Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 24

### Chapter 24 - Obediently Obedient

"Sister Yi Qin, are you going to accompany me to the Feng Family?" Xueluo was startled.

"Yes." After all, you're already married to Feng Lixin, and Feng Xinglang is waiting downstairs. There are some things my dad can't change. Don't make things too difficult for your uncle! Feng Family is not someone we can afford to offend! So, I decided to accompany you to Feng Family to stay for a few days.

Actually, Xia Yiqin's intention was not to drink, but to drink.

Xueluo was silent. Because Xia Yiqin's words had struck the mark on her heart. Married already, if it was because of a moment of anger, Xia Family would be implicated, and it was not something Xueluo wanted to see.

She decided to give face to Feng Lixin and forgive Feng Xinglang this time. She would solemnly warn the man not to do anything else.

On one side was Feng Lixin, who she pitied and pitied, and on the other was her sister-in-law Feng Xinglang, whom she hated so much … A helpless compromise! It caused Xueluo's heart to feel even more desolate.

When he went downstairs, Xueluo's mind was in a mess. Unable to escape, he could only grit his teeth and fight against the devil! Anyone would have their own weakness, and he, Feng Xinglang, was no exception.

Seeing Xueluo, who obediently went downstairs, the corner of Feng Xinglang's lips raised into an enchanting smile. But in Xueluo's eyes, it was such a beating. She really wanted to bite this man, and let him know that she, Lin Xueluo, also had sharp teeth.

"Young Master Feng, Xueluo's not in a good mood. I want to send her back to Feng Family, do you mind?" He was indeed worthy of being the daughter of a famous woman in this city. With a soft and lifeless sentence, the man couldn't help but listen attentively.

"Then I'll be troubling Miss Yi Qin." Feng Xinglang smiled slightly, keeping it a secret.

"Young Master Feng, I'm going too. I'm going too." Xia Yiqi was an extrovert, so he could say whatever he wanted to say. From her words and actions, one could tell how much she liked Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang was still smiling like a gentleman as he spoke in an indifferent tone, "I'm worried that you'll be squeezed in."

"Not squeezing, not squeezing!" I am not afraid of being squeezed! " It sounded like a woman without any shrewdness.

"Yi Qi! "Don't mess around." Wen Meijuan had been completely humiliated by his second daughter.

Xia Yiqi could only watch as Feng Xinglang and the other two left the Xia Family, stomping his feet in anger: This Xia Yiqin, only knew how to snatch men from her, she was too hateful!

"Did you not see that? Second Young Master Feng is not interested in the woman who kneels and licks him!" Xia Yishu sarcastically said.

After hearing Xia Yishu ridiculing himself like this, Xia Yiqi was instantly angered, "Xia Yishu, you cheap hoof, watch me beat you to death!"

Looking at his two daughters who were chasing after him, Xia Zhengyang let out a long sigh: A son is still better! Daughters will be spilled!

The Ferrari only had two sportscar, so it naturally couldn't seat Feng Xinglang, Lin Xueluo and Xia Yiqin. And Xueluo didn't want to take Feng Xinglang's car, so Xia Yiqin could only drive her red BMW out of the Xia Family's garage.

Xia Yiqin's flowing beautiful eyes constantly stared at the jet black Ferrari behind the carriage. Several times he almost ran a red light. She was truly convinced by Feng Xinglang's boundless charm. She could deeply feel that Feng Xinglang was the Prince Charming that the heavens had arranged for her.

Actually, sometimes people's fates are just like this: If Xia Yiqin doesn't mind Feng Lixin who had his face ruined by fire and married into the Feng Family, then she is truly the Second Madame now! But unfortunately, in the end, he was still wrong.

If Xia Yiqin knew that the person Lin Xueluo married was the Feng Family Feng Xinglang that she had secretly admired for a long time, who knew how she would beat her chest and stomp her feet.

"Xueluo, Feng Xinglang should be nice to you, sister-in-law, right? He's come to pick you up himself. " Xia Yiqin was extremely interested in every single topic related to Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo was silent for a while, and did not want to bring up this topic anymore. Even if she told Xia Yiqin, she would not be able to help in any way, and did not want to trouble her by saying it aloud.

"Oh right, Xueluo, what is Feng Xinglang's hobby? or what do you like to eat? " Xia Yiqin continued to ask.

Xueluo was an intelligent woman. From the way Xia Yiqin asked this, she could tell that he had a good impression of Feng Xinglang.

Interest? Bullying her as a sister-in-law? Disrespecting her elder brother, is that counted as it?

As for what to eat … When he thought about how he spent the whole afternoon cooking for the vile man Feng Xinglang, only to be humiliated by him in the end, Xueluo was so angry that his teeth itched!

"Xueluo? "What are you thinking about?" Not hearing Xueluo's response, Xia Yiqin asked again. Then, he sighed lightly, "However, you've only been married into the Feng Family for a few days, it is normal for you to not know Feng Xinglang's preferences. Oh right, Xueluo, is it easy to get along with him? "

Xueluo felt another surge of anger. Seeing Xia Yiqin's incomparably expectant gaze, she slightly curled her red lips, raised her eyebrows, and said: "It should be quite easy to get along with, right? Big Sister Eqin, I think you and him are very compatible! "You, the daughter of a famous lady; he, is outstanding and outstanding..."

When praising Feng Xinglang, Xueluo felt that he was being unscrupulous. Furthermore, he was outstandingly outstanding. How vile to the point of being shameless!

"Is that so?" Xia Yiqin laughed until she looked beautiful, "I'm afraid that Young Master Feng Er has high standards and doesn't like me."

In comparison to Xia Yiqi's straightforward manner of speaking, Xia Yiqin was much gentler and more ladylike. However, Xueluo could still tell that when Xia Yiqin looked at the black Ferrari behind the BMW in the rearview mirror, her eyes were filled with deep feelings of love.

It seemed that Xia Yiqin had really taken a fancy to Feng Xinglang!

Xueluo pursed her beautiful red lips and couldn't help but look at Ferrari from the rearview mirror.

In the courtyard of Feng Family.

Xueluo stood behind Xia Yiqin. With her accompanying him in the Feng Family, it would more or less make Xueluo a little more relaxed.

But then, Feng Xinglang walked over, with his tall and straight body, he stood in front of Xueluo.

"Miss Yi Qin, thank you for sending Xueluo home. Be careful when you go back in the evening. " It was a simple and straightforward order to leave. He sounded gentle and gentle, but in reality, he was cold and heartless.

Xia Yiqin was a famous young lady in the circle, of course she knew what Feng Xinglang meant. He wanted her to leave Feng Family right now. He didn't even want to give her a chance to drink his saliva. It was inevitable that he would feel despondent in his heart.

"No need to thank me." Xia Yiqin said stiffly, "Xueluo, you have to be good. It was a gentle and elegant exhortation.

"Yi Qin jie, don't go! It's too late. You'd better stay. It just so happens that I have something to say to you. "

Xueluo wanted to take a step forward to pull Xia Yiqin back, but she didn't expect to be blocked by Feng Xinglang's robust body. Furthermore, the wrist of her right hand was held tightly by an iron pincer, causing her to gasp in pain.

"Let's talk tomorrow if you have something to say. It's already so late, so don't disturb Miss Yi Qin's rest time at home. Lin Xueluo, you have to be sensible! "Be obedient!" Feng Xinglang's handsome face was still warm, but his words had turned somewhat colder.

How did this sound like a brother-in-law should speak to his sister-in-law? No matter how you listened to it, it sounded extremely romantic!

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