Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 15

Feng Xinglang instinctively extended his hand over, and on the little yellow man's smiling face, he picked up a piece of mango, placed it into his mouth and slowly chewed it. Mango with a little honey was more refreshing.

When Feng Xinglang extended his hand over again, Xueluo actually hid the fruit plate next to her, "You can only eat one piece, the rest are for your big brother."

Feng Xinglang's heart warmed, and then he said gloomily: "My brother can only eat liquid food."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I... I'm going to go and get some puree. "

"No need! Give it to me. Maybe it's just as you said, my brother will be in a good mood."

Feng Xinglang took the fruit plate from Xueluo's hands. When his bony fingers touched the back of her hand, Xueluo's face inexplicably reddened for a moment.

But during tonight's feeding, Feng Xinglang was still unwilling to allow Xueluo in. Although Xueluo felt that as his wife, she had the duty to take care of him, seeing how deep of a love Feng Xinglang had for his big brother, she didn't force him. While Feng Xinglang was at home, he would take care of Feng Lixin. When he was not at home, she would take care of Feng Lixin.

After all, the affection between these two brothers was not something that an unfamiliar wife like her, who had just married into the family, could compare to. Furthermore, there was a Miss Lan between him and Feng Lixin. Hearing Nanny An's tone, Feng Lixin should be in love with this woman!

In the medical room.

Feng Lixin saw the smiling face diagram of the little yellow man. There was a smile on his face, but it was hard to see under the layers of scars. But Feng Xinglang could see through it.

Perhaps this is my big brother Feng Lixin's only smile in the past three months.

"What a clever and clever girl! Xinglang, you have really picked up a treasure! " Feng Lixin's mood was unusually cheerful.

"Brother, I've already obediently done with my marriage. Isn't it time for your skin grafting operation to be put on the agenda? " This was a topic that Feng Xinglang had repeated for the most part of half a month.

"No rush. I'll keep my body up for a few more days. "Let's wait a little longer!"

Every time he said this, Feng Lixin's gaze would always focus on a photo. The woman in the photo was called Lan Youyou, and she was also a kind and beautiful girl: "Youyou, after I settle down the matters between Xinglang and myself, I'll go to heaven to find you. You must wait for me!"

It was already deep into the night.

When Feng Xinglang returned to the marriage chamber, Xueluo was already asleep. She was also holding a book in his arms. A medical book on the treatment of burns.

Xueluo's long eyelashes drooped down, like a butterfly's wings spreading its wings lightly; even her breathing was light, and she was extremely careful to not disturb the others. Her black hair was scattered on the snow-white pillow. It looked even more charming than before. Its exquisite facial features were so beautiful that it could move one's heart.

The woman was sleeping soundly, like a lively fairy. She was so beautiful that she was almost holy.

Feng Xinglang stood by the bed and watched quietly for a while, then laid down beside Xueluo. Perhaps he was truly tired, or perhaps the beauty and calmness of a woman made him unable to bear to disturb her. After a while, he also fell asleep.

Thus, on the huge marriage bed, the heartbeats of two people could be heard.

When Xueluo woke up the next day, it was already dawn.

Heavens, how could she sleep so deeply? Originally, Xueluo was going to return to her room after Feng Lixin finished his physique treatment, but she didn't think that she would fall asleep first.

After getting up, Xueluo heard the sound of running water coming out from the bathroom. It should be Feng Lixin bathing.

Vaguely, Xueluo seemed to be able to smell a male hormone on the marriage bed that had a light mint scent.

When she thought about how it was difficult for Feng Lixin to move because of the burning, she was worried that he would run into trouble while he was in the bathroom. Xueluo immediately stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

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