Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 27 – Remembered in my heart

“Liu Lei, you’re mine!” Zhao Yanyan said happily, the redness on her cheeks did not fade a bit.

“En, you’re mine,” I said.

“You can’t not want me in the future,” Zhao Yanyan’s tears fell softly, and dropped into my heart.

Likewise in Yanjiang, the Zhao Yanyan in my previous life was so far away. Yet she is in close proximity to me in this life, I changed history at this very moment, Zhao Yanyan became my right and proper wife.

Neither her nor I expected, in a motel, this cramp room, became our bridal chamber. This was all too sudden, yet it seemed so natural, there wasn’t excessive talks, all of it came naturally.

Communication on a spiritual level was far greater than a thousand, ten-thousand words. This moment, was scorched in my memory, forever remembered.

Zhao Yanyan carefully folded up the bed-sheet, and placed it into her backpack.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“It’s my first time, of course it’s to be a keepsake!” Zhao Yanyan didn’t shy away, and just walked naked around in front of me like that, causing my heart to feel cluttered.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t notice that my sexual desires have been aroused behind her, and was pushed onto the bed instantly…

“Don’t cherishing me at all, it’s my first time today!” Zhao Yanyan was very dissatisfied with my second coming.

“But it’s my first time too!” I pretended to be innocent and said.

“…#¥%…” Zhao Yanyan was speechless.

The two of us took a hot shower one by one, when I came out, Zhao Yanyan already got dressed, the bed sheet has already been changed, who knows how she talked to the reception desk.

At noon, Geezer Xu called us to eat. Zhao Yanyan and I were like newlyweds, and sweetly walked out of the room under each other’s support.

What welcomed us was Xu Ruo yun’s look of disdain, and she coldly said a sentence, “How old are you guys, not being ashamed!” Then she left first.

Geezer Xu saw my unhappy expression, and immediately came over to smooth things over, “Don’t take it to heart, the chick Ruoyun is like that!”

I snorted in annoyance, then went downstairs with Geezer Xu.

After lunch, Geezer Xu wanted to take us around. Zhao Yanyan had just turned from a girl into a woman, and even walking took a lot of effort, so used the excuse of being unwell to stay and rest back at the motel. I naturally had to stay behind as well, leaving only Geezer Xu and Xu Ruoyun to go out.

“Does it still hurt?” I asked quietly when we were going back to the room.

“Of course, don’t you see it taking me a lot of effort to even walk? If not then I would go out!” Zhao Yanyan let out a slightly unhappy sigh and leaned on me.

“Sorry…” I said lightly, because at that moment I didn’t know what I was supposed to say.

“Hubby ——“


“It doesn’t hurt now, how about we try again,” Zhao Yanyan stuck her whole body over, and said to be in a smooth voice.

“……·#¥%…—*” I was speechless once again.

Zhao Yanyan and I didn’t do anything else, we just left traces of our love from everywhere, from the motel bed to the floor, then to the bathroom, I could clearly feel the deep love that Zhao Yanyan has for me.

We got tired after that, so we embraced each other and lied on the bed. Zhao Yanyan snuggled in my embraced, and told me about her love.

I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s smooth back, and told her a sad story. The main character of the story was also called Liu Lei and Zhao Yanyan.

When Zhao Yanyan heard the “Liu Lei” in the story die, her face was full of tears.

When we woke up, the sky was already dark, the street likes shimmered, becoming a gorgeous blur.

“Are you hungry?” I asked Zhao Yanyan, who just woke up.

“A little,” Zhao Yanyan said. “You?”

“I’m starving…” I looked at the watch, it was already eight at night, and we didn’t know if Geezer Xu and his granddaughter returned yet.

When Zhao Yanyan and I finished getting dressed, it was already half an hour later. We locked the door, and noticed that the adjacent room was pitch dark, it looks like the two didn’t return yet.

We left the motel, and walked slowly on the streets. Zhao Yanyan’s body had already restored, and jumped around happily.

“Liu Lei, why do you think this is called Changan Street?” Zhao Yanyan asked me loudly while pointing to the road sign.

“I don’t know, could this be the Changan city during the Xihan era? I bullshited.

“What?! You illiterate, Changan city is in Xian, what did you learn in history!” Zhao Yanyan mocked.

“Hehe,” I was completely useless at history, but I do know quite a bit if you were to ask me about the future.

“So this is the capital city? So pretty!” Zhao Yanyan stopped pestering me about my illiteracy, and was attracted by the busy scenery around us.

The 1994 Huaxia capital city, was completely different from the edifice-filled, flourishing Yanjing, but compared to Songjiang city that was even more behind, this was already a first class metropolis.

The warm night autumn winds blew past our cheeks, with a hint of refreshing coolness. I pulled on Zhao Yanyan’s hands and arrived at a street stall, the owner immediately come over and greeted us, “What would your two like to eat?”

“Yanyan, have you eaten Maxiao before?” I asked after taking a glance at the menu.

“Maxiao? What’s Maxiao?”The word was very foreign to Zhao Yanyan.

Only then did I remember, the word Maxiao would only be understood by people that have lived in Yanjing, it’s just an abbreviation for Mala Crayfish. It is a dish that Zhao Yanyan really loved in the previous life, she would always order it every time at company gatherings, and gets really happy while eating it. However, because the number of black-hearted businessmen increased, the originally natural crayfish were started to be bred with chemical waste, after eating crayfish, the people would get a weird kind of disease, Zhao Yanyan never had anymore.

Suddenly my mind returned to 1994, the crayfish at this time should not have been contaminated, if we don’t eat it now, then we’ll never get to eat it.

“It’s just Mala Crayfish,” I explained.

The stall owner also praised himself on the said, “This xiaoge is obviously someone who understands food from first glance, we are not praising ourselves, the crayfish here is definitely the best in Jingcheng!”

Zhao Yanyan has never eaten it before, and seeing the enthusiastic promotion of it by the owner, we ordered five Maxiao, and a few skewers of lamb.

When the Maxiao came, Zhao Yanyan only took a bite, then started breathing out hear, then shouted after drinking a mouthful of soft drink, “So spicy, so spicy! I’m not eating it anymore! What is this!”

It looks like Zhao Yanyan’s ability to eat spicy food, has not been developed. Since she’s not eating it, then I won’t hold back, and demolished the remaining four and Zhao Yanyan’s remaining half.

When we returned to the motel, we found Geezer Xu who returned with tons of bags. Typical farmer actions, I sighed! However in 1994, a lot of people were proud of being able to bring stuff from other places back home.

Geezer Xu handed me the itinerary for the competition, then reminded me about the things to look out for doing the test. Then finally told me that we were going to meet at eight the next morning at the motel lobby, so don’t be late.

I looked at the itinerary, the competition was over two days, the geezer registered me for two, one was typing, the other was programming. Zhao Yanyan only had typing.

The competition was held near Ganjiakou, I didn’t understand why was the organized place so far away, judging with my experienced from my previous life, the organizer and the motel must have some link, but this was none of my concern, since there’ll be a bus to take us there tomorrow morning.

Zhao Yanyan and I watched a bit of TV at night, noticed that there aren’t many good shows, a lot of the channels were airing the popular sitcom I love my home.

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