Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 22

### Chapter 22 - She would only feel more pain!

Misfortunes come in pairs.

Xueluo hugged his body tightly to reduce the coldness and hunger. He walked aimlessly along the stormy streets, not knowing that there were already two hoodlums in the shape of Matt.

"Beauty, how about one person? Accompany Big Bro home to recuperate from your fatigue. " Matt, whose hair was dyed purple, took a step forward and patted Xueluo's shoulder.

Xueluo was shocked, retracting his previous sorrowful mood and rebuked, "What are you trying to do? Stay away from me. "

A jet-black Ferrari was hiding in the flowerbed in the side road. Feng Xinglang's gaze carried a hint of amusement, he really wanted to see what this idiotic woman would do in this kind of situation, when she came out in the middle of the night and had no idea what to do.

Xueluo didn't want to talk to this delinquent any longer, so he sprinted towards the asphalt road that was filled with cars.

However, she didn't expect there to be another killer in front of her that would block her way. "Why are you running? You can't run until you've served us brothers well!" Come on, girl, we'll pay you. "

"Scum!" Xueluo berated loudly, then shouted loudly, "Someone come, help me! Catch those hooligans! "

The two killing machines seemed to have not expected the seemingly frail Lin Xueluo to have such a high pitch throat, and it was even filled with all their might, causing them to panic. One of them reflexively pulled out a beautiful blade from his body, and waved it in front of Xueluo, "Stupid woman, if you dare call me again, I'll cut your throat!"

Seeing the man take out the beautiful blade, Xueluo panicked, and thought it was fake if he did not say he was afraid, but Xueluo trembled on one side, while forcing himself to calm down. The man took the opportunity to fly towards Xueluo …

Just at that moment, a robust physique leapt towards the two hooligans like a whirlwind. He aimed at Matt, who was still holding the sword, and threw a powerful right hook. The purple-haired Murderer immediately followed Feng Xinglang's right hook punch and fell.

When Xueluo saw clearly that the 'kind-hearted person' who helped him turned out to be Feng Xinglang, his entire person became even dimmer. It was as if Feng Xinglang was even more detestable and detestable to her than these two hooligans.

Taking this opportunity, Xueluo took off the shoes on his feet, and struck towards the face of the delinquent who wanted to hug her; the heels of his high heels struck the delinquent's head, and Xueluo instinctively released his hands.

Without even looking at Feng Xinglang, Xueluo put on his shoes and rushed onto the asphalt. He stopped a taxi and quickly left the scene.

Was that man passing by, or had he gone out to see her embarrassed? Anyway, that man definitely wouldn't have any good intentions!

The jet black Ferrari followed the taxi in front of them. After seeing that Xueluo and An Ping had arrived at Xia Family, only then did Feng Xinglang put on the throttle and left. The woman had just taken off her high heels and was violently beating the little hoodlum.

On the way back to the Feng Family, Feng Xinglang's heart suddenly felt empty. It was an indescribable feeling!

Xia Family.

Xia Zhengyang, the patriarch of the family, had just returned from a business trip. Wen Meijuan was asking him why he was late by two hours. What have you been doing these two hours? Because Wen Meijuan found out that tonight's flight was not late at all.

"Uncle, Aunt." I'm back. " Xueluo's voice was hoarse.

"Xueluo? Why did you come back? Why are you crying? " Xia Zhengyang could not bother to explain it to his wife, so he asked Xueluo.

"I'm fine. He missed home, so he came back. "Uncle, Aunt, I'm going upstairs to rest. Good night."

Xueluo did not speak of what happened to him in the Feng Family. Because Uncle Xia Zhengyang and Aunt Wen Meijuan were not people he could talk about. If they had listened to her narration, Xueluo would not have been forced to marry into the Feng Family.

Could his uncle Xia Zhengyang's family be considered his own home? Regarding the concept of home, Xueluo seemed to be unclear.

"What happened to Xueluo?" Xia Zhengyang asked with a pained heart. After all, Xueluo was his sister's daughter, his niece.

"I'm probably still thinking about the gift from the Feng Family." Regarding Lin Xueluo's return, Wen Meijuan did not really welcome him.

"I think she escaped back because she couldn't stand Feng Lixin's torture." Xia Yishu who had finished studying said sinisterly.

Hearing his daughter's words, Xia Zhengyang was startled, thinking: "Could it be that this Feng Lixin has been disfigured and has lost his humanity?"

No matter what happens, as long as Xueluo wants to live in the Xia Family, we have to welcome him. No one is allowed to slap her face! Did you hear that? Especially you, Wen Meijuan! " Xia Zhengyang said solemnly.

Wen Meijuan glanced at the stairs, and did not say a word.

In the attic on the third floor. Xueluo locked himself in his room and cried out.

Being forced to marry a crippled Feng Lixin, Xueluo had no other choice. She thought, as long as she took good care of Feng Lixin, she would have done her duty as a wife.

But she really did not think that Feng Xinglang would actually humiliate her time and time again. This time, it was even more excessive. He actually put his finger into a place that was difficult for a woman to speak of. Xueluo tightly held onto his leg. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his position was strange and dangerous.

Thus, she rushed into the washroom and thoroughly washed herself three times.

However, he could still smell the man's breath, which was slightly refreshing. He couldn't wash it off no matter how hard he tried. It was as if it was branded onto her body.

Xia Zhengyang knocked on the door and came in, bringing Xueluo's favorite jujube cake and aloe yoghurt.

"Xueluo, have you eaten dinner yet?" Xia Zhengyang asked affectionately, "Uncle was clumsy. When I was having the hot date cake, I almost put the yogurt into the microwave to heat it up."

"Uncle …" Xueluo sobbed and threw himself into Xia Zhengyang's embrace, choked with sobs. Xueluo didn't know whether his parents had passed away or gone missing. In these twenty-two years, her uncle Xia Zhengyang was her only family.

"I'm sorry, it was Uncle that made you feel wronged in order to resolve this urgent matter." Xia Zhengyang patted Xueluo's back as he reflected on it with guilt.

"Feng Lixin's appearance... Did I scare you? Did he bully you? " Xia Zhengyang asked gently.

Xueluo shook his head, "No. Lixin treats me pretty well. "

Seeing that Xueluo did not want to say anything more, Xia Zhengyang did not ask, "Xueluo, you can stay at your uncle's house without worry. This is your home, too. You can stay for as long as you want. "

Feng Family.

Feng Lixin only found out the afternoon of the second day that Xueluo fled in anger for Feng Xinglang.

"Feng Xinglang! You're going too far! Hurry and get Xueluo back! If you can't get it back, then don't come back either! "

Feng Lixin was so angry that he almost choked. Although Xueluo had only been married to the Feng Family for four days, he had a very good impression of Xueluo. A very good girl. Only by handing Feng Xinglang over to such a good girl would Feng Lixin be able to feel at ease. Even if he died, he would be able to close his eyes and rest in peace.

"Brother, calm down first." She was the one who had to go. Maybe she thought it was sad to marry me. Why do you have to force her to come back? She will only suffer even more! " Feng Xinglang said coldly.

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