Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 21

### Chapter 21 - Small interactions between husband and wife

It was hard to associate the reason why Xueluo married into the Feng Family with anything pure and clean.

At first, they were seeking marriage in Feng Lixin's name, but Feng Lixin's face was completely ruined by that huge fire. Therefore, the intentions of the women who came to propose marriage was naturally obvious as well — — They were after the Feng Family's money.

Xueluo had just opened his mouth to ask Feng Xinglang for some money, so he naturally categorized her as Feng Family's money and power.

It was just that Feng Xinglang did not expect that such a woman with ill intentions would actually maintain the cleanliness and naivety of her body. Her instinctive reaction and reckless struggle could not be faked. You know, if she wasn't careful, she would have given her first time to his finger! For a woman, it would be a lifelong regret.

Therefore, when Xueluo struggled with all her strength, she withdrew her finger from her body. He had preserved the beauty of a woman. Another kind of compassion?

Tears rolled down Xueluo's face. She was embarrassed and angry. Just now, that man had actually done that to her! She was his' sister-in-law '. How could he humiliate her so frivolously?!

"Feng Xinglang, what you have done to me, are you ashamed of your big brother?" Xueluo stared at the man with tears in her eyes.

"What does this have to do with my big brother?" Feng Xinglang indifferently snorted as he took out a tissue from the side and wiped off his finger.

That's right, it had nothing to do with Big Bro Feng Lixin if he and his wife were to speak of love.

"..." Being this leisurely and completely unaware of the heinous crime that Feng Xinglang had committed, Xueluo was so angry that he was at a loss for words. After a long while, a word came out from between his teeth: "Feng Xinglang, you're shameless!"

After that, Xueluo used all his might to struggle free from Feng Xinglang's restraints. He ran out of the marriage chamber in embarrassment and stumbled down the stairs.

"What? You don't want that hundred thousand yuan in charity money anymore?" Feng Xinglang reminded the woman of her original intention of cooking for him.

Xueluo who received the most humiliation could only run around with his head buried. She really couldn't accept the fact that she had been slighted by her 'brother-in-law'.

Not just frivolous, but completely … He even extended his finger inside his own body. That was a forbidden area that women cherished the most! How could he be so rude!

Those actions and actions had already exceeded the scope of being rude! This was simply outrageous and despicable.

How could a 'brother-in-law' do such an unspeakable thing to his sister-in-law?

How would Xueluo know that this man who had molested her was her new husband? The intimacy between husband and wife, although not romantic, and a little rude, was not as' despicable 'as she said.

In other words, wouldn't all the married men in the world be categorized by her as shameless and despicable people?

At most, it was just an interaction of love between husband and wife! At least, Feng Xinglang didn't feel that there was anything excessive about his actions, but he was truly ashamed and ashamed. She really couldn't accept the fact that she was being slighted by her 'brother-in-law'!

Moreover, this kind of frivolity was beyond the bottom of her heart!

Go and tell this to Feng Lixin? But could his physical condition bear the fact that his own wife had been slighted by his younger brother? The moment he thought about how Feng Lixin used his own life in exchange for Feng Xinglang's healthy life, Xueluo felt sad for him!

How could Feng Xinglang treat her that way? To be so disrespectful to her, was equivalent to being disrespectful to his elder brother, Feng Lixin!

Xueluo could not bear it any longer and ran down the stairs with tears in her eyes.

"Madam... Madame. What's the matter with you? Why are you crying? " Nanny An, who was busy in the living room, walked up to him.

But Xueluo only shook her head, she didn't know how to tell Nanny An about the shameful matter, so she could only choose to escape! Thus, she quickly ran out of the Feng Family's villa.

Until Xueluo's slim figure disappeared from the courtyard outside Feng Family's villa, Feng Xinglang seemed to have realized that this time, she was truly driven away by him. Wasn't it what he had expected?

Seeing the tall and straight Feng Xinglang, Butler Mo retracted his gaze and asked Feng Xinglang humbly, "Second Young Master, I will go out and see my wife. She's just a girl, running out in the middle of the night.

"You're not allowed to go!" Feng Xinglang said sharply, "A woman with such scheming mind, there is no need for you to worry about her safety!"

"Second Young Master, Miss Xueluo is really not some scheming woman. When I went to Xia Family to propose in my name, even the three thousand gold coins couldn't compare to it. Only Miss Xueluo … "

"Alright Old Mo, looks like she also deceived you by disguising your purity! Why was it that when the Xia Family's three thousand gold was unwilling to marry, she, Lin Xueluo, was willing to marry? She had only been married for three days, yet she had already offered her own price! Only a hundred thousand? Heh, he did a good job in this show! And you even know how to catch big fish in the long line! " Feng Xinglang scoffed.

Butler Mo knew very well that ever since First Young Master Feng Lixin had been severely injured, he had become even more cold and heartless. Even the innocent Xueluo would be categorized as someone who was plotting against him.

"Second Young Master, no matter what, Miss Xueluo is your wife in law!" Butler Mo said helplessly.

Legal wife? Feng Xinglang stopped in his tracks as he turned around to head upstairs. He seemed to have gotten a piece of paper called the marriage certificate from the woman called Lin Xueluo.

"Alright, I'll go out and take a look. You're not allowed to say a single word to my brother about what happened tonight! Otherwise... "You all understand." With a cold voice, Feng Xinglang walked towards the door of the hall.

Watching Feng Xinglang leave, both Housekeeper Mo and Nanny An sighed.

"Such a good lady like Xueluo has troubled her!"

"Everything will be fine. I believe that Miss Xueluo will become a successful Feng Family. I believe even more that our Second Young Master will fall in love with Miss Xueluo. "

"With Second Young Master's temper, I'm afraid it will be difficult!"

There were no stars in the night sky, everything was dark and gloomy.

The sky that was covered by dark clouds looked like it was about to collapse, causing people to feel extremely depressed.

A gust of wind blew against Xueluo's thin snow spinning dress. It was clearly a summer night, but Xueluo felt a bone-piercing coldness.

She didn't blame her parents for sending her to her uncle Xia Zhengyang's family to raise her since she was young; nor did she blame her uncle and aunt for forcing her to marry the crippled Feng Lixin in order to resolve this desperate situation … Then who could they blame? I can only blame her, Lin Xueluo, for her tragic fate!

After running out of the room, Xueluo realized that he was in a rush and did not even have time to grab his wallet or phone. Furthermore, he hadn't even eaten a single mouthful of dinner, yet he had laboriously cooked a table full of dishes for that despicable man. Under the cold wind, Xueluo felt even hungrier.

Go back to the Feng Family to get it? Xueluo would rather starve to death on the streets than watch that man molest him!

That man was too much! He actually dared to do such a shameless thing to his sister-in-law. Was he worthy of his elder brother's love?

Sigh, actually, the small act of love between you two husband and wife has nothing to do with this brother of his!

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