Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Initial Pet Plan

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The index was updated.

After discovering the change, Shi Yu’s mind immediately rippled.

[Successfully copied Deterrence.]

“According to the rules, as long as I find a proper recipient, I should be able to teach this skill to other pets at any time!”

Deterrence… was the ability that the Wolf King used to lead the wolf pack.

If he could teach this skill to ordinary Snow Wolves, wouldn’t he be able to mass-produce wolf kings?

If he could teach this skill to pets of other races, he might be able to train “kings” of other races.

Thinking about it, it was such a system bug! It was ridiculous!

However, the exact reason he was happy was because there was a bug.

He actually had such a powerful Beast Taming Talent. As expected of himself.

Shi Yu smiled. When he returned to his senses, he saw the Snow Wolf King staring at him in confusion.


The wolf king growled and frowned.

Shi Yu understood. The other party saw him smiling foolishly and suspected that he was not right in the head…

So be it. Shi Yu wasn’t angry.

It was impossible for the Wolf King to understand his joy. The joy of humans and wolves was not connected.

He had just taken advantage of the Snow Wolf King, and now Shi Yu found it very pleasing to the eye.

Your Deterrence skill seems very powerful, and right this second, it is already mine.

The Snow Wolf King did not know that its skill had been replicated. After confirming that Shi Yu was not frightened silly by it, it turned around and started eating the meat.

Only after it had eaten and drunk its fill did the ordinary Snow Wolves in the wolf pack dare to surround it.

It must be because the wolf king had left its scent behind. After the wolf king left, the ordinary Snow Wolves were clearly not as fierce as before when facing Shi Yu.

Just like what the other interns said, they got very obedient.

This obedience made Shi Yu’s subsequent feeding process and study of the index in his mind much smoother.

“You can really teach this…” Shi Yu was excited after distributing the food to the Snow Wolves.

Just now, when there were Snow Wolves in his vision, the information on the first page of the illustrated stone handbook in Shi Yu’s mind had changed.

The skill state changed from?No Target Set?to?Can Be Taught.

In other words, he could indeed teach the deterrence skill in the illustrated handbook to every Snow Wolf that he had just fed!

Man-made Wolf King!

Of course, Shi Yu would obviously not rashly use this teaching ability.

Not only would it consume an unknown amount of energy, but it would also be a big problem to have the other Snow Wolves in the breeding base learn deterrence skills…

He continued the feeding…

Shi Yu devoted himself to it, and soon, the work was completed. However, it was a pity that he could not replicate the other skills of the Snow Wolves during the feeding process.

After all, except for the Wolf King that constantly showed its deterrence, the other Snow Wolves would not be so bored as to use their racial skills during mealtimes.

It was fine if he didn’t have it. Shi Yu wasn’t greedy. This high-level mental-type deterrence skill could already make him rich.

After he was done feeding the Snow Wolves, Shi Yu began to do other tasks.

In the breeding base, Shi Yu saw the patrolling Greenback Eagle flying across the sky.

With his line of sight and mind locked, although he was quite far away, the status of the deterrence skill in the illustrated handbook in his mind once again changed from?No Target Set?to?Can Be Taught.

Look, not only could he raise a wolf king… he could also raise a bird king!

Shi Yu really wanted to give it a try.

However, reason made him choose to work.

Intern life was very tough. The toughest and most tiring tasks were all theirs. Moreover, there was no technical content.

This couldn’t be helped. After all, they were still in the learning stage.

Shi Yu and the others had to first have the ability to do difficult tasks such as training pets.

Just like the wolf pack now, it would be very difficult to manage and train them without a Wolf King that could use the deterrence skill.

After training this group of Snow Wolves well and training them into pets suitable for Beast Tamers to raise and contract with, it would be up to other official trainers to raise them.

Shi Yu and the other interns could only do the relatively basic work.

Of course, in addition to the more basic work, official breeders would also lead interns like Shi Yu and the others to do other work regularly, allowing interns to learn many new things.

“There are still three months left in the internship period. I should study hard first.”

His predecessor had always wanted to become a Beast Tamer and had made many preparations. The profession of pet breeder was the springboard he had prepared for himself.

Although he had obtained a cheat, Shi Yu still had some things to consider. His understanding of Beast Tamers was really limited. It was impossible to let loose with the little knowledge in his memory. It was better to develop steadily at the moment.

There was no doubt that the index was made for the path to becoming a Beast Tamer. It would be a pity if he didn’t become a beast tamer, as a result… Though, apart from the teaching ability of the index, he didn’t have any other qualifications to become a Beast Tamer.

Therefore, Shi Yu decided to treat his job as a pet breeder well. He would take this opportunity to understand more about the skill index and this world before making other plans.

Moreover, the young pet he had reserved from the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base in the Ping Cheng District of Icefield City also needed his internship certificate to receive it.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Base had to consider Shi Yu’s ability to repay the debt. At the moment, he was not qualified to receive that pet, but after his internship ended and he obtained the breeder’s certificate, he would be qualified to receive the loan.

Therefore, Shi Yu could not be sloppy with this internship.

If all of Shi Yu’s plans went smoothly, becoming a Beast Tamer shouldn’t be a problem. However, after that, it would be a long life of repaying the loan. During this process, becoming a Beast Tamer might allow Shi Yu to soar into the sky, or it might drag him down… After all, raising a pet really consumed resources.

Iron Eater!

This was the race of the pet Shi Yu had reserved.

[Race]: Iron Eater

[Attribute]: Metal

[Race Level]: Medium Transcendent

[Skill]: Hardening

Iron-eating beasts… were actually giant pandas.

Shi Yu did not expect that the pandas in this world would actually evolve into iron-eating beasts with a mid-level transcendent rating.

Shi Yu was quite satisfied with the initial pet that his predecessor had chosen for him.

The appearance and rarity of a national treasure added points!

If nothing went wrong, he would not change his choice. After all, he had already paid the deposit.

However, the national treasures of his previous life had fallen to such a state. It was quite tragic.

After all, if a normal giant panda was fighting a normal wolf, supposedly a giant panda could stun a wolf with one palm.

However, the Iron Eater was one race-level lower than the Snow Wolf.

Shi Yu knew that this was related to race skills.

Compared to the Snow Wolf’s Ice Crushing Fang, Ice Splitting Claw, Cold Breath, and Snow Concealment, the Iron Eater only had one racial skill.

Just like in the name of this iron-eating beast, after the giant pandas in this world evolved, they could harden their bodies by eating metal minerals, making their bodies as hard as steel.

Hardening was a low-level racial skill. Its upper limit was not high, and it could only be used in close combat. Naturally, it could not compare to the Snow Wolf that was favored by the heavens.

With low-level racial skills and excellent physical fitness, the iron-eating beast’s race-level was medium. It was actually not low, but it was a pity.

After all, according to the legends on Earth, it was Chi?You’s1?mount. Now that it was another world, suddenly it wasn’t so cool and powerful anymore… It was ordinary, ordinary.

Shi Yu suspected that it was because pandas were too lazy. They either ate bamboo or slept. Furthermore, they had gentle personalities, which resulted in their slow evolution.

If these pandas had had some guts… would they have ended up like this?!

However, this was also good. Otherwise, Shi Yu would not have been able to afford the Iron Eater.

This was only because his household register was in Ping Cheng District, and its locals had good policies and privileges. Otherwise, he couldn’t have even considered this option.

“Iron-eating beasts are not bad actually…

“The Iron Eater’s ability to eat metal ores and turn them into a body-strengthening skill is both offensive and defensive. Not bad.”

If he wasn’t wrong, the metal-eating beast would definitely be able to learn the deterrence skill that he had copied just now. There shouldn’t be a problem with the compatibility.

He had the skill guide, so he could try to let it master the skill.

The deterrence skill that represented “kingly aptitude” could lower the opponent’s battle will and strengthen one’s own!

Hardening could increase one’s defense and attack power. It was both offensive and defensive!

These two skill combinations made Shi Yu think of strange things.

So, was he still lacking a perception skill to increase speed?

If he could replicate similar skills…

At that point, the Iron Eater might as well directly change its name to Panda King.

Probably no Iron Eater Beast Tamer had tried this combination…

When he thought of this, Shi Yu felt that it was worth a try…

He stayed in the pet breeding base not only to learn but to also collect rare skills.

He would collect more first. In the future, when other Beast Tamers are wasting their time being troubled over how to teach their pets various skills, he could quickly assemble a set of divine skills for his pets!



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