Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 26: That Must be Fake!

Chapter 26: That Must be Fake!

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However, the little girl was not completely useless. He did not mind marrying her as a mistress if she could be slightly more understanding.

While he was still thinking about his plan, he heard Gu Xietian spoke, "Master Hu, please punish the two servants who deliberately accused Xijiu! There must be someone behind this, please help us find out who was the one who caused all these troubles to Xijiu and my family!"

Master Hu quickly promised him that he would. Gu Xietian said to Rong Yan, "Twelfth Prince, it’s really fortunate that our daughter is free from accusations; that being said, you’re free from worries as well."

Rong Yan smiled reluctantly, "You’re right, I knew she wouldn’t do that, I’m really relieved!"

It came to an end and everyone was ready to leave.

Gu Xijiu who stood aside this entire time suddenly voiced out, "My Twelfth Prince, I would like to seek your advice. I thought I would check with you some other day, but since you’re already here today and the trivial matters had been finalized, could you help me solve some problems?"

Rong Yan tried his best to listen and said, "Yes, what do you need?"

Gu Xijiu slowly took out a paper bird from her sleeve and said, "I found this letter yesterday evening and realized that it was your writing. You invited me to meet at your secret residence nearby Ningwu Mountain…"

Rong Yan’s face was visibly upset even before she finished talking. Indeed, he did assign someone to leave such a message in her courtyard. However, he remembered that he also told Gu Xijiu to burn the letter after reading, how come she did not adhere to his instruction?!

However, he could not bring himself to admit. He interrupted her and said, "Xijiu, why would you say that? I've never written such a letter. Besides, I don’t have any private properties nearby Ningwu Mountain. Could you pass me the letter to have a look!? That must be a fake one!" He extended his arms and tried to grab the letter.

He wanted to destroy the evidence before everyone managed to react.

He suddenly used his Qing Gong[1] as he was in a hurry to get the letter. That was extremely fast!

Even General Gu could not avoid his speedy action.

He was very confident that he would grab it from her, however, he did not expect Gu Xijiu to move away, just as his palm almost touched the letter.

Gu Xijiu managed to escape from his grab.

Rong Yan was stunned. Gu Xijiu looked at him innocently and said, "Are you sure this is a fake one? I can recognize your writing…"

She suddenly turned around and looked at the Eighth Prince who was fiddling with his fan, "I heard that the Eighth Prince is good at calligraphy, why not we seek his help?" She instantly stuffed the letter into Rong Che’s hand.

Rong Yan looked pale, as the Eighth Prince was an expert in painting and calligraphy.

There was no way to escape his sharp eyes if it was really his writing.

Similarly, he could easily tell if it was a fake one.

He was in deep sh*t!

Rong Che’s hand was shaky as he opened the letter. He looked at the letter and then shifted his gaze to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu crossed her arms in front of her chest innocently.

Translator's Note:

[1] Qing Gong is a qigong / martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight, by altering the distribution and flow of qi

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