Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 4: Underestimation

Chapter 4: Underestimation

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Gu Xijiu pulled the bed drapes and wrapped herself up, while taking a glance at the dead Count and smiled evilly.

The crazy Count has underestimated her!

Even though she had an internal force in her body, but her response was as quick as lightning!

Moreover, she had done some planning in her mind earlier and even calculated when the best time to attack was.

Count Le Hua was lying on the floor with his fierce eyes opened. His jade hairpin had penetrated his heart with blood slowly gushing out from the bottom of the pin.

He was naked. Gu Xijiu kicked off the blanket and it flew up into the air and onto his dead body. She left his charming face exposed and then took a handkerchief to close his eyes, to make it look like he was sleeping.

"My Count?" Someone was checking outside; the voice sounded like the two servants earlier. They must have returned from the mass grave.

Gu Xijiu quickly rushed back to bed and pulled down the bed drapes. All the drapes fell down and covered the entire bed.

"One of you, please come in." Gu Xijiu said, by imitating the voice of Count Le Hua.

The two servants did not suspect anything, and one of them entered the hall.

"Are you alright, My Count?" Servant A was checking at the doorstep.

"Come nearer." Gu Xijiu continued to say, in the voice of Count Le Hua.

Servant A did not dare disobey and walked towards the bed. He bent down...

"Shhh!" A gush of wind blew past and a shadow had just flown out from the curtains. Before he managed to raise his head to check it out, he only heard a cracking sound and his neck was broken instantly!

It was a pitiful sight to see, as he did not even have the chance to make any sound before he fell on the ground.

He did not even know who the murderer was!

Gu Xijiu dragged the dead servant to the back of the bed and then used the same method to lure the other servant. Similarly, the second servant was dead in just a few seconds.

She moved her wrist around, as she felt tired from moving so much without the internal force. Her speed was slightly slower than usual, but that was enough to kill them.

Gu Xijiu exhaled as she felt relieved. She cleaned up the scene and then left the hall.

Since the residence was solely for the Count to torture young girls, there were not many servants in there, apart from a few people who patrolled the vicinity.

Gu Xijiu was good at hiding herself, hence, nobody noticed her existence.

A moment later, she returned to the place where she had her bath earlier and killed both the women who could recognize her without a doubt.

Initially, she wanted to find her clothes, but only found some rags. Apparently, those people did not expect any of the young girls to survive, and that was why they destroyed all their belongings - which could expose their identity - after they were sent to Count Le Hua.

When she was about to remove the clothes from one of the dead women, she heard someone shouting, "The Count has been killed! Catch the murderer!"

It was too late!

Gu Xijiu tried to escape and disappeared instantly...

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