Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Iron Eaters Will Never Be Slaves

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The environment of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base was different from that of the Icefield City Breeding Base. There was only the high mountain bamboo forest area here.

In this world, Shi Yu would often see things that did not make sense.

For example, three or four environments that were absolutely impossible to be adjacent to each other on Earth could completely fuse together here.

However, if one were to study it carefully, they would realize that it was the special power of supernatural creatures that had affected the outside world.

The environment of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base was relatively normal, at least, more normal than that of the Icefield City Breeding Base.

High-quality soil, lush forest, a good growth of Iron Bamboos, a rich water source, clear water-flowing sounds — this was the Iron Eater’s favorite living environment.

At this moment, Shi Yu and Lin Xiuzhu had already entered the breeding area.

Although there was only one cub left, he still had to take a look. He couldn’t wait another year for a new batch of iron-eating beast cubs to grow up.

Life was not easy. Shi Yu sighed…

In the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base, there were not only young iron-eating beasts but also many adult iron-eating beasts. However, Shi Yu had reserved a young one.

A newbie Beast Tamer like him could only contract with a cub.

Although adult iron-eating beasts could also be contracted, Shi Yu clearly wouldn’t be able to handle them.

“Iron Eaters… are indeed shut-in types.”

Along the way, Shi Yu saw many iron-eating beasts that were alone nearby. All of them were sleeping… like a shut-in.

Some slept in grass nests; some hugged tree trunks, and some slept on tree branches. It was surprisingly quiet.

“It’s not the season for them to be active yet. The older iron-eating beasts are generally quieter, but the younger ones are more lively.”

Lin Xiuzhu walked in front as she spoke. Indeed, under her lead, Shi Yu soon saw an obviously smaller iron-eating beast.

It was less than a meter long and not very big. It was about a year old and had just bid farewell to its mother to live independently.

The iron-eating beast cubs that Beast Tamers reserved were basically at this age. After all, if the cubs were too young, it would not be easy for Beast Tamers to take care of them.

“Is it this one?” Shi Yu was overjoyed when he saw the little metal-eating beast. He felt that he had not waited for three months in vain.

This iron-eating beast cub had soft black and white fur, and its short tail was very cute.

At this moment, it also noticed Shi Yu and Lin Xiuzhu. Above its round cheeks, the eyes within its big dark eye-circles were looking at them brightly and seriously.

“Yes…” Lin Xiuzhu nodded.

“It seems very normal,” Shi Yu said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the iron-eating beast cub immediately looked away from the two of them, as if it didn’t want to be disturbed. It then suddenly sprinted on the spot and hit a tree trunk with a bang. Then, it was bounced back and rolled on the ground several times before stopping.

Shi Yu added, “Alright, she doesn’t look very smart.”

Lin Xiuzhu helplessly covered her forehead and said, “This young iron-eating beast had some problems when it was born, and its birth was not smooth. Its physique is slightly weaker than other young iron-eating beasts’.

“The iron-eating beasts at the same age as it have already successfully awakened their hardening abilities before the age of one. Only this one has not awakened it even now.”

Under normal circumstances, the earlier a pet of the same species awakened its racial skills, the better its aptitude and talent would be. For those who awakened slowly, it naturally meant that their talent was poor. That was why this iron-eating beast was left.

“In short, due to individual differences, its personality has also started to become different from other iron-eating beasts’.”

Iron-eating beasts had the same personality and habits as giant pandas. Other than eating half the time every day, the other half was spent sleeping.

In most cases, iron-eating beasts were very docile. When they saw people, they would often cover their faces with their front paws or lower their heads, not revealing their true appearance. They rarely took the initiative to attack other creatures.

Therefore, they were highly recommended to be trained by novice Beast Tamers.

However, this iron-eating beast had different personal experiences. First, it developed slower than the other iron-eating beasts of the same batch. It also didn’t know what it should know. Then, it was left alone, and its personality had changed drastically.

It was anxious. Thus, it began to change its habits and self-discipline.

It actually worked hard to train on its own, hoping to awaken its hardening ability quickly and become stronger.

It was a rare iron-eating beast with dreams and wasn’t lazy. Unfortunately, its talent was lacking.

After evolving, the iron-eating beast’s intelligence would not be low compared to other pets.

The tree crash just now was the way it trained its body.

“In other words, this young iron-eating beast’s talent is very poor, but it works very hard and is very diligent. It has nothing but a desire for improvement?” Shi Yu concluded and smiled.

“…Although you’re exaggerating a little, that sounds about right,” Lin Xiuzhu said. “But there’s no need to worry. It’s just that its natural development is slower. If it can be placed in the Beast-Taming Space to be nurtured, it can quickly adjust in the future.”

Moreover, such a disciplined iron-eating beast was actually very rare.

This kind of personality was usually a bonus.

Of course… there are drawbacks to this personality…?Lin Xiuzhu said in her heart.?It really eats too much due to its irregular lifestyle.

After all, if it wanted to train, its nutrition had to keep up.

“Then I’ll take it.”

Although ordinary iron-eating beasts were not bad, Shi Yu did not want docile pets that only ate and slept. They were too lazy.

He’d rather be the only lazy one if anyone was going to be.

It didn’t matter if its talent was good or bad. After all, he had the skill index.

Everyone knew that hard work and cheats were the way to go.

“Have you decided?” Lin Xiuzhu looked at Shi Yu in confusion.

Most Beast Tamers would be worried about their pet’s talent, right?

Otherwise, this young iron-eating beast would not have been left behind.

“I like pets that work hard… I think it will get along well with me.”

Yes, he had already thought up the accompanying moves for self-training.

“So, is there any discount?” Shi Yu still couldn’t forget about the discount.

Lin Xiuzhu was speechless. However, with Shi Yu’s information, she understood his situation.

She said, “This iron-eating beast sleeps less, so it will need more food.

“In terms of price… No, we treat every iron-eating beast equally here. However, if you wish, we can give you an additional month’s worth of Iron Bamboo.”

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Base was not only the breeding base of the iron-eating beasts, but it also produced one of their favorite foods, the Iron Bamboo.

Iron Bamboo was as hard as steel and was a mutated type of bamboo. It was the core food used to cultivate iron-eating beasts to master their hardening abilities. It was not cheap, and iron-eating beasts ate a lot.

A month’s worth of Iron Bamboo food was indeed a good addition. After all, it was a necessity.

“Thank you,” Shi Yu accepted.

Lin Xiuzhu nodded. Since Shi Yu had already confirmed it, she walked forward and came to the side of the little metal-eating beast that was a little stunned by the impact earlier.

“Eleven, a Beast Tamer has finally chosen you. Are you happy?” She squatted down and smiled at the Iron Eater.

The iron-eating beasts here all had their own numbers, and so did the cubs. This special iron-eating beast cub was number eleven, so the breeders here basically called it Number Eleven.

The Iron Eater sat up silently, then looked at Shi Yu in the distance, and blinked.

Although it was happy that a Beast Tamer had acknowledged it… it was too late!

It sat on the ground with its arms raised high and howled.

Iron-eating beasts would never be slaves!

It could also grow stronger by itself!

After saying that, it got up and wanted to run away. It planned to escape in front of the staff of the breeding base.

Iron-eating beasts were fearless!

There was no need for Beast Tamers.

Then, before it could start running, Lin Xiuzhu grabbed its neck and lifted it up.

Shi Yu, who had telepathy, was speechless.

Not bad, very energetic.

On the other side, Lin Xiuzhu sighed and pressed the metal-eating beast to the ground.

Although she was just a girl, she was surprisingly strong.

She was definitely a Beast Tamer. After contracting with a pet, the power of the pet would also be fed back to the Beast Tamer, increasing the Beast Tamer’s mental strength and physical fitness.

Although she could not fight supernatural creatures with her bare hands, it would not be a problem for her to instantly kill the fighting experts and athletes on Earth.

“Listen up. If you dare to run away, you won’t have any food. And after becoming a Beast Tamer’s pet, not only will your growth speed be several times faster than it is now, but the hardening ability that you couldn’t awaken before can also be awakened quickly.

“Furthermore, there’s a more comfortable resting environment and a richer variety of food. It’s much more blissful than staying here.”

Lin Xiuzhu was very serious as she explained to the young iron-eating beast. It seemed like she had the telepathy talent, or maybe she had been playing the role of the iron-eating beast for so long that they could even understand her words.

After she finished speaking, the iron-eating beast cub was stunned.

It looked at Shi Yu with a blank expression.

Shi Yu said after a moment of silence, “Food and accommodation are included.”

Only when there is still money, Shi Yu added in his heart.

The iron-eating beast cub howled again, its expression even more confused and conflicted.

A better environment and food than a breeding base?

Saliva dripped from its mouth.

In the end, the temptation of the benefits a Beast Tamer could bring was greater than its willpower. The iron-eating beast cub nodded reluctantly.

I can’t take it anymore…

Iron-eating beasts would never be slaves and were fearless… unless food and shelter were provided.


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