Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 25

### Chapter 25 - I can make a floorboard

Xueluo clenched her teeth in embarrassment. But with Xia Yiqin here, she couldn't struggle free from the big hand of that man that was tightly holding her wrist. He could only glare fiercely at this arrogant and disrespectful man.

Under the cover of the suit, Xia Yiqin did not see any small movements from Feng Xinglang.

"Second Young Master Feng is right. I'll take my leave then. Xueluo good night, second young master Feng good night. " The feeling of being rejected was unbearable, but Xia Yiqin still had his signature smile on his face. If he didn't leave now, he wouldn't understand the situation.

Watching the red BMW leaving the courtyard of Feng Family, Xueluo calmed his anger down and became a hedgehog with thorns all over its body.

"Feng Xinglang, let go of me! For your brother's sake, I'll forgive you this once! If there's a next time, I'll tell your brother. He used his own life to protect your younger brother's health. How can you bear to treat his wife like this? "

These words struck right at Feng Xinglang's sore spot, and he loosened his grip on Xueluo's wrist.

Xueluo took the chance and ran into the living room of the Feng Family.

"Madam, you're back." Seeing Xueluo, Nanny An was also overjoyed. It seems that Madam is willing to forgive Second Young Master.

"Nanny An, where's Lixin?" With regards to his' husband 'Feng Lixin, Xueluo felt very guilty. First, putting aside the fact that she left him alone in the bridal chamber on his wedding night, she ran back to Xia Family in a huff yesterday. He was indeed a little willful.

"He's still in the medical room." Nanny An dejectedly replied. In order to force Second Young Master to find Xueluo, First Young Master was truly enraged this time.

"I'll feed Lixin dinner. From tonight onwards, I will sleep with Lixin in the treatment room. " Xueluo said firmly. On the way back to the Feng Family, she made this decision.

Nanny An was startled, she looked at Feng Xinglang asking, and immediately replied: "How can that be! Doctor Jin is in the medical room. You have no place to sleep. "

"It's okay, I can make a bed!" Xueluo was determined to enter the medical room to take care of Feng Lixin.

Feng Xinglang's gaze darkened, his handsome face was covered in cold sweat.

"Go cook something for my brother first. Last time, the fruit puzzle was pretty good. " After Feng Xinglang warned her, he quickly walked upstairs.

Xueluo glanced at Feng Xinglang's back figure, and obediently went into the kitchen to prepare food for Feng Lixin.

Half an hour later, when the dinner Xueluo prepared was almost ready, Butler Mo came into the kitchen.

"Madam, Dr. King has just examined the young master's health. He is waiting for you in the bridal chamber upstairs. "Hurry and send him upstairs." Butler Mo had always been careful with how he was addressed. It did not specify whether it was First Young Master or Feng Family.

"Oh, good! I will send the dinner upstairs to Lixin now. " Xueluo immediately carried the dinner tray and went upstairs.

In front of the wedding room in the master bedroom on the second floor, Xueluo stopped in his tracks. In her mind, she recalled that evil man, Feng Xinglang. He's not in the bridal chamber again, is he? It shouldn't be! Even if he was here, with Feng Lixin here, he wouldn't dare bully her in front of his brother.

Xueluo lightly knocked twice, and an old and hoarse voice sounded from inside: "Come in."

The door to the marriage room was pushed open, and Xueluo saw 'Feng Lixin', who was sitting on a wheelchair. Actually, it was Feng Xinglang who brought those burnt artificial skin.

Originally, these tools were used to deal with Uncle Feng Yiming, who coveted the Feng Group. He didn't expect that these things would have another purpose: to probe a scheming woman!

Because the reason Xueluo was willing to marry into the Feng Family was definitely not simple. Feng Xinglang was still not sure if this woman was in cahoots with Feng Yiming. It would then probe Big Brother Feng Lixin's condition and lay the groundwork for Feng Yiming to inherit the Feng Group.

The moment Feng Xinglang was brought back to the Feng Family by his father, Feng Yishan, as an illegitimate child, Old Granny Feng had strangled his right to inherit the Feng Group. Of course, Feng Xinglang would not care about a mere Feng Clan.

In the end, the Feng Group was inherited by their half-brother Feng Lixin. This caused Uncle Feng Yiming to be dissatisfied. According to Old Granny Feng's will, Feng Yiming was the second in line to succeed the Feng Group. In other words: if Feng Lixin died, then the Feng Family Group would become Feng Yiming's trump card.

Of course, Feng Xinglang wouldn't let the foundation that his big brother Feng Lixin had painstakingly built fall into Feng Yiming's hands. Moreover, Feng Yiming was still harmful to Feng Lixin's motive and suspicion. Before finding out the truth, Feng Xinglang had to make Feng Yiming realize that Big Brother Feng Lixin's condition was not serious at all! He wanted to make him lose his ambition to monopolize the Feng Clan!

If he, Feng Xinglang, were to find out that Feng Yiming was the murderer of his big brother Feng Lixin, he would definitely bring his uncle, Feng Yiming, to justice. There was no doubt about it!

But this was what Feng Lixin dreaded the most! He really did not want to see the Feng Family's people and their bodies being annihilated!


Looking at the man in the wheelchair, Xueluo felt his nose turn sour, and his eyes immediately became red. Compared to her first time of fear and horror, when she met her 'husband' Feng Lixin once again, who was covered in scars from the big fire, she was not as scared anymore.

The deep sympathy and pity he felt had caused Xueluo to empathize with the man on the wheelchair.

The woman's soft mutter that went down to the bone startled Feng Xinglang for some inexplicable reason, but he did not know how to respond to her warmth.

Xueluo placed the dinner tray in his hand on the low cabinet, and lightly walked over, and half knelt in front of the wheelchair. She held Feng Xinglang's scarred hand in the center of her palms. It was still ferocious, still as terrifying, but Xueluo was no longer afraid.

"Lixin, I'm sorry … I shouldn't have left you alone on the night of the wedding. " Xueluo slowly pressed his face against the back of Feng Xinglang's sinister scar and asked softly: "Do these scars still hurt?"

Feng Xinglang stiffened for a moment, as though he felt as if his heart was soaked in bubbling hot water. It was no longer as tragic and hateful as before, but rather felt like it was being pressed, causing warmth to flow through.

"Lixin, trust me, I will take good care of you! I'll live a good life with you... " Xueluo rested his head on Feng Xinglang's legs, like a docile and obedient cat. The sharp-tongued man in front of Feng Xinglang seemed to be a completely different person.

Slowly, as if he was possessed, Feng Xinglang actually opened his own hands and gently stroked Xueluo's shiny and smooth long hair. A different kind of warmth was transmitted between each other's sad souls. Clean and spotless.

"Xueluo," Feng Xinglang said in a very vicissitude tone, because there was a voice changing device at the vocal cords, "Did Xinglang bully you?"

Xueluo was slightly startled, and lightly bit her red lips a few times with some hesitation. In the end, she still unsincerely said it: "No … No! Xinglang, he … "She really respects this sister-in-law of hers."

This was just Xueluo's true desire and had nothing to do with the truth.

Or maybe she really didn't want the brotherhood between them to be ruined.

Seeing that the woman had accidentally rolled tears of grievance onto her face, Feng Xinglang casually reached out his hand and wiped off the two streams of tears on her cheeks with his fingers that were not smooth enough.

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