Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 17

But the man inside was really … She clearly already warned him in advance, so why did he still not say anything? If he claimed that he was Feng Xinglang, Xueluo would definitely not barge in by accident.

Did he mean to embarrass her?

Xueluo felt that Feng Xinglang had done it intentionally.

Because that was her and Feng Lixin's room. The Feng Family was a huge villa with no less than five or six bathrooms. Why did he choose her room?

Before she had entered, she had knocked on the door and even asked if Feng Lixin was inside. The man clearly should have heard it. Then why didn't he respond to her? If he answered her, why would there be a chance for her to barge in and see his naked body?

It must be this man's prank!

How could he tease his sister-in-law like that? That would also be disrespecting his big brother Feng Lixin!

After thinking about it, Xueluo felt that if she made a big deal of this matter to tell Feng Lixin, it might affect the relationship between the two of them. The key was that Feng Lixin's health was not good, and Xueluo did not want to anger him over such trivial matters.

However, Xueluo didn't want to just bear with it. She didn't want to uphold the dignity of a sister-in-law. She only wanted Feng Xinglang's rude and tyrannical brother-in-law to respect her at the very least. It was the same as respecting his own blood brother!

Xueluo thought of one person, and that was the Nanny An.

Although Nanny An was only a servant, she had served her Feng Brothers for more than twenty years and was even closer than their own mother.

"Nanny An, Feng Xinglang should have his own room, right?"

Nanny An was startled by Xueluo's sudden question. Second Young Master's room? Wasn't it precisely the wedding room of them?

"Nanny An, Feng Xinglang will definitely want to hear what you have to say. Just tell him not to take a shower in his brother's wedding room in the future. Now that Lixin is a married man, it would more or less be inconvenient for him. " Xueluo tactfully said.

Sigh, Nanny An let out a silent sigh: Second Young Master originally didn't want to get married, but he was forced to do so by Eldest Young Master.

But it was inconvenient for Nanny An to say anything. If Second Young Master Feng Xinglang did not see the sincerity of Xueluo, how could he fall in love with her? If they asked him to treat this girl, Xueluo, nicely, it would be difficult!

"Alright, I'll talk to Second Young Master later." The Nanny An made an excuse.

"Thank you, Nanny An." Xueluo thanked him gently.

"Oh right, Nanny An, give me Lixin's breakfast, I'll feed him this morning." Xueluo picked up the specially made medicinal liquid meal from the bar counter, but didn't expect that when she turned around, she would meet Feng Xinglang's unfathomable gaze.

So this man probably heard what she said to the Nanny An just now.

It was better. Just to alert him. Don't be so frivolous to his sister-in-law! Disrespecting his sister-in-law was tantamount to disrespecting his own elder brother.

But how could Xueluo have thought that the man in front of her was the real husband of her in law!

Because of the awkwardness in the bathroom just now, Xueluo felt a little embarrassed and didn't dare to look straight at Feng Xinglang. With a quick glance, he shifted his gaze away.

The rhythm of her heart had lost its rhythm. It was as if a symphony orchestra had been installed in her heart, and the melody was roaring in the depths of her soul.

"Give me my brother's breakfast." Feng Xinglang's voice was tainted with an inexplicable sense of anger.

"Let me do it!" Xueluo clenched her teeth and looked straight into the man's eyes, "One day, you will marry your own woman, and you will have your own home. At that time, your brother will still need me to take care of you."

"No woman is more important than my brother!" Feng Xinglang's voice seemed to be cold to the bone.

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