communicate with it through telepathy. He even gave various examples.

Green Silk Worm: @.@

In the end, Shi Yu didn’t know if it understood, but Eleven did anyway.


Eleven clearly felt that this was a good training method.

It directly pulled the Green Silk Worm out and let it train with it.

How could it sleep in the birdcage every day?

The meaning of life is training. Let’s do it together.


The Green Silk Worm let out an innocent cry.

Following that, Shi Yu went out with a smile to buy groceries. During this process, he inquired about yesterday’s situation.

Although he still didn’t know what was going on, it was said that many affairs of the Beast Tamer Association in Ping Cheng had already been suspended at the moment and were heavily sealed.

He couldn’t do any missions like hunting Earth Rats now.

Shi Yu panicked a little. If the stone statue in the garden shattered, it would definitely be noticed…

It wouldn’t lead back to him in the end, right?

There weren’t many people around there at the time, and cameras weren’t popular in this world, so it shouldn’t be…

However, Shi Yu didn’t dare to make any guarantees. After all, this was a world with extraordinary powers.

Before knowing what had happened, he didn’t dare to surrender himself. He could only continue to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

On this day, the Beast Tamer Association presidents from all districts and counties in Icefield City came to Ping Cheng.

In a certain valley in Ping Cheng District.

The nine master-ranked beast tamers of different ages looked at the spatial door formed by the cracks spreading down from the sky, their expressions carrying some surprise.

“It’s indeed a mystic realm space.”

“It can also be said to be an ancient ruin space.” Apart from these nine people, there was also a 10th person present.

The youngest of the nine master-ranked Beast Tamers was also above thirty years old. Unlike them, the 10th person present was very young.

It was a woman in her early twenties with short brown hair.

She was wearing a white shirt, a black short skirt, and a knee-length white research suit. At this moment, her expression was cold, and her gaze under the glasses was especially serious and focused.

“Doctor Lu, what do you think?” The people were speaking very respectfully to her.

Lu Qingyi said, “I once tried to decipher the Ice Dragon Ruins, but I failed. The information I have now is still too little. I can’t figure out the truth from the place.

“Now that this ruin has appeared, perhaps the things inside can provide more information.

“By the way, did anything else happen in Ping Cheng when the ruins descended yesterday?”

The president of the Beast Tamer Association of Ping Cheng said, “An ancient stone statue in the garden area of our association collapsed.”

“The stone-giant statue?”


Lu Qingyi’s expression didn’t change, but she made a judgment in her heart. From the looks of it, this ruin space didn’t descend by accident; instead, someone had touched the echoes of history.

Did another special talent in telepathy that could “listen to the Voice of History” appear?

Who could it be…?


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