Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 23

### Chapter 23 - It was like a pain!

"Alright!" Feng Xinglang, you aren't going there, are you? Okay, I'll go! I, Feng Lixin will personally go! " Feng Lixin shouted in anger.

He wanted to sit up, but he was caught by the infusion tubes; the fire assaulted his heart, and Feng Lixin immediately pulled away the needles that were stuck in his body. His breath failed to catch up in the next second, and he almost froze on the bed.

"Young Master Feng …" Doctor Jin immediately resuscitated Feng Lixin.

"Brother … …" "I'm sorry!" Feng Xinglang never thought that his big brother Feng Lixin would be so serious that he had to rely on his breathing machine to survive.

Feng Lixin who was unable to say a word, waved his hand at Feng Xinglang, and turned his head to no longer look at him. He didn't know what Feng Xinglang had done to Xueluo, nor did he know if Xueluo could still forgive him. Endless grief enveloped him as Feng Lixin lightly sobbed. He truly wanted to find a good girl to take good care of his brother Feng Xinglang after his death!

"Brother, calm down." I will go and find your virtuous younger brother and daughter-in-law right now. " Feng Xinglang spoke truthfully.

After half an hour, the medical room regained its tranquility, and Feng Lixin was able to recover from the fire that struck her heart.

"Doctor Jin, tell me, am I right or wrong in forcing Xueluo and Xinglang together? Looking at the situation, Xinglang was not even prepared to treat Xueluo sincerely! If I were to hurt another innocent Xueluo, my heart would be at ease. " Feng Lixin's voice was even softer, as if she was almost unable to speak.

"It's like a pain! which is something that Xinglang and Xueluo must experience! " Doctor Jin sighed, "But I heard from Butler Mo that Xinglang went after her last night, and helped Xueluo beat away the hooligan who tried to molest her! I think that Second Young Master will slowly accept Xueluo after discovering her good points more and more. To be able to make Second Young Master fall in love with a woman, she will definitely be very happy! "

"I hope so! I also hope that they will fall in love early on! "

Xia Family.

It was dinner time when Feng Xinglang rushed to Xia Family.

Other than Xia Zhengyang, the rest were all women. The scene was quite spectacular.

Xia Zhengyang wholeheartedly wanted to give birth to a son to inherit the interest of the Xia Family, but he didn't expect that he would be able to produce three daughters in a row.

Feng Xinglang straightened his slender and muscular body but did not have a rough body; his slender and slightly narrowed black eyes were sharp and deep, his thin and light pursed lips, and his sharp and distinct outline outlined a nearly perfect and enchanting handsome face.

His appearance shocked everyone at the dining table.

But Xueluo was only surprised, not stunned! Why is this man here? What was he trying to do?

"I am Feng Xinglang. I'm sorry to bother you all for your meal. " They were polite, but they had a domineering air to them.

"Seal... Feng Xinglang? Are you really Feng Xinglang? "Oh my god, so you're this handsome!" Xia Yiqi was so shocked that he could not even close his mouth.

She had only heard from her elder sister Xia Yiqin that Feng Xinglang was the new rich and powerful person in Shen City, a financial alligator who had control over most of Shen City's economic fortunes. She did not expect that this man would have such a perfect face! And that proud and upright body, why didn't he make the woman move for him!

This perverted woman in front of him should be one of the three thousand gold coins of the Xia Family that rejected the marriage. Feng Xinglang's gaze merely swept past indifferently, then fell upon Xueluo who had his head buried at the side.

"Second Young Master Feng has arrived with great presence, and his presence brings light to our humble dwelling. I, Xia, am unwelcome. Please quickly come and take a seat. "

Xia Zhengyang, the patriarch of the family, immediately stood up and walked over. He felt extremely flattered that the God of Wealth would personally visit the Xia Family in Shen City. One must know that Feng Xinglang's value was far above everyone in the Feng Family.

"If you haven't used your chopsticks yet, can Second Young Master Feng give us a quick meal together?"

"President Xia is too polite." Feng Xinglang said indifferently, then straightforwardly sat at the dining table.

"Meijuan, go and bring out the good wine that I have stored. That eighty-two Lafite. " Seeing that Feng Xinglang had given him face, Xia Zhengyang was especially happy.

As a result, the entire Xia Family started to gather around Feng Xinglang: the ones who were drinking, the ones who were eating, the ones who were eating, the ones who were eating, they all sat together with Feng Xinglang.

Inadvertently, Xueluo saw Xia Yishu sitting beside her, and revealed a beautiful smile that she had never displayed before. To be honest, Xia Yishu's personality had always been cold, so Xueluo rarely saw her smiling. That smile seemed to be specially gifted to Feng Xinglang! A seventeen year old girl was the age when love had just developed.

Xueluo couldn't help but follow Xia Yishu's gaze. Thus, he saw Feng Xinglang's faintly smiling face: The corner of his thin lips curved up into a pretty curve, the smile contained something that seemed to be a smile that was not really there.

With just a quick glance, Xueluo jumped away from him. He really couldn't endure the man pretending to be deep in his thoughts. Because if he wasn't careful, he would fall into the trap he set.

"Uncle, I'm going upstairs." Xueluo stood up. She really didn't want to have dinner with this arrogant man in front of her.

"There's no need to go upstairs to pack up, just follow me back to Feng Family!" Feng Xinglang stared coldly at Xueluo who was trying to escape.

Lin Xueluo stared angrily at Feng Xinglang, he did not care about Feng Xinglang's words and directly walked up the stairs.

"My brother is waiting for you!" Feng Xinglang said in a stern voice, as though his intent was absolute.

"Feng Xinglang, you should know what you have done yourself! Do you think I will still follow you back to the Feng Family? " Xueluo replied as he turned around and went upstairs without hesitation. They simply did not place Feng Xinglang's reprimand in their eyes.

Who gave this woman the guts to contradict his leopard? Feng Xinglang's handsome face instantly darkened as if he was covered in a thin layer of ice.

"Second Young Master Feng, Xueluo has been spoiled by me, please forgive me." Seeing that Feng Xinglang was in a bad mood, Xia Zhengyang immediately greeted him humbly.

"President Xia, may I trouble you to go upstairs and persuade your niece! My brother is still waiting for her. " Of course, Feng Xinglang would not return empty-handed. Even if he had to snatch and use force, he had to bring this woman back to the Feng Family to report to his big brother Feng Lixin.

In Feng Xinglang's eyes, no woman was as important as his big brother, Feng Lixin. So far, at least, the woman hadn't appeared.

"Dad, accompany the young master Feng and chat with him." I went upstairs to advise Little Sister Xueluo. Between girls, it's easier to talk. "

The one who spoke was Xia Yiqin. Ever since Feng Xinglang appeared, she was so breathtakingly breathtaking. As expected, the male god in her heart didn't disappoint her. It made her even more surprised. This also strengthened her conviction that she wanted to pursue Feng Xinglang.

"Then I'll be troubling Miss Xia." Feng Xinglang smiled politely in a distant manner.

"Second Young Master Feng is being too courteous." Just call me the harp. " The elegant smile of a famous woman, generous and charming.

In the attic on the third floor.

Xia Yiqin passed a bank card in his hand over to Lin Xueluo, "There's two hundred thousand in here. Give it to Dean Chi first. Don't lower yourself to the same level as my mom, not everyone will have a high level of awareness. "

Xueluo received the bank card, his eyes reddened, "Sister Yi Qin, thank you. I borrowed it from you first. I'll return it to you when I have money. "

"What else are you going to tell me you're not going to return? If you have that love, then I have it too! "

Xia Yiqin held onto Xueluo's shoulder, "Xueluo, I've decided to accompany you to the Feng Family. "Firstly, I will be your companion, and secondly, I will help you strengthen your courage."

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