Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 19

Xueluo had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to Xia Family to beg for the money from her aunt.

"What? You want a hundred thousand dollars to save a child who has nothing to do with you. You are so kind."

Aunt Wen Meijuan did not hold much enthusiasm for Lin Xueluo's kindness, "Don't those kids from the orphanage have a Red Cross? And speaking about those charities, did they really need you to be so carefree!? "

"Aunt, Principal Chi has already raised donations, and the hospital has promised to reduce some of the medical fees, but they are still short of a hundred thousand. That child is really sick. He won't be able to wait more than a few days. " Xueluo was moved.

Wen Meijuan stroked her bun that was tied up slightly and snorted: "You are not the boss, and do not know how expensive food and salt are. Just based on the living expenses that your uncle gave you, forget about a hundred thousand, even ten thousand yuan is a little tight. "

To be honest, donating was originally a type of voluntary act that required a person's self-awareness. Since Aunt was not willing to take it, Xueluo also did not want to make things difficult for her. But Xueluo really couldn't bear to see his aunt deliberately come up with such a crappy excuse.

She then said straightforwardly, "Aunt, didn't Butler Mo just give you ten million yuan as a gift the day before yesterday?"

How could he say that she couldn't even afford ten thousand? Taking a hundred thousand dollars out of ten million as kindness towards others was also a good deed without limits.

"What? What did you say? You're still thinking about that 10 million dollar betrothal gift? Heh heh, Lin Xueluo, you've only been married for two days and you already know that you have turned your elbow! You even want to take back the money for the betrothal gift for Feng Family? Was it Feng Lixin who taught you to do this? "

"Aunt, don't misunderstand. It's not Feng Lixin's idea, it's just that I want to help the Principal Chi raise money. " Xueluo explained anxiously.

"Alright, stop explaining yourself! The money was given by Feng Lixin. If you want it back, then let him, Feng Lixin, personally come and take it. "

Wen Meijuan bellowed. She clearly knew that: with Feng Family's position and face, how could he possibly ask Xia Family for a mere ten million? She just did not want to take advantage of Lin Xueluo. Donating money was not a good thing at all. It was just a pretense.

Wen Meijuan couldn't understand Xueluo's kindness, and it was just like how Xueluo also couldn't understand why Wen Meijuan didn't help the pitiful child despite the fact that he had the ability and was just raising his hand.

Xueluo didn't want to use morals to kidnap her aunt Wen Meijuan. After greeting her, she left the Xia Family.

But Xueluo truly cared about the Principal Chi's brotherly heart. Even though she knew that her abilities were limited and she could not make it, Xueluo still wanted to give it a try. After all, compared to the Principal Chi who was trying her best to think of a way, Xueluo still had a better condition.

Since she could not enter the treatment room, Xueluo naturally could not see Feng Lixin, nor did she mention the hundred thousand gold coins.

Xueluo thought of another person: the mysterious person that Xia Yiqin mentioned, was the financial alligator that was rumored to control more than half of the economic lifeline of Shen City, Feng Xinglang. Excluding the rudeness he showed to her, he was still loyal to his big brother Feng Lixin.

Thinking about the Nanny An saying that Feng Xinglang liked to eat mango and steak, as well as some pasta and so on. She spent the afternoon studying pasta and the combination of mango and steak.

A Thai mango steak salad, delicious and low in fat, and a black pepper beef fillet.

Seeing that Xueluo was wholeheartedly making the dishes that Second Young Master liked to eat, Nanny An was truly happy from the bottom of her heart. Finally, it was the time for Second Young Master and his wife to part from the clouds and see the clear sky.

When Feng Xinglang returned to Feng Family, Nanny An hurriedly took Feng Lixin's dinner out and went upstairs, "Second Young Master, I will go serve First Young Master for dinner. Madame has cooked for you all afternoon. You should go and have a taste. "

This woman had acted like a chaste and fierce woman in the morning, yet she had made him a table full of delicious food this afternoon … What was she going to do?

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