Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 16

"Lixin, are you inside?" At the entrance of the bathroom, Xueluo stopped in her steps. She asked gently, "Do you need my help?"

The woman's caring voice sounded very warm, but that "Lixin" made Feng Xinglang slightly frown.

It was as if he wanted to hear how seductive it would be when she called him 'Xinglang'.

"Lixin, do you need my help?" Xueluo asked again. Seeing that there was no response for a long time, Xue Luo was really worried about Feng Lixin's physical disability who could not take care of himself. "Then I'll be coming in."

She was his wife. Helping a husband who could not take care of himself was also what his wife should do. In psychological terms, Xueluo could not get close to Feng Lixin who had ruined his appearance, but taking care of his daily life was also considered fulfilling her obligations as a wife.

Furthermore, Xueluo felt deep guilt towards Feng Lixin: Since she had already decided to marry him, she should not have run out of the bridal chamber on the night of the wedding and left him to bear the consequences himself. He must have felt terrible in his heart.

But in the bathroom, Feng Xinglang chose to be silent. As for what his intentions was, that was obvious.

He wanted to see what kind of panic the woman would have when she saw him. Would she be terrified or ruttish?

Thus, his lips curled up into an evil smile. Handsome and charming, yet evil and charming.

The door to the washroom was pushed open. Xueluo saw a prideful body that could move every woman's expression: The beauty of the muscles of a man, so naked that it could not be hidden at all. It appeared in front of her so casually just like that.

On his black hair, the water drops flowed down Feng Xinglang's neck all the way to his chest and continued down from that small sharp point, and finally fell into the magnificent, beautiful, and dense black.

At this moment, Lin Xueluo was practically dumbfounded by what she saw. To be honest, she really didn't want to see Feng Xinglang on purpose!

This, this was her and Feng Lixin's marriage! She really didn't know how the person taking a shower in the bathroom could be Feng Xinglang!

Perhaps it was just that those droplets of water were too mischievous that they wanted to attract Lin Xueluo's attention, so her gaze could only passively follow the flowing movements of those droplets of water … In the end, she unknowingly saw the most important part of the man.

"Feng... Feng Xinglang, you … You. Why are you here? " Xueluo was shocked speechless.

"You, you? If you've seen enough, then go out. " Feng Xinglang remained calm and collected.

He pulled out a towel and wrapped it around his waist. Then he started to wipe the water droplets on his black hair with the towel. It was as if the fact that he had been seen naked by a woman had not affected his mood.

However, Xueluo's heart was racing crazily nonstop. She was like a little deer. Her heart was suddenly in turmoil, and she was embarrassed.

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Xueluo felt her face burning with shame. She didn't dare to take another look and hurriedly ran out of the washroom as if there were a flood of ferocious beasts chasing after her. She ran all the way down the stairs.

Fine, she had to admit, that man's physique was really strong and beautiful. As a junior, she had also taken the art of human body classes. However, this was her first time witnessing a man's naked body.

Her heart was beating erratically like a deer, causing Xueluo's breathing to quicken.

How could she be so rash and happened to see her own brother-in-law's naked body? Furthermore, she was the one who took the initiative to push open the door and take a look.

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