Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Warmth from the Community

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The commotion in Ping Cheng was not small, so Shi Yu tried his best to keep a low profile.

Stable development, don’t be reckless!

Two days ago, Shi Yu had planned to first teach the Worm Silk skill to perfected proficiency before selling the Worm Silk to earn money. After all, the Green Silk Worm didn’t have a long lifespan. It might die any day.

But now, he changed his mind. It was better to increase Eleven’s battle power first. After all, his life was very short as well, and he might die any day.

Wasn’t there a saying about how you should use your money as you get it? How sad would it be if he died without spending the money he saved? Strength was the most important! And so, he’d use his points on Eleven and make it stronger!

After recovering from the weakness of teaching his Super Vision, Shi Yu used the skill index again without another word.

This time, he decided to continue teaching the Super Vision skill.

Through the second teaching of Super Vision, he successfully raised Eleven’s level of the skill to proficient.

During this process, Eleven’s mental strength also improved a little.

The increase in skill proficiency also led to the growth of the pets. As for which aspect of growth it led to, it was related to the attributes of the skills.

At this moment, the benefits of Eleven’s increase in mental strength could not only allow it to maintain its Super Vision for a longer period of time but also allow it to stay up late as well as make its opponent’s movements slower in its eyes.

That night, Shi Yu held his chin under the moonlight and halfheartedly looked at Eleven, who was seriously training. Suddenly, he called out to his pet and asked, “Eleven, how do you last so long?”

Every time he saw this little Metal-Eating Beast training hard, Shi Yu himself wanted to work hard in simpatico to upgrade his Beast Taming Space and increase his Beast Command abilities.

However, he really didn’t have Eleven’s focus and couldn’t hold on at all. Every few hours, he would want to do something else.

Well, it was just like when he did homework in his previous life. Instead, he ran around the world and explored various ruins. He liked dynamic work.

However, liking it was one thing. Now, Shi Yu was forcing himself to be more honest. He had already gotten out of the relatively safe environment on Earth. In this world where danger was everywhere, staying in a city wasn’t safe, let alone in the wild.


Upon hearing Shi Yu’s question, Eleven stopped and leaned against the tree, feeling hungry. Then, she fainted from exhaustion.

Shi Yu covered his forehead helplessly. He couldn’t help but praise, but this was very normal.

Almost all of the training sessions would end with Eleven fainting from exhaustion.

Now that it had another skill, Super Vision, that consumed spiritual power to train, it was undoubtedly easier for it to fall asleep.

“Sigh.” Shi Yu went to the kitchen to get some spare bamboo shoots. Then, he pried open Eleven’s mouth and stuffed the bamboo shoots in.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Eleven, who was sleeping, finished eating while sleeping. He was very talented…

After eating, it turned over with a happy face and crawled up with difficulty to continue training.


Shi Yu pushed Eleven towards the bathroom.

Next, Shi Yu spent a lot of effort to clean Eleven up before forcefully putting it back into the Beast Taming Space to rest.

As for himself, he also laid on the bed and fell asleep.

Damn it, I’m so tired.

The sun rose as usual the next day.

The sun rose as usual on the third day.

The fourth day… the world was still at peace.

Just like that, after chatting with the stone statue about the changes in the historical record, Shi Yu had already stayed close to his house for a week.

Apart from Super Vision, during this period, Shi Yu taught Eleven High-Speed Healing and Hardening.

Now, it had an invincible combination of skills with proficient-level High-Speed Healing, proficient-level Super Vision, and expert-level Hardening…

Shi Yu really wanted to see how Eleven, who was only at the fifth-level of Awakening, could defeat opponents who were several levels higher than it after going all out.

But considering that an opponent was difficult to find, he decided to forget it for the time being.

It was better to continue developing. After thinking about it, Shi Yu left home to buy supplements nearby.

As he was a regular customer, the young doctor in the pharmacy was already used to it. Without needing Shi Yu to say anything, he took the initiative to run to the counter to get his medicine.

“Friend, control yourself.

“Even I’m afraid of your purchase frequency.”

“I think I’m pretty restrained,” Shi Yu said as he took the supplement.

At least he hadn’t courted death by trying to teach high-level skills.

He was afraid that the tonic in this pharmacy wouldn’t be enough.

“Well… I suppose…” The young doctor nodded and then said with a strange expression, “I heard the day before yesterday that a student directly carried a few boxes of supplements back to the pharmacy in the south of the city. That person is much crazier than you.”

Shi Yu had just put away the supplements when his hand suddenly trembled.

F*ck, a few boxes??

He was so ruthless. Don’t tell him that the student’s name was Chen Kai.

“The students these days are too complicated.” Shi Yu sighed and said, “By the way, why was the association sealed off recently? Have they investigated the cause of the loud bang in the sky?”

The young doctor smiled and said, “You’ve asked the right person. Let me tell you, although the exact situation hasn’t been announced yet, it’s very likely that our Ping Cheng is about to take off.”

“Huh?? Tell me more.”

After coming to buy medicine many times, Shi Yu had learned that this young doctor was also a Beast Tamer, an apprentice-ranked one.

Therefore, the other party was also quite concerned about the event.

“According to sources, a mystic realm might have appeared,” the young doctor said.

“Mystic realm?? What’s that??”

The young doctor said, “You can understand it as another alternate space independent of our current space.

“For example, our Beast Taming Space can actually be considered an independent alternate space.

“Well, let me put it this way. The predecessor of the mystic realm is actually the Beast Taming Space.”

“Continue, continue,” Shi Yu pressed.

It had been a week.

There was finally news?

He had waited so long.

Now, it didn’t sound like a crisis. Otherwise, this doctor wouldn’t be so excited.

For the past few days, the cowardly Shi Yu had thought that he had released some monster, like some mythical one that could cause the sky to crack.

“How should I put it? There’s a saying that after a Beast Tamer dies, the Beast Taming Space will also collapse.

“But after some powerful Beast Tamers die, the Beast Taming Space may be preserved. Under the will of the Beast Tamer, it will form an independent mystic realm space. It can also be said to be a small world.

“At this time, the mystic realm space no longer has the effect of binding extraordinary creatures. It’s already a completely independent space. Any living creature can enter it. The environment inside, according to the degree of development of the Beast Tamer when they were alive, would still be suitable for the growth of individual pets. It’s just that compared to the Beast Taming Space, it’s slightly weaker.

“But even if it’s weakened, it’s still a treasure land with abundant energy, suitable for the growth of spiritual plants and pets.”

“A powerful Beast Tamer’s Beast Taming Space?” Shi Yu asked. “An ancient Beast Tamer?”

“Well, it must be from the ancient times. If it were our current level system, that Beast Tamer would have at least Legendary-level strength.”

Apprentice, professional, master, legend.

Legends were even above Masters.

“If it’s really a mystic realm space, there must be a lot of rare resources or pets inside. Even if there’s nothing, it’s still a treasure land that can produce high-value resources for a long time. Now that this thing has appeared in Ping Cheng, our gains here will definitely be the greatest. If it’s developed properly, maybe the economy can develop very quickly.”

“What if the pets inside are very strong and ferocious?” Shi Yu asked.

After all this discussion, there might still be monsters inside.

The young doctor answered, “Uh, there’s no news of this at the moment, but we definitely don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. Even if there are big shots, they can handle it appropriately.”

Shi Yu left.

He left, feeling at peace.

Because from the information obtained from the young doctor, the cracking of the stone statue didn’t seem to be a bad thing.

However, why did he summon a mystic realm when he was just chatting with the ancient stone statue??

This had nothing to do with the truth of history.

Or was there information related to the true history of the icy plains in the mystic realm?

But no matter what, it had nothing to do with him anymore.

“I’m sorry, Big Brother Stone. Although I promised you to return history to the truth, judging from the current situation, I can’t get close to that mystic realm at all.

“Sorry, I made you crack.”

It had already been a week. When Shi Yu returned home, he looked at Eleven and the Green Silk Worm training in the courtyard and felt that he was very safe.

Exploring mystic realms was impossible. That place sounded very dangerous.

But… since he had already promised it, Shi Yu couldn’t go back on his word either. When he had the ability, if there was still a chance, he would talk about it then.

He smiled and looked at the sky. The weather was clear, and it was better to continue training quietly.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Open the door. The community sends warmth.”

Shi Yu’s smile became even wider. There was true love in the world.

The community knew that he was an orphan, and so, they had some warm gift for him?

“There doesn’t seem to be anyone. Prepare to break in.”

Shi Yu, Eleven, Green Silkworm: ???


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