Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Searching for a Target

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After imagining the future, Shi Yu was pulled back to reality. Apart from feeding the Snow Wolves, he had many other tasks to do, and these tasks would be keeping him busy the entire morning.

It was not until noon that he was free, but the afternoon was still clearly arranged.

After lunch and lunch break, the interns in Shi Yu’s dormitory building had the same mission in the afternoon.

They had actually been doing this job for some time.

It was what was written on the worksheet previously:?Record the growth data of the green worm…

In the afternoon.

Shi Yu kept a low profile as he followed the large group into the forest filled with Green Silk Worms.

The forest was luxuriant and therefore difficult to pass through.

The green silk bugs were the pets that were most commonplace here. In the pet base of Icefield City, there were only 50 Snow Wolves, but there were thousands of green silk bugs.

They could basically be described with four words: they were stupidly numerous.

Their strength was also pitifully weak. Compared to the Snow Wolves that could steadily awaken four racial skills during their growth period, these green worms only had one skill.

Moreover, Worm Silk was a skill that produced something that could only be compared to steel wire only when used perfectly.

Beast Tamers divided the abilities mastered by extraordinary creatures into different levels according to their power and effect. From low to super, they were categorized as the following — levelless skills, low-level skills, mid-level skills, high-level skills, super-level skills…

For example, the Worm Silk skill that the worms mastered could not even be considered a low-level skill. It had no level at all.

Therefore, it could be said that it was pitiful for the Green Silk Worms to be classified as low-grade transcendents. After all, the green silk worms could not even defeat most ordinary animals. They were only rated better because of their potential for evolution.

However, according to the different cultivation methods, there were many uses for the worm silks of the green silk worm.

However, the pet breeding base did not raise green silk bugs to produce worm silk.

The reason why they raised such a weak pet was because the green silk bugs were one of the few pets in nature that could evolve naturally once.

After absorbing enough nutrients, they could evolve into Wind Crystal Butterflies and have a chance to awaken another species skill called Wind Blade, which would increase their combat power.

Although their species rank was still classified as low-level transcendent due to their lifespan after evolution, the Wind Crystal Butterfly was one of the easiest worm-type pet beasts to raise. It was the optimal choice for most ordinary Beast Tamers.

Next, Shi Yu and the others’ job was to record and observe the growth state of the green silk worms and determine when they would successfully evolve.

Compared to the Snow Wolf, the green worm was much more harmless. After all, it was only the size of a palm.

It had a green furry body, innocent eyes, and two yellow antennae on its head. It was very similar to the larvae of the Citrus Phoenix Butterfly on Earth.

After getting to know them personally, Shi Yu finally understood why they were known as the weakest pets in the pet world…

Because the silk produced by the green silk worms that hadn’t been trained… Shi Yu was able to break it with a gentle tug…

During the observation process, Shi Yu’s hand was wrapped in worm silk.

Compared to the Snow Wolf, the green silk worm was less intelligent. Shi Yu was not proficient in telepathy, so the communication between the two parties was not very good, causing the green silk worm to resist.

But this resistance… was too harmless.

However, this was not what made him the most speechless.

What left Shi Yu speechless was that the stone index in his mind showed that the high-level mental-type Deterrence skill could actually be taught to the green worms!

A green worm with the aptitude of a king???

Was the so-called compatibility standard this lax?

The way Shi Yu looked at the green worm changed.

From the looks of it, the Skill Index was not simple. After all, the Green Silk Worm was known as the lowest level pet that could not learn any other skill other than the Worm Silk one before evolution…

Just as Shi Yu was lamenting over the situation, the green worm slipped away from his hand, and the index changed once more.

At this moment, he flipped to the second page.

This time, the new image of a green worm was added.

There was still a pile of text below.

[Skill]: Worm Silk

[Skill Level]: None

<Notes> This is an insect skill. It might be useful when used to the extreme.

[Status]: No Target Set

Shi Yu: “?”

What’s with this note? It’s exactly what I thought!

Forget it, forget it… Did he copy and record the bug’s silk skill just like that?

He seemed to have fulfilled those three conditions.

Right now, the skill index had successfully recorded a useless second skill. Worm silk… He was actually not happy. After all, this skill looked really useless.

Oh, wait… Such a weak skill could be used as an experiment to test the stamina consumption of teaching a skill.

For the rest of the afternoon, everyone else was observing and recording the green worms. Shi Yu was also observing and recording, but he actually had one more task, which was to continue studying the skill index in his mind.

The only valuable discovery was that he could actually teach the green silk worms that had already learned the Worm Silk skill!

They had already mastered this skill but could still be taught it!

Shi Yu studied it for a while. The feedback from the skill index was that repeating the skill could increase the skill’s proficiency!

He understood, but unfortunately, Shi Yu did not dare to experiment here…

Until evening.

After dinner, Shi Yu returned to the dormitory.

After returning, he took out a manual and started searching.

This was not the evaluation guide, but another book.

This manual recorded the 51 pets raised in the pet breeding base of Icefield City and their species skills.

Shi Yu was trying to pick a target to attain skills from secretly.

He planned to see if there were any skills suitable for his Iron Eater to learn.

Skills could not appear out of thin air in the skill guide. He had to find a way to record new skills himself.

However, as long as a rare skill was successfully recorded, the skill guide would be invincible.

Which Beast Tamer had ever nurtured a green worm that could use deterrence skills?

For the time being, Shi Yu regarded the skill index as his second Beast Taming Talent. With this talent, his next goal was easy to predict.

He had to find a way to replicate higher-leveled skills and store them away to train his pets after he became a Beast Tamer…

Unfortunately, after looking at the 51 pets in the breeding base through the manual, Shi Yu did not find the perception skill he was looking for…

The skills that the young pets here might awaken were relatively basic low-leveled skills. They were very common and not worth copying.

Of course, the more skills he collected, the better. It was better to be prepared.

However, after replicating the Worm Silk skill, Shi Yu suddenly thought of a problem.

Was there a limit to the number of skills that could be recorded in the skill guide?

Shi Yu did not dare to waste his page count before figuring out the upper limit of this record. It was better to focus on middle- and high-level skills first.

“Looks like I can only change targets.”

In fact, the place where Shi Yu was currently at, the pet breeding base in Icefield City, not only had a large number of wild pets but also many Beast Tamers…

The skills of their pets could also be copied by him, just like the deterrence of the Snow Wolf King.

The chances of a Beast Tamer’s pet mastering a rare skill were much higher than the pet cubs raised here…

At the thought of this, Shi Yu pondered for a moment.. He had a bold idea.


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