Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Contract

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“This iron-eating beast seems to have been smart since it was young.”

Shi Yu was very satisfied when he saw that the iron-eating beast cub quickly recognized reality and submitted itself.

Wasn’t it just a better environment for growth? Wasn’t it just all kinds of delicacies?

When he became a powerful Beast Tamer, it could have everything it wanted.

Well, before that, he would have to rely on the iron-eating beast to work hard to help him become a powerful Beast Tamer.

“Can I contract with it now?” Shi Yu looked at Lin Xiuzhu, who was holding the young iron-eating beast.

Only by contracting with the iron-eating beast and establishing a spiritual connection could they truly be regarded as Beast Tamer and pet.

After that, the various specialities of the Beast Taming System could be displayed.

“Sure.” Lin Xiuzhu moved her hand away and nodded.

“You contract with it. I’ll watch over it.” After saying that, Lin Xiuzhu heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, a Beast Tamer was willing to take Eleven.

Although there had been many Beast Tamers who had come to choose pets who had despised this iron-eating beast and thought that its talent was poor, Lin Xiuzhu did not think so.

This iron-eating beast cub was born with a weak physique, but it was not a big problem at all. It could just be put into the Beast-Taming Space to recuperate for a few days. This kind of situation had happened before.

On the contrary, under such a difference, and under the circumstances where it was despised by the Beast Tamers one by one, the hard-working character that it had gradually developed — one that refused to admit defeat and hoped to be recognized — was very special in Lin Xiuzhu’s eyes. It was a display of outstanding talent.

If the lazy iron-eating beasts were no longer lazy and could be more disciplined, and as long as they were trained well, they wouldn’t be worse than pets of higher-level races.

She grew up in the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base and had lived with this group of Iron Eaters since she was young. Her initial pet was also an Iron Eater, so she knew the situation of every Iron Eater.

Originally, she thought that if no one was willing to take this iron-eating beast away in the end, it would be good to leave it in the breeding base and have her take care of it.

However, now that Shi Yu had taken a fancy to this iron-eating beast, perhaps it would be a good result for both Shi Yu and Number Eleven. Beast Tamers and pets had always promoted each other’s growth.

In fact, considering the fact that Shi Yu was a victim of the disaster in Ping Cheng 10 years ago, she had even chosen to give him a month’s worth of pet food.

During the beast tide 10 years ago, she had still been a child, and her parents were powerful Beast Tamers. She didn’t have much of an impression of the disaster, but it was different for the ordinary people here.

Many families had been destroyed, and many children became orphans. In fact, the local policies still supported the victims of the disaster like Shi Yu.

If he did not have this identity, even if Shi Yu had a special telepathy talent and an intern breeder certificate, it would not have been easy for him to buy an iron-eating beast cub with a loan.

In most cases, society still cared about the weak. As a weakling who was cared for, Shi Yu didn’t despise this iron-eating beast that was born with a weak body. Instead, he gave it recognition. Lin Xiuzhu also silently acknowledged Shi Yu. This was the reason why she was willing to give him a month’s worth of pet food.

The food was nothing to her, but it could definitely relieve the pressure on Shi Yu and his pet.

I hope they can have a better future…?Lin Xiuzhu thought in her heart. After all, she had taken care of these iron-eating beasts for so long and thus had some feelings for them.

At this moment, Shi Yu closed his eyes and muttered to the nervous Iron Eater cub, “From today onwards, I’m your Beast Tamer… Let’s work hard together. You’re called Eleven here, right? My name is Shi Yu, and it’s very similar to your name. This means that we’re very fated. How about I continue to call you Eleven or Shi Yi, as in?eleven1?”

Shi Yu seemed to see the Beast-Taming Space in his brain.

It was a white world with a transparent barrier and clouds inside.


As Shi Yu communicated with the Beast-Taming Space and activated the capture contract according to the method he had learned in his memory, a breeze blew outside.

When the dust on the ground rose, countless light spots flickered in front of Shi Yu. Two transparent, circular formations that looked like star maps appeared, appearing on both sides of the iron-eating beast cub, trapping it in the middle.

In the next second, countless weak light spheres flowed out of the formations and wrapped around the iron-eating beast cub, as if they wanted to cover it!

At the side, Lin Xiuzhu said to the iron-eating beast cub, “Relax. Don’t struggle.”

She could sense that Shi Yu had not activated the contract with all his might, so the binding power was not strong. As long as the iron-eating beast struggled a little, the contract would be broken. Therefore, she had to remind it.

At the same time, Shi Yu looked at it seriously.


Under the white light, Eleven’s expression was still very nervous. However, in this state, Shi Yu’s spiritual connection with the iron-eating beast had reached a higher level.

The iron-eating beast cub could clearly understand Shi Yu’s feelings. Meanwhile, Shi Yu also liked this iron-eating beast cub very much. He had been alone for two lifetimes and knew very well that this iron-eating beast might accompany him for the rest of his life, and therefore, he had already held the mentality of hoping for this new child of his to become a dragon. He was determined to nurture this iron-eating beast cub like he was taking care of a child.

Sigh… I haven’t gotten myself a wife yet, but I’ve gotten myself a pet that’s even harder to raise than a baby. Shi Yu felt tired already.

Although he looked frivolous on the surface, it was his sincere heart that made the iron-eating beast cub let down its guard and start to accept the contract. It also completely acknowledged the Beast Tamer who chose it.

Soon, the white light finally spread all over the baby Iron Eater’s body. At this time, the pattern that connected to the Beast-Taming Space began to ripple. Under this ripple, the baby Iron Eater that was enveloped by the white light gradually turned into fluorescent light, disappearing from the outside world and entering the Beast-Taming Space!


Everything happened very quickly. Before Shi Yu could react, he felt a warm current flowing through his entire body. He first felt exhausted, but he quickly recovered. Following that, he felt even more energetic and stronger.

Just as Shi Yu’s brain was buzzing, Lin Xiuzhu’s voice came from behind. “Congratulations, you have successfully contracted with the Iron Eater.

“My suggestion is to let it familiarize itself with the environment of the Beast-Taming Space first. Don’t summon and collect it too frequently.

“If it can quickly adapt to the environment in the Beast-Taming Space, it should be able to awaken its hardening ability within a week.”

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded subconsciously. At the same time, he realized what had happened to him.

After successfully contracting with his first pet and becoming a Beast Tamer, he immediately received the power feedback from his pet, and his mental strength and physical fitness had improved!

Although this iron-eating beast cub was very weak, it could still give some feedback. No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat. For Shi Yu, who was experiencing this for the first time, it was very novel.

However, this was not what intrigued him the most.

What surprised Shi Yu the most was that after he successfully contracted with his first pet, all his physical qualities had improved. The skill index also provided new information.

The number of skills that could be recorded had increased!

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiuzhu asked when he noticed Shi Yu’s abnormality.

“It’s nothing. I just feel that my physical fitness has improved, and I’m not used to it,” Shi Yu immediately said.

Lin Xiuzhu smiled. “If it’s your first time, so of course… You will get used to it in the future.

“Then I’ll take you to complete the final procedures. I’ll also give you a beast-raising manual. At the same time, you can fill in the address. The Iron Bamboo that I promised you will be delivered to you regularly. This kind of food must be fresh, and it’s not suitable for long-term storage.

“After you finish these, you’re welcome to order iron-eating beast food here again, but you’ll have to pay for it.”

“That’s not a problem…” Shi Yu said. “Actually, Senior Lin, I have a presumptuous request.”


“Can I take a look around here? In order to nurture the iron-eating beasts, I want to understand more about their real living environment.”

“Of course, that’s not a problem. You can even bring the Iron Eater back to play at any time in the future. After all, this is its home. Well, it’s strictly forbidden to freeload…”

“Ahem, I won’t freeload. By the way, can I touch the iron-eating beasts here…?”

“It’s not a problem under normal circumstances. After all, this is still a tourist area. The iron-eating beasts are very docile, not to mention that you have a telepathic talent.”


Shi Yu’s heart was moved by the answer.

Wasn’t that great? Why would his pet have to wait a week?

He would arrange for the Iron Eater to harden today and let it know how amazing its Beast Tamer was.

This was the first step to raising a child. First, let it worship you. After success, it would be easy to… educate it!

He just didn’t know if the adult Iron Eaters here had any rare skills other than their race’s abilities… Whatever, he had to copy Hardening first.



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