Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 18

Watching the man carry the breakfast up the stairs with his straight back, Xueluo's heart inexplicably ached. She didn't know if her heart ached because of the man's words of brotherly affection, or because of the bone-piercing coldness hidden deep in the man's bones.

In the physiotherapy room.

Feng Lixin ate a mouthful of medicinal food that his brother Feng Xinglang had fed him, and spoke with a bit of fatigue: "In the future, just let Nanny An do all of this. Since you have the time, you might as well go and accompany Xueluo. "

"I've contacted the burn specialist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. When are you planning to leave?" This was the topic that Feng Xinglang was most concerned about.

"Why do you keep thinking about me? You should bring Xueluo to have a honeymoon."

Feng Lixin ate another mouthful of medicinal food, "If you guys had a child on this honeymoon, I'll be happy, and I would be able to get my health better and set off."

Without a doubt, this was Feng Lixin's plan to delay the thing.

"Child should be the crystallization of love! I will not allow a woman with ill intentions to bear my, Feng Xinglang's, child. " Feng Xinglang deserved to be resolute and cold.

"Xinglang, Xueluo is a good girl." Feng Lixin let out a long sigh, "Why must you disguise as me to scare her? If you look at her with your true face, she will definitely fall in love with you! Don't make things too difficult for the young lady. "

"It's fine if I don't make things difficult for her. You obediently come with me to the United States for a skin transplant!"

Feng Xinglang used Xueluo to 'fight' with his big brother, Feng Lixin. He couldn't let his big brother continue to play a slow down tactic on him!

"Xueluo is your, Feng Xinglang's, wife." Feng Lixin suddenly realised that he could not even win his brother Feng Xinglang. It used to be like this, but now it is even more so. He's been better at thinking since he was a kid.

"Isn't that because of you forcing me to get married?! I've already obediently made this marriage, do you have to obediently follow me to America? It's not good to force me to use violence. " Feng Xinglang said half threatening, half coaxing.

Feng Lixin's gaze once again fell upon the photo: Youyou, what meaning do I had if I didn't live in your world!

The woman in the photo made Feng Xinglang frown: For a woman, Big Brother Feng Lixin's will was depressed like this?

Originally, Xueluo wanted to take advantage of the summer vacation to volunteer at the orphanage. But to think that she was already a wife, taking care of her husband, whose movements were inconvenient and who could not take care of himself, should be even more of a burden.

Therefore, after eating breakfast, Xueluo decided to learn how to clean Feng Lixin's body from Doctor Jin's assistant.

Just as Xueluo was about to put on the sterile coat, a call came in from the orphanage, saying that Principal Chi was sick and had been hospitalized. She quickly put down her work and rushed to the hospital where Principal Chi was.

For more than a year, Xueluo had not been acknowledged and accepted by Wen Meijuan, and she had lived and ate with Principal Chi every day. Even after he returned to the Xia Family, Principal Chi would still frequently call Xueluo to take care of him.

Only after rushing to the hospital did he find out that Principal Chi had collapsed while collecting money for the child with congenital heart disease. The amount of funds that could be raised, coupled with the relief from the hospital, was still lacking by about a hundred thousand yuan. But the child's heart valve surgery had to be done without delay.

A hundred thousand dollars was an astronomical amount of money for an abandoned baby with congenital heart disease.

However, to those rich people, it might just be a simple act of kindness.

Xueluo decided to help that pitiful child, and at the same time helped the exhausted Principal Chi who was so worried about her lungs.

The first thing that Xueluo thought of to do was to go to the Xia Family to ask for some money. This was not the first time she went to Xia Family to speak up for the children in the orphanage.

Under normal circumstances, as long as there weren't too many, Uncle Xia Zhengyang would usually agree to her request. Because Xia Zhengyang knew that Xueluo, the niece had a kind heart. But this time, Xia Zhengyang was not in the company.

What should he do?

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