Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 20

Facing the man's deep gaze, Xueluo's heart palpitated, the beautiful scene of the man's bathing in the morning suddenly surfaced in her mind, causing her to blush. She was so beautiful that people couldn't tear their eyes away.

It was a kind of fresh and sweet, clean flavor of a newly opened love story!

From Xueluo's flickering beautiful eyes, Feng Xinglang could tell that the woman seemed to have something to say to him, but she had been mulling over it and had no way of opening her mouth.

"You cooked it?" he asked coldly as he sat down at the dining table.

Xueluo nodded, she wanted to say something but hesitated. Her heart palpitated again as she looked at the man's angular profile.

Feng Xinglang tasted a mouthful of the Thai mango steak salad. It felt really cool and refreshing eating it in his mouth, just like Xueluo who was wearing a snow spinning dress. What about the taste of the woman?

The gaze Feng Xinglang looked at her with was obviously cold and indifferent, but when it landed on Xueluo, it was as if his eyes had been heated and burned every inch of her skin; This man's killing gaze was truly powerful.

"Such a smart woman like you shouldn't be so carefree. Tell me your motive for being so attentive. " Feng Xinglang asked indifferently.

Well, she was still seen through by this man. She really did have a request from him.

Xueluo pursed her lips and said softly, "Can you give me ten hundred thousand for donation?"

Feng Xinglang paused for a moment before gracefully finishing the noodles on his fork, and said: "Okay. You go upstairs and I'll bring it to you. "

Ah, this man was so easy to talk to? He didn't ask her what she wanted the charity money for, but she agreed just like that?

He really was rich! It seemed that Xia Yiqin was right when she said that he was the new wealthy tycoon of Shen City!

Feng Xinglang walked in front. His legs were sturdy, his footsteps steady; Xueluo almost had to jog to keep up with his pace. Fortunately, the walk upstairs was not long.

In the room, Feng Xinglang suddenly turned around, suppressing Xueluo who was behind him between his chest and the wall. No matter how one looked at it, it looked like a wall scene in a love movie.

"Feng Xinglang, you, what are you doing?" Xueluo's breathing instantly slowed down by half a beat.

"Lin Xueluo, you have only offered yourself for one hundred thousand. Is it a bit cheap?" Feng Xinglang used his robust physique to squeeze out the air between him and Xueluo, making the bond between them become even closer, "But you're pretty self-aware, knowing that you're only worth one hundred thousand!"

At this moment, Xueluo finally understood: the reason why the man asked her to come upstairs was not to give her money, but to take the chance to ridicule and humiliate her.

"Feng Xinglang, I was wrong! It's fine if you don't want to give it to me, but let me go. " Xueluo bellowed.

"Since you already asked me for it, how can I not give it to you? I've always been generous to women! If you serve me well, maybe the price will double! "

Feng Xinglang's handsome face turned evil, and his legs forced Xueluo's legs open, "But I want to test your price first!"

"Feng Xinglang, you bastard! Don't touch me. I am your …" Before Xueluo could finish speaking, she suddenly stopped.

Every cell in her body could clearly feel that a finger that did not belong to her had entered a territory that did not belong to him.

Following the softness inside, Feng Xinglang touched what he wanted.

He seemed to be slightly taken aback. He had not expected that this woman who did not have an impure heart and an impure purpose would possess such a clean body!

After the shock, Xueluo struggled angrily, "Feng Xinglang, don't touch me. Get out of me! "

The woman struggled and twisted in an untamed manner, forcing Feng Xinglang to retract his finger. He scolded her in a low voice, "Idiot woman, don't move! You'll break it. "

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